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Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation Commission Minutes

October 4, 2011 - 6:30 p.m.


PRESENT:               Azer, Diedrick, Doneen, Etten, D. Holt, M. Holt, Pederson, Ristow, Simbeck


STAFF:                   Brokke, Anfang, Tullberg, Evenson, McDonagh, Dietman, Schultz, Boettcher



Chloe Boehm was introduced as Roseville Area High School Sophomore interested in the youth commissioner position on the Parks and Recreation Commission.


Chloe has a long background of involvement in parks and recreation programs and community volunteerism. Chloe credited her involvement in Parks and Recreation soccer programs for sparking her interest in soccer. Chloe has always had an appreciation for parks and sees an opportunity to be involved with the Parks and Recreation Commission as a way of giving back to the community.


2.    APPROVAL OF MINUTES – September 6, 2011 MEETING

Commission Recommendation: 

Minutes for the September 6, 2011 meeting were approved unanimously.



Brokke provided a brief overview of the parks and recreation department structure. Parks and recreation currently has 23 full time equivalency positions in four divisions – recreation, skating center, golf course and maintenance. Following Brokke’s introduction, department managers introduced themselves and talked about their individual job responsibilities, providing a breadth and scope of Roseville’s Parks and Recreation operations and answered commissioner questions.


Commissioner Etten thanked the parks and recreation staff for all they do to provide quality programs, events and facilities to the community.


Other commissioner comments included;

o   Its easy to take Parks and Recreation for granted because of the work done by the staff to make sure facilities are safe and well maintained, programs and events are interesting, fun and meeting community wants and needs. It takes significant resources and a strong commitment to maintain a system like we have in Roseville.


Three staff members were unable to attend the October meeting and will attend the November meeting to talk about youth recreation programs, Nature Center and Skating Center facilities.



Greg Simbeck and Randall Doneen updated the Commission on the status of the Community Engagement Task Force. Recently, the Community Engagement Task Force held a Community Forum to get input as to how people are currently involved in the community and how our community communicates.


The next steps for the Task Force include a second Community Forum to review information and recommendations compiled from the first forum and continue the dialogue on community involvement and communications. The Task Force is also looking into a more interactive website that would encourage connections between community members and exploring best practices for civic engagement in other similar communities as well as how the various departments in Roseville promote civic engagement.


A number of 2012 Commission Meetings need consideration for alternate meeting dates. Commissioners discussed the options for moving the meeting dates. Commissioners suggested that every effort be made to keep alternate dates as close to the original meeting date as possible.

o   Commissioners recommended moving the February 7 meeting to February 9 to accommodate Caucus’

o   Commissioners recommended June 18 as the joint Commission/Council meeting date

o   Commissioners recommended keeping the August 7 meeting date, but change the starting time to 8pm to accommodate annual Night to Unite neighborhood activities

o   Commissioners recommended moving the November 6 meeting to November 8 to accommodate General Elections

Staff will check on the availability of these recommended dates and follow up with the Commission at a future meeting.



Brokke informed Commission members of recent changes in the funding process for the Parks and Recreation renewal program.


City Manager Malinen and Finance Director Chris Miller, with the guidance of the Bond Counsel are recommending the use of general obligation bonds issued through the Roseville Port Authority to finance the building of a new fire station and the parks and recreation renewal program for system-wide maintenance and renovation.


This type of general obligation bond has limitations on the maximum amount of funding released annually. This form of bonding does have some additional flexibility in how the funding is spent and has the potential to be easier to administer and have a possible interest payment savings.


The general obligations bond process will be taken to the Planning Commission on October 5th for their recommendation to the City Council to enable the Port Authority for Bonds to build the Fire Station and implement the first step of the Parks and Recreation Master Plan for system-wide renewal and maintenance. The Planning Commission recommendation will go to the Council on October 10th for their official action to enable the Port Authority. A public hearing is tentatively scheduled for October 24th to enable the Roseville Port Authority.


Commissioners discussed the most recent timeline for the renewal program, master plan priorities and the need to act on time sensitive opportunities related to the Master Plan Implementation.  The Commissioners also spoke of their appreciation for those Council Members who have supported the Master Plan Implementation.


Randall Doneen shared information on the work of the Natural Resources and Trails Work Group. This Implementation Work Group has spent a significant amount of time talking with local officials, reviewing trail plans and Natural Resource Management Plans to acquire a high level of understanding of community needs and interest. The extensive community engagement has led to a number of recommendations by the Work Group that were reviewed by the Citizen Organizing Team and then revised based on the COT input. The recommendations were presented to the commission for consideration and inclusion in the planning files for the Master Plan Implementation. Randall supports Commission Chair Etten's suggestion of including additional funding for tree replacement throughout the City. It is also recommended that a deer management component be considered, even though it is not included in the original work group recommendations.



Brokke briefed the Commission on the latest tree inventory findings. Roseville has 10,685 public trees, public trees are defined as trees that can be mowed around and are located at City facilities. Volunteers with a background in forestry began the tree inventory process, with DNR grant funding these volunteers were able to be hired as seasonal employees to expedite the inventory process. Jeff Evenson helped the Commissioners better understand the information collected through the survey and explained the Public Tree Master Plan.



  • The fishing pier in Lake Bennett is being replaced through a joint project with the DNR and the City of Roseville. Parks maintenance staff will be removing the existing pier shortly and installing a new pier yet this fall.
  • The Crosswalk on Victoria, adjacent to the softball fields and the Lions Shelter will be marked by a permanent crosswalk light this fall.
  • The Reservoir Woods trail will get the first layer of asphalt this fall and the 2nd lift will be put down in 2012. Those involved with this project are working to clean up the area.
  • Fire Station 1 is being vacated. Parks and Recreation staff are relocating its storage area to the Hagen building off Fairview.
  • Roseville has been fortunate to have minimal vandalism and graffiti in the parks.  Recently Villa Park has been hit repeatedly with graffiti and vandalism to park benches and features.


9.    OTHER

  • Ristow reminded community members to contact code enforcement officials if you have a problem with an unattended property in the community.
  • Azer commented on how the Carter Geyen memorial has become a very special place in Bruce Russell Park and that children are enjoying the new play space.


Meeting adjourned at 8:30pm


Respectfully Submitted,

Jill Anfang, Assistant Director