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Parks & Recreation

Parks & Recreation Commission Meeting Minutes
May 1, 2012


PRESENT:    Azer, Boehm, Diedrick, Doneen, Etten, D. Holt, M. Holt, Simbeck,Wall

ABSENT:     Ristow contacted staff with excused absence

STAFF:       Anfang, Brokke






Commission Recommendation: 

Minutes for the April 3, 2012 meeting were approved unanimously.



Duane Schwartz (Roseville Public Works Director) and Ron Leaf (Water Resources Consultant with SEH) were present to discuss the process for developing the Comprehensive Surface Water Management Plan.


Consultants and staff are looking for input on the upcoming process and schedule for the Surface Water Management Plan. Those working on the plan recognized the recently adopted Master Plan recommendations. The original plan was established in 1990 with the most recent update taking place in 2002. The Surface Water Management Plan is a required by the Comprehensive Plan and is reviewed and recognized by the local Watershed Districts.


·         Mr. Leaf shared samples of the work they have done on recent local projects that impacted and/or repurposed park sites to support surface water management.

·         The question for staff, consultants and the advisory commissions is; are there opportunities for a more direct connection between parks, natural resources and storm water?

·         Schwartz commented on the following significant areas;

o    Villa Park

o    Grasslake Watershed Area/Ramsey Metro Washington Watershed (staff commented on how the transition from Grasslake to Ramsey Metro Washington Water Shed is a good thing in relation to potential support and partnerships).

·         Lead addressed some current trends in surface water management; harvesting rainwater for irrigation use and the use of porous pavement.

o    Etten commented on turf quality at the CP Victoria fields due to soil conditions. The answer is to fix/improve and address surface water management – the challenge is to do this without impacting field use and programs. Tough task because field space in Roseville is at a premium.

§  Dave Holt asked about what studies have been looked into in regards to best management practices to maintain and/or improve the CP ball fields.

o    Etten also recognized the possibilities and opportunities for improvements in the Villa Park area and the site near Fairview Community Center/adjacent to Corpus Christi Church.

o    Doneen spoke about the Master Plan surveys and how these community input tools showed how Roseville residents really value natural areas in the parks.

§  Doneen also encouraged everyone to take maintenance needs into consideration with planning projects and remedies.

§  Doneen recognized the need to consider the wetland at HANC, to look for ways to stabilize the wetland and reduce the bounce and incorporate vegetation management in the overall plan.

·         Doneen suggested that there may be an opportunity for an educational component with work that is done at the HANC wetland utilizing the Nature Center interpretive program.

o    Wall inquired into the need or requirement to involve surrounding communities.

§  Leaf responded that neighboring communities would be included as needed for projects that might be shared or adjacent.

·         Brokke spoke about the importance to our community that we find the critical balance between recreation programs/opportunities and natural areas. There is a place and a need for both in our parks system.


Doneen commented on how the Parks and Recreation Master Plan has served as an excellent model for supporting neighborhoods and fostering community involvement.



Doneen updated the Commission on recent Council presentations on task force progress. In their presentations the Community Engagement Task Force recognized that community engagement and volunteer efforts take time. A draft report is currently being reviewed by the committee.

§  A significant question from the Council was how the task force viewed their efforts – was this a one-time effort or something that will be continued on, possibly long-term?

§  Council also inquired in to what types of data is available to help gauge the level of civic engagement – what does an acceptable level look/feel like, what level is too much or too little.


Simbeck added that there is still interest in a possible active community engagement website and that task force meetings were scheduled for later in the month.



Jason Etten reviewed the April 23, 2012 Court of Appeals ruling in favor of the City of Roseville and explained how the complainants have 30 days to appeal to the Supreme Court. Once the legal window is closed, we can move forward with implementation plans and projects. Brokke added that we have done all we can do in-house.


Brokke talked about the first step in moving forward is to get ASU under contract and work with staff to establish the RFP for a Lead Consultant. Brokke shared draft project management sheets to demonstrate the scope and extent of projects scheduled for year one. Brokke reminded that we look to maximize the financial allocations throughout the implementation process.

§  One example of this is the support of the Central Park Foundation in providing a prototype way-finding signage system that will be implemented in Central Park and eventually modeled throughout the park system. Brokke shared draft drawings of the hierarchy of signage.


Dave Holt spoke to the costs associated with the legal actions involving the bond funding. People need to know/understand that this lawsuit has cost the city a significant amount of money.



Joint meeting is scheduled for June 18th and the Commission can expect 30-40 minutes to share recent achievements and upcoming areas of interest. Brokke provided Commissioners with a draft agenda.

§  Azer recommended adding recognition of Master Plan Community Involvement to date and the need to thank/recognize the council for their support in making the first phase of implementing the Master Plan a reality.

§  Commissioners suggested an additional meeting prior to the joint meeting to further discuss and gain better understanding of the joint meeting topics for discussion. Staff will look into scheduling a meeting prior to June 18th.


General conceptual discussions began on the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP), Park Improvement Plan (PIP), Park and Recreation Renewal Program (PRRP) and Park Maintenance categories of the department. There will be more analysis and discussions to come on this topic.



§  The annual Ice Show took place this past weekend – over 300 skaters took part.

§  Nicole Dietman, department marketing coordinator and golf clubhouse manager has resigned to pursue a personal start-up business and spend time with her young children.


8.   OTHER

§  Simbeck inquired into when the annual park tour might be scheduled.

§  Etten thanked all volunteers involved with the annual spring clean-up.


Meeting adjourned at 8:55pm


Respectfully Submitted,

Jill Anfang, Assistant Director