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Parks and Recreation Commission Minutes


December 6, 2011
  Azer, Boehm, Diedrick, Etten, D. Holt, M. Holt, Ristow, Simbeck

ABSENT:   Doneen, Pederson called ahead with excused absences

STAFF:     Anfang, Brokke



No Public comment


2.    APPROVAL OF MINUTES – November 1, 2011 MEETING

Commission Recommendation: 

Minutes for the November 1, 2011 meeting were approved unanimously.



Greg Simbeck gave an update of recent activities from the Community Engagement Task Force. The task force is hoping to gather more input from the community, if possible, before they present their findings to the Council in February. The major tasks for the committee are to look at how the City interacts with its residents and to explore how the neighborhoods look back into the City and its operations. Throughout the process the task force has heard how much the community loves their parks and looks to include the connections to parks whenever appropriate.



Preliminary information on park dedication for the 17.8 acres at Cleveland and County Road C were presented to the Commission by Brokke. A proposal to develop the property into a Walmart Shopping Center has begun to be reviewed by City staff. The role of the commission is to make recommendation to the Council whether to accept land, cash or a combination of to satisfy the park dedication requirement. 
A recent potential proposal from the Walmart Representatives was to provide land dedication in another area of Langton Lake. There is a possibility of a combination of land and cash as well as the traditional all land dedication or all cash payment. The park dedication fees could contribute to possible Master Plan projects. Commissioner Ristow suggested the commission consider recommending the cash in lieu of land based on past needs and recent financial discussions.



The recent lawsuit did not move forward through the appeal system and the first round of bonds are expected to be awarded on Monday, December 12. The current bonding process has adjusted the renewal program timeline into a 4-year plan. Staff looks to take the 4-year plan to the Council on January 23 to outline the work plan and to discuss using the best value procurement method.


Commissioners discussed their interest in continuing efforts for a local sales tax to finance future additions to the park system as outlined by the updated Master Plan. Brokke mentioned that the Council and City Manager have continued to discuss the local sales tax option and have shown an interest in making it an upcoming initiative of theirs. There is a question whether pursuing the local sales tax option would be an initiative of Roseville’s alone or piggy-backed with a League of Minnesota Cities initiative. Brokke explained that recent legislative action has changed the process for Cities pursuing the local sales tax option. Communities must now take the question to the voters through a referendum before requesting legislative action. Potentially, the referendum question could be part of the November 2012 election.


Commissioner D. Holt recognized that there is some confusion over what the Local sales Tax is and what it would be used for. A community-wide education process would be very important to the Local Sales Tax Option consideration.



  • Council budget discussions continue. The Park Improvement Program (PIP) has been reduced to $40,000 annually. It was hoped that we could retain some of   the PIP funding to help support parks & recreation maintenance staff through the renewal program.

o    Commissioners commented that the Park Renewal Program (PRP) is essentially a “super sized” PIP and the facilities and properties in the community got to this point because of PIP reductions in recent years.

o    Commissioners recommended renaming the PIP because it is somewhat a misnomer in that “improvement” tends to be viewed as new … improved. Roseville’s PIP is a maintenance program and should be identified as such – PMP – Park Maintenance Program.

  • Roseville recently hosted “Navigating the New Normal”, a panel discussion with local experts who addressed current community issues. Most of the experts had ties to Roseville and provided first-hand connections to the community. The panel recognized the significance of the Park Renewal Program.
  • City staff and community leaders presented at a recent Roseville Realtors Day. 40-50 local real estate representative learned what makes Roseville special as well as other information to help them sell Roseville properties.
  • Council action – The Council passed the changes to the Park Dedication fees as recommended by the Commission.
  • Lonnie recently attended the National Recreation and Parks Congress in Atlanta. The annual meeting and conference had strong connections to the importance of community engagement and input and reinforced the style and process used by parks and recreation. Also of interest are recent studies that have evaluated proximity to parks in relationship to level of physical activity and wellness. National research specialists have developed a community audit tool to help promote the use of parks in relation to increased physical activity and wellness.
  • OVAL is now open for the winter season. Over 80 skaters from across the nation took part in the Americas Cup last weekend. These are the up and coming skaters and names we could be hearing in future Olympic and international competitions.


7.    OTHER

  • Congratulations to Erin Azer for being elected to the Roseville School Board. The other good news is that Erin will continue to be a member of the Parks & Recreation commission too.
  • Ristow suggested that Roseville residents pay attention to their neighborhoods and make tire tracks in driveways of vacant homes to help with the appearance that a place is unattended.
  • Mary Holt inquired into recent Reservoir Woods activity. People have been seen doing unauthorized clearing of wooded areas for what is thought to be cross-country ski trails. All work in Roseville Parks must be authorized by Parks & Recreation staff (as directed by ordinance). The Roseville Police are aware of the activity and have been taking action against those involved.


Meeting adjourned at 7:55pm


Respectfully Submitted,

Jill Anfang, Assistant Director