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Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation Commission Minutes

May 3, 2011 – 6:30 p.m.


PRESENT:              Azer, Diedrick, Doneen, Etten, D.Holt, M. Holt, Pederson, Ristow Simbeck

ABSENT:                Jacobson contacted staff ahead of time

STAFF:                   Brokke, Anfang






Commission Recommendation:                                

Minutes for the April 5, 2011 meeting were approved unanimously.




Commission Chair Etten introduced the Park Dedication topic. The goal of the Commission is to assist in positively positioning parks dedication in the planning and development process.

Brokke shared the Community Development Preliminary and Final Plat Application and Review Process with the Commission. Upon reviewing the documents, the Commissioners suggested the following;

  • Include a description/overview of the park dedication considerations in the “Preliminary Plats” section
  • Include the park dedication consideration under 7b in the Preliminary Plat Application
  • Include a copy of the Park Dedication Code with Preliminary and Final Plat Application and Review Process

Commissioners recommended looking at the current park dedication fee structure this fall for a future recommendation


Commission Recommendation: 

Motion by Ristow, second by Holt to recommend to the Roseville City Council to add Park Dedication Code information to the Community Development Preliminary and Final Plat Application and Review Process. Additional information should include; a description/review of park dedication options in the review process, detail of park dedication options in the preliminary application and a copy of the code as part of the application packet.  Motion passed unanimously



Commissioners reported back on April Master Plan Implementation Work Group meetings.

  • Dave Holt – Communications and Finance Work Group

o    A small, focused group met to discuss funding options for parks and recreation projects and needs.  Much of the discussion centered around the local sales tax option. The feeling within the group is that there is community support for a local sales tax to support parks and recreation facilities and amenities. The communications arm of this committee will become much more active after the survey results are reported and there is more concrete knowledge of what the community is interested in and willing to support.

  • Erin Azer – Constellation Representatives Work Group

o    This was a very spirited meeting. Constellation representatives are excited to begin letting their neighbors and friends know more about the Master Plan and the next steps for implementation. Many of the work group members volunteered to distribute flyers for the upcoming community meeting. The constellation representatives will work closely with the communications work group to share information based on the survey findings.

  • Randall Doneen – Natural Resources & Trails Work Group

o    This was the second meeting for the Natural Resources & Trails Work Group. Laura Van Ripper from the DNR visited the group to talk about invasive species and especially those prevalent in Ramsey County. Ms. Van Ripper’s presentation helped the group better relate to the current Natural Resources Master Plan. This work group also spent time reviewing the current trails and pathways master plan. The group has recommended having a representative from Public Works talk to the group at a future date about the pathway plan.

  • Gale Pederson – Community Facilities and Organizations Work Group

o    Bill Farmer presented Master Plan highlights. Much of the facility discussion centered around the need for ball fields. Work group members also recognized how difficult it is to financially provide for expanded and improved ball fields.  The group members gave positive feedback and support for the local sales tax option or a combination of sales tax and increased property taxes.

Etten and Doneen provided the monthly Master Plan Update for the Council on April 18th. These regular updates have helped the Council keep current of Master Plan activities and have encouraged an open dialogue between the Council and the community volunteers involved in the Master Plan process.



The joint Council Parks and Recreation Commission meeting is scheduled for Monday evening June 20. This meeting will also include the final report by Leisure Vision on the Parks and Recreation Survey. Staff has requested 60 minutes for the Leisure Vision presentation and discussion. Following the Leisure Vision presentation will be the joint meeting.


Commissioners suggested framing the discussion with the Council around the survey findings in an effort to gather more information on the next steps in the Master Plan Implementation process. The Commission showed interest in continuing the discussion with the Council on the local sales tax option. The third area of importance to the Commission is support of the PIP and the need to continue support of this program.


Commissioners agreed that a June meeting is needed to further prepare for the joint meeting with the Council. A date is still to be determined.




  • Council Approved the Recreation Agreement with the City of Lauderdale.
  • Council has identified park district or park board operations for research in the 2011 Council Work Plan.
  • The Forestation Control Ordinance is scheduled for final adoption late May or early June
  • A ¾ maintenance position has been modified from a mechanics position to a horticulture position to meet current needs. Council approved this position.
  • The OVAL Skate Park Opens this weekend.
  • A neighborhood meeting was held in mid April for the replacement of the Evergreen Playground. New playground equipment has been ordered and is scheduled to be installed by early June.
  • A neighborhood meeting has been scheduled for May 16 at Roseville Lutheran Church for review of the Carter Geyen Memorial at Bruce Russell Park
  • Thank you to all the volunteers who have worked in the parks recently on spring clean-up.

o    Commission Recommendation

Motion by Doneen, second by Ristow, to recommend to the Council that a waiver of Park Dedication Fees for the Meritex Property not be accepted and the Commission recommends the Council accept cash in lieu of park dedicated land for this second development proposal.

Motion passed unanimously.

7.    OTHER

  • Etten informed the Commission on a Human Rights Commission Civic Engagement Task Force that is forming. The task force is looking for representation from the various commissions.  Greg Simbeck has volunteered for the Task Force as a citizen-at-large.


Meeting adjourned at 7:55pm


Respectfully Submitted,

Jill Anfang, Assistant Director