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Parks & Recreation

Parks & Recreation Commission Meeting Minutes

April 3, 2012      


PRESENT:  Azer, Diedrick, Doneen, Etten, Ristow, Simbeck and Wall

ABSENT:    Boehm, D. Holt, M. Holt contacted staff with excused absence

STAFF:     Brokke






Minutes of the March 6, 2012 meeting were approved unanimously. Chair Etten thanked former Commissioner Gale Pederson for her work.


3.    Introduction and Oath of Office for New CommissionER 

Nolan Wall took the Oath of Office from Commission Chair Etten.  After the swearing in ceremony, Wall and other Commissioners shared a brief background of themselves.



Etten introduced the topic and explained that Commissioner Simbeck and Doneen serve on the Human Rights Commission Community Engagement Task Force.


Doneen updated the Commission on their current work indicating that the task force is charged with developing recommendations for civic engagement. Overall the city does a good job in this area and the task force is searching for room for improvement. They are discussing areas such as neighborhood notifications, neighborhood identity development and enhanced internet activities.   A draft recommendation has been discussed with the City Manager and City Planning Staff with a preliminary report expected to be provided to the City Council soon. For various reasons, the task force is a bit behind the early 2012 deadline.



Chair Etten introduced the topic. No new information is available on the litigation status. The City is waiting for the decision of the appellate court. Etten commented on the good weather this spring that would be ideal in accomplishing many of the renewal projects but emphasized to the commission and to the community that work cannot begin until the litigation is cleared up.


Staff communicated to the Commission that most of the preparation work that can be done has been done without incurring substantial costs.


Staff and the City Attorney have been working through the Arizona State Agreement on the Best Value Procurement but the contracts have not yet been executed. Timing of execution is very important due to the need of having ASU on board for the duration of the four year program. Concerns were expressed about missing the reasonable construction season for projects.


Leveraging resources to compliment the Park and Recreation Renewal Program has been successful so far including partnerships with FORParks, FORHANC, Roseville Rotary and the award of a natural resource grant for tree planting.  


A meeting with FORParks and FORHANC was held to discuss the Nature Center improvements and explain the status of the renewal program. It is still the hope of the groups that 2012 is the year to begin the projects.

Staff reminded the Commission and the Community that, in anticipation of the Renewal Program, the Park Improvement Program (PIP) had been substantially reduced in 2012 not allowing for a typical PIP project year.


Doneen mentioned his desire to tap into the huge volunteer resource. Specifically, in the time of waiting for a court decision, are there possible projects that can be done to maintain the community enthusiasm. Doneen volunteered to frame possibilities that could limit staff resources and costs, provide training and be done safely. For example, with buckthorn eradication being of extreme interest to the community, could there be a smaller project area that could be done to keep people engaged while waiting for a decision. Commissioner Doneen will draft a proposal for staff and commission review.


Ristow commented on the reduction of staff and resources to the parks and recreation system making it more difficult to accomplish natural resources tasks like buckthorn removal.  It is not only the removal of buckthorn, but substantial resources are needed for disposal.


Staff reminded the Commission that the full time park supervisor position that handled these efforts in the past was eliminated from the department’s budget leaving a substantial void. The Renewal Program was intended to help in this area.


Wall summarized some of the key items outlined by the Commission and staff that should be addressed including awareness, safety, proper training, proper supervision and disposal.  




  • Brokke described the City Council Work Plan that was included in the packet. It is work in progress and begins with the community aspirations followed up with the existing work plan and short term and long term plans. Eventually when the City Council completes their work, it is anticipated to be incorporated into Commission goals and individual department’s strategic plans. Following were some general comments: 

o    Chair Etten commented on the importance of the goals reflecting parks and recreation as an integral part of the community.

o    Azer commented on her observation of the important role of the parks in the community and how they are intermingled in many sections of the work plan. Much work has been done by the Commission to get people involved.

o    Doneen encouraged the city to identify the specific need for the shoreland and erosion control ordinance item and contact the area hydrologist to work on it rather than wait for the DNR. The DNR is not anticipating doing anything at this point.

o    Doneen commented on the overall interweaving of parks and recreation in many of the items, whether they are called out specifically or not. He assumed parks and recreation staff would be involved and that the budget would follow the direction.  

o    Ristow commented on the importance of and the high use of our parks and the need to keep them vibrant as gas prices are increasing and people staying home more.

  • Doneen commented on how parks and recreation recently touched him and his family as his son registered for the high school disc golf program. Specifically, if there was not a disc golf course, there would be no program.
  • Brokke distributed the 2011 annual report and thanked Jill Anfang for her work.  Chair Etten asked Commissioners to review the report and come back to the next meeting with any questions.
  • Roseville Parks and Recreation will be providing recreation opportunities to the City of Lauderdale again in 2012 through a Recreation Agreement.
  • Reminder that the annual ethics training will take place on Wednesday April 11th at City Hall.
  • Preliminary word has been received on the success of a $25,000 Community Forest Grant to plant trees.
  • Preliminary word has been received on the success of a $5,000 grant from the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council for the 2012 Summer Entertainment Series.
  • Over 1000 people attended the Arts at the OVAL event on March 24 and 25, 2012.
  • Summer staff interviews are complete. More than 100 applications were received.
  • Genisys Credit Union will be the title sponsor for Rosefest 2012.
  • Affinity Plus Credit Union will be the title sponsor for the 2012 Rose Parade.  
  • Garden Plot reservations begin April 9th for Roseville residents.
  • Earth Day celebration is scheduled for April 21st.
  • Cedarholm Golf Leagues are now forming.
  • The 43rd annual “Everything Coming Up Roseville” Ice Show will be April 27th- 29th, 2012.  


7.    Other

  • Chair Etten announced a park cleanup event at Villa Park and Reservoir Woods on Saturday, April 14th beginning at 8:30 a.m. All are welcome for this fun and productive day.




Meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,

Lonnie Brokke, Director