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Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation Commission Minutes

November 1, 2011


PRESENT: Azer, Boehm, Diedrick, Doneen, Etten, D. Holt, M. Holt, Pederson, Ristow, Simbeck

ABSENT:    None     

STAFF:      Anfang, Cash, Elm, Maxey



No public comment


2.    APPROVAL OF MINUTES – October 4, 2011 MEETING

Commission Recommendation: 

Minutes of the October 4, 2011 meeting were approved unanimously with the following clarifications.


Doneen requested the following changes be made to the report on the Natural Resources and Trails Work Group report from the October 4, 2011 meeting to better represent his presentation:

Lines 92-97 amended to read;

Randall Doneen shared information on the work of the Natural Resources and Trails Work Group. This Implementation Work Group has spent a significant amount of time talking with local officials, reviewing trail plans and Natural Resource Management Plans to acquire a high level of understanding of community needs and interest. The extensive community engagement has led to a number of recommendations by the Work Group that were reviewed by the Citizen Organizing Team and then revised based on the COT input. The recommendations were presented to the commission for consideration and inclusion in the planning files for the Master Plan Implementation. Randall supports Commission Chair Etten's suggestion of including additional funding for tree replacement throughout the City. It is also recommended that a deer management component be considered, even though it is not included in the original work group recommendations.


In addition, Anfang clarified that the general obligation bonds referenced in lines 76-78 do not have limitations but are issued in the amount of $10M in a calendar year so as to be “bank qualified” resulting in a lower interest rate and savings on the overall cost of the bonds.



Anfang introduced 3 recreation program and facility staff members to talk about their professional background and job responsibilities. Kevin Elm, from the Roseville Skating Center, Debbie Cash from the Harriet Alexander Nature Center and Roxann Maxey from the Recreation division spoke with the Commission on their individual contributions to the overall operation of the Parks & Recreation department.


Commissioner Etten commented on the extent of each staff member’s responsibly and thanked them for all they do to provide quality programs, events and facilities to the community.



Greg Simbeck and Randall Doneen updated the Commission on the status of the Community Engagement Task Force. Most recent activity includes accumulating data from the recent community forum. The task force is looking to present a report to the Council in January with Council recommendations to follow.  There continues to be a need for organization and editing and community input continues.



Motion by Simbeck, second by Pederson to accept the 2012 Commission Calendar as outlined in the November Commission Packet.  Motion passed unanimously.



Commission Chair Etten briefed the Commissioners on the October 24th Council Meeting. Etten thanked those able to attend and show their support for the Parks and Recreation Master Plan. At the October 24th meeting Council Members voted to support the first step of the bond allocation. Etten also recognized the significance of the Parks and Recreation Master Plan in involving community members and bringing people together for a similar cause.


Commissioners around the table discussed and commented on the current funding proposal and the implementation plan for step one.


Commissioner discussed the need to transition the Citizen Organizing Team and Work Groups into the next stage of implementation. The work groups were created with the hope of driving the implementation process to the point we are right now. There is interest in providing a sunset for the work groups with the possibility of other forms of citizen involvement to come forward as we move into step one of the Master Plan implementation. It was agreed upon that the group processes need a sense of closure, a chance to inform the community of where the plan is at currently and a big thank you for guiding the plan to this point. Commissioners recommended scheduling a community meeting to celebrate recent efforts to update the Master Plan and create the implementation process. It was suggested that the meeting be held early 2012.


The Commissioners also voiced support of maintaining the Citizen Organizing Team to help maintain the long-term vision of the Master Plan including possible sales tax option and future addition of community facilities and to continue to utilize their expertise and community insight. The Commission recognizes their role as a sounding board for the implementation process.



Staff prepared a comparison chart of park dedication fees across the Twin Cities metro area. Commissioners recognized Roseville’s place in the park dedication fees range and recommended the residential rate be increased to accommodate current CIP needs, the updated Master Plan and the most recent Parks and Recreation Community Survey. An increase to the park dedication fee will help maintain Roseville’s extensive parks and recreation system and position Roseville close to the average for Twin Cities metro communities.


Commission Recommendation: 

Motion by Ristow, second by Diedrick to recommend to the Roseville City Council an increase of the residential park dedication fee by $500 to $3500.  Motion passed unanimously.



  • OVAL opens for the winter season November 11 – 11.11.11
  • FORPARKS Holiday Home Tour will be held November 11 and 12.
  • Crosswalk on Victoria at Center Park is being installed this fall
  • Soccer festival held at Tamarack Park over MEA weekend to celebrate and recognize the efforts of the Roseville Rotary to improve park drainage and the addition of soccer goals in the park. Over 75 kids attended with many going home with new soccer gear thanks to the Rotary grant.
  • A new fishing pier has been built in Lake Bennett. This was a joint project between the City and the DNR.
  • Staff are meeting with the Watershed District to prepare for upcoming treatment and cleaning of area ponds. Villa Park will be used as a staging and processing area.
  • Work on the reservoir in Reservoir Woods is wrapping up for the season. The project is projected to be completed July 2012.


9.    OTHER

  • Doneen commented on the work that is being done on Fairview and County Road B. The new addition is very nice and everyone is excited for the next piece of the pathway to be completed.


Meeting adjourned at 8:40pm


Respectfully Submitted,

Jill Anfang, Assistant Director