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Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation Commission Minutes

August 2, 2011 – 8:00 p.m.


PRESENT:              Azer, Diedrick, Doneen, Etten, Jacobson, M. Holt, Pederson, Ristow, Simbeck

ABSENT:                D. Holt contacted staff ahead of time

STAFF:                   Brokke, Anfang






Commission Recommendation: 

Minutes for the May 3, 2011 meeting were approved unanimously.


3.    APPROVAL OF MINUTES – June 16, 2011 June 21, 2011 MEETING

Commission Recommendation: 

Minutes for the June 16, 2011 June 21, 2011 meeting were approved unanimously.




Jason Etten recognized Julia Jacobson’s two years of service as the student representative to the Parks and Recreation Commission.  Brokke thanked Julia for all her contributions to the community and the Roseville Parks and Recreation system. Julia was heavily involved in the Master Plan process including taking the lead on conducting a student interest and opinion survey at the high school resulting in 2000 young people weighing in on the future of Roseville Parks and Recreation. Julia also wrote an article for the RAHS newspaper that was later included in other local press pieces.



Commissioners discussed the park dedication options for the development of this parcel. Commissioners spoke to previous decisions for earlier developments in the area.


Commission Recommendation: 

Motion by Ristow, second by Simbeck to recommend to the Roseville City Council to accept cash in lieu of land for park development for the 3rd subdivision of the Meritex property in Southwest Roseville. 

Discussion included commissioners inquiring into whether or not revenues collected from park dedication can be used for public art.  Staff explained that the state statute directs park dedication funds to be used for capital projects and not for maintenance.  Motion passed unanimously



Commissioner Etten summarized the Master Plan process to date and the implementation proposal that has been sent to the Council. 

  • Randall Doneen talked about the work done by the natural Resources and Trails Work Group. This group has been working with Public Works staff and Jeff Evenson to develop an overlay map of the trail system in Roseville. The group is targeting the August 22 Council meeting to have preliminary information of needs and priorities. The Work Group is also looking to schedule a field trip in the near future to visit Roseville parks and look into the invasive species present.
  • Jason Etten talked about the level of community input on the preservation and improvements proposal.

o    45 people attended the July 28 Community Meeting to review, discuss and comment on the current proposal. Hundreds of people have taken part in the Discover Your Parks Constellation Tour and have had an opportunity to talk first hand with staff, commissioners and community volunteers on the Master Plan and the proposal to preserve and improve the parks and recreation system.

  • Erin Azer recommended holding planning meeting specifically for the Southwest Sector sighting the need for residents to voice their ideas and have a real discussion from residents from across the sector as to the best way of addressing the need for park amenities in the area.
  • Lee Diedrick agreed with Erin and added that she felt the Southwest Sector needed more directed time to discuss options for this area.
  • Lonnie Brokke added that there will definitely be community meetings for all projects and acquisitions once there is a more concrete direction.
  • Azer also added that sometimes you need to be creative and suggested the SW residents be creative as well as community planners and community volunteers. Azer also suggested that the plan look at starting with trail additions in SW Roseville in an effort to begin to balance some of the discrepancies in park amenities.
  • Doneen asked that the park-school concept be considered in the first phase rather than waiting until step 2. He also recommended spending time with the school district on discussing opportunities at Fairview and Parkview.
  • Mary Holt suggested looking into partnering with the schools on a program like “pennies for parks” that might help financially support the school-park concept at Fairview and Parkview.
  • Diedrick reminded everyone that the community sees the replacement of the boardwalk at HANC as a priority.
  • Gale Pederson commented on the fact that none of the groups at the July 28th meeting had any suggestions for items that should not be included on the proposal or that any of the projects should be considered at a lower priority.
  • Doneen cautioned that we need to think about how we maintain new additions to the parks and recreation system and asked that all involved make sure there is a long-term vision on how we will maintain the parks and recreation system. That vision for future maintenance needs to be shared with and discussed with the Council.
  • Etten asked that the phase one proposal include concept planning for a community center.
  • Pederson suggested beginning the community center planning with a review of previous community center planning processes and recommendations.


Commission Recommendation: 

Motion by Pederson: Based on extensive community input and community planning the Parks & Recreation Commission recommends the City Council approve the framework for phase one of the Master Plan implementation including, the method, approach and dollar amount, with additional detail work to be brought to the Council in the near future.  Second by Ristow.  Motion passed unanimously



The City Managers recommended budget will significantly impact the Parks and Recreation Department. This proposal requires Parks & Recreation to reduce the staffing levels by one full-time recreation staff position. The elimination of this position will affect non-fee programs and many, if not all of the community special events. Also included in the reductions is a downsizing of the PIP budget from $185,000 to $45,000. In 1990, the PIP budget was $250,000 and responsible for many major projects, today, the budget has inched its way back to $185,000 but is needed to take care of day-to-day park needs of maintenance and replacement. In the greater scheme of things, the Parks and Recreation budget is proposed to bear 34-35% of the over all city budget reductions for the 2012-2014 budget cycle.

Commissioner Comments:

  • There seems to be a huge disparity in how the departments are impacted by the city-wide reductions.
  • A reduction to the PIP is a serious problem.
  • Roseville community special events are what make Roseville special and people enjoy and participate in these events.
  • City Administration needs to communicate the proposal with people so they know what they will lose if there is a cut to Parks and Recreation Staff.
  • These proposed cuts could seriously impact volunteer involvement and result in Roseville losing volunteer support.
  • It seems as if people are not listening to the community and hearing what is important to them.


City Council will take public comment on Monday, August 8. To date, the Council has had general discussions on the proposed budget and is looking for community comment.



  • Forestry Ordinance has been adopted by the Council. The Forestry Ordinance included a complete EAB report and the completed DNR grant report.
  • Upcoming Council Agenda Items:

o    August 22 – request for council action based on the motion from tonight’s meeting to move forward with the Master Plan implementation phase one: Preservation and Improvement Program

o    September – public tree Master Plan to go to Council for review/approval

  • There has been quite a bit of storm damage in the parks this summer, pathways flooding, trees down due to saturated grounds, branches down.
  • The Kellogg all-school reunion was held at the Skating Center this past weekend, over 1000 attended.
  • Thank you to all the Commissioners that have participated in this summer’s Discover Your Parks series.
  • The Capital Region Watershed will be working in Villa Park to clean out the sediment ponds and improve the natural filtration system.
  • Roseville has experiences an infestation of the Japanese Beetle this summer
  • EAB has shown up in Shoreview – Its all around Roseville and that is a concern.
  • Volunteers will begin working on the Carter Geyen Memorial in Bruce Russell Park the weekend of August 13.


9.    OTHER

  • Simbeck spoke to the Commission about his and Doneen’s involvement in the Community Engagement Task Force. This task force will take a look at how citizens engage with their community and how they communicate and get involved.
  • Pederson announced the upcoming Central park Foundation fall fundraising event on Sept. 23 at the Roseville Skating Center. This year’s theme is “Viva Las Vegas”
  • Brokke informed the Commission that the Central Park Foundation is working with staff to develop and build a way-finding system (hierarchy of signs) throughout the City Parks.
  • Etten thanked community volunteers and parks and recreation staff for all their work on Roseville Summer Community Events. Thank you parks staff for all your work keeping up the parks and cleaning up the parks following this summer’s storms.


Meeting adjourned at 9:45pm


Respectfully Submitted,

Jill Anfang, Assistant Director