Animal Control

Community Service Officers
The police department's Community Service Officers (CSOs) are responsible for animal control in the city; however, CSOs can only respond to animal control calls while on duty. Please review the list below to understand how animal calls will be dispatched.

Non-critical animal complaints and concerns should be directed to 651-767-0640.
Puppy Rescued During Search Warrant
Critical Animal Call - 911 - Patrol Officer Will Respond
  • Animal Bite
  • Animal in Custody (only vicious or seriously injured)
  • Dangerous/Aggressive Animal
  • Neglected Animals (immediate threat of injury/death)
  • Wild Animal (immediate threat to humans)
  • Animal Noise Complaint (response dependent on priority of call and availability of officers)
Non-Critical Animal Call - 651-767-0640 - Will Hold Until CSO On Duty
  • Animal at Large
  • Animal in Custody (not vicious or seriously injured)
  • Neglected Animals (not immediate threat of injury/death)
Wild Animals (Not Immediate Threat to Humans)
The Roseville Police Department does not respond to wildlife complaints unless the animal is an immediate threat to humans. For wildlife complaints or concerns, please contact the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources at 651-296-6157.

Injured or orphaned wild animals may be brought to the Wildlife Rehibilitation Center located at:
2530 Dale St. N.
Roseville, MN 55113

Learn more about coyotes by viewing a video presentation from our Coyote Clinic.

Domestic Animals
Per Roseville city Code, all domestic animals need to be leashed; however, if a licensed animal is at large, the police department will make every effort to contact the owner. Unlicensed animals will be taken to Hillcrest Animal Hospital (651-484-7211), 1320 East County Road D Circle in Maplewood, where they will be kept for a minimum of five days at the owner's expense.

For more information, please call 651-792-7238 or email Lead CSO Kirk Lindahl.

Pet licenses are not handled by Police Animal Control. They may be obtained from or submitted to the City Hall front desk during business hours. Please call 651-792-7000 for questions about pet licensing.