Form of City Government

The City of Roseville follows the Council / Manager “Plan B” form of government. Four council members and a mayor establish the policies and set the direction of the city. The mayor and council members are elected at large and serve 4 year terms.

City Elections

Elections are held in even years. Two council members are elected in the even year that coincides with the presidential elections. The other 2 council members and the mayor are elected the following even year election.

The Mounds View School District 621 and Roseville Area School District 623 hold school board elections in odd years. The northwest corner of the city (Precinct 1 and Precinct 2) is in the Mounds View District.

2018 Candidates

City Precincts

Precincts 2, 3 and 4 are located in Legislative District 42B. The remaining precincts are located in Legislative District 66A. View the precinct map (PDF). The entire city is in the 4th Congressional District (PDF) and in Ramsey County Board of Commissioners District 2.

New Voting System

In 2016, Ramsey County voters began using a new ballot counter on Election Day. Accessible ballot marking devices for elderly and disabled voters are also available. Check out the video below to preview the new system.