Imagine Roseville 2025

Community Visioning
To answer questions about how Roseville will change in the coming years and begin shaping our community’s future, the city council spearheaded a community visioning process in 2006 entitled, Imagine Roseville 2025.

The city council adopted the Steering Committee’s final report (PDF) on March 29, 2007. City staff reviewed all the goals and strategies and identified ways to meet them. That matrix (PDF) was shared with the council and commissions for their input in October 2007.

The council divided the matrix into short, medium and long-term goals. Action then began on the short and medium-term goals. View the 2013 quarterly update (PDF).

Far Reaching Goals
The goals reach beyond government. They involve businesses, civic organizations, faith based communities, schools and most importantly all Roseville residents. Each of us has a responsibility to our community.

We must ask ourselves what we can do to make Roseville a community that achieves the goals in Imagine Roseville 2025, a strong, safe community that welcomes all newcomers, meets our needs and achieves our expectations.

One step you can take is to join the Roseville Community Forum which seeks to expand participation and strengthen democracies and communities through the power of information and communication technologies and strategies.