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Accessing Archives
The City of Roseville follows the state’s General Record Retention Schedule for preserving government records. More recent records can be found in our online Archive Center.

Older public documents have been transferred to an electronic imaging system and database system called Laserfiche. This site provides access to public documents including:
  • Affidavits of Legal Publications
  • City Council Packets and Minutes
  • City Council Ordinances and Resolutions
  • Commission Packets and Minutes
  • Elections Information
  • Oaths of Council and Commissioners
Use the Database
Historical data can be located in our archives in Laserfiche. Users may browse through the archives or search documents using a word or phrase. We encourage you to review the information below before using the Laserfiche system for the 1st time.

To browse records, click on browse, then click on the appropriate folder or records. Minutes and packets are named by date of the meeting. Ordinances and resolutions are numbered. Elections information is named by year.
To search records, click on search and then type in key words or phrases to look for specific documents or select customize search to narrow the search to specific months or years.
Laserfiche uses optical character recognition to search documents. It recognizes letters, but it is not a perfect system, especially when searching older documents or documents that have maps or charts or handwriting. If you are looking for a specific item, it may mean opening each document within a folder and reading through it to find the information.

Viewing Documents
If you view documents in plain text, you may not see the document in its final format; we recommend viewing documents in images instead. You have the option of choosing the view in the upper right corner of the document. Plain text may remove any strikeouts or underlining which indicates what text has been removed from or added to the final document.

Printing Documents
You can print documents from Laserfiche. Documents with a sheet of paper icon in front of the file name are scanned-in documents. For scanned-in documents it's best to select the print PDF icon on the tool bar above the document window.

This creates a PDF document that you can print in its entirety or you can select a page or pages within the document to print. If you select print from your browser's tool menu you will end up printing the side menus and only a portion of the viewable screen area of the document.

Documents with a PDF icon in front of the file name have been printed to PDF before being posted in Laserfiche. You can print these as you would any PDF document.

A help link is located at the top right of the screen. This link provides hints on the best way to use this site.

Some documents are quite large, and may take several minutes to open. We appreciate feedback on the Laserfiche system. Please email us with questions or comments.

Why Laserfiche
 A city creates thousands of documents each year. Many documents have historical value. However, filing the paper documents creates storage problems. Laserfiche opens up storage space and offers an affordable and easily accessible way of filing documents.

Laserfiche also offers many advantages for residents. Documents are available 24 hours a day for anyone with internet access. Documents are searchable so you can research documents at your convenience.

We have posted some historical documents on this site, but we are focusing on posting current documents. As time and budget allows, we will add historical documents to the archives.

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