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Parks & Recreation

Parks & Recreation Commission Meeting Minutes

June 6, 2012
Harriet Alexander Nature Center


PRESENT:  Boehm, Diedrick, Etten, D. Holt, M. Holt, Ristow, Simbeck, Wall

ABSENT:    Azer and Doneen contacted staff with excused absence

STAFF:       Brokke







Minutes of the May 1, 2012 meeting were approved unanimously with one spelling correction. Commissioner Wall pointed out that the name of consultant Ron Leaf was misspelled.



An e-mail from Commissioner Doneen outlining his thoughts on the agenda was distributed.


Chair Etten introduced the topic of the joint City Council/Parks and Recreation Commission meeting with the expectation of 30-40 minutes to share recent achievements and upcoming areas of interest. The draft memo prepared for the May meeting was  refined and revisted. Topics were discussed, confirmed and Commissioners were assigned the following areas to guide:


1.Review of the Past Year

          a. Master Plan Implementation (D. Holt)

          b. Park Dedication (Simbeck)

          c. EAB (Doneen)


2. 2012 – 2013 Topics of Discussion         

          a. Park and Recreation Renewal Program

                   1. Moving Forward (Etten)

                   2. Community Volunteers (M.Holt)

                   3. Pathway Plan in conjunction with Public Works (Diedrick)

                             4. Grants and partnerships (Wall)

          b. Capital Improvement Program (Etten)

          c. Park Improvement Program (Etten)

          d. Park Board/Park District (Simbeck)

          e. Local Option Sales Tax (Ristow)


A primary goal of the meeting will be to discuss a future work plan and gather guidance and direction from the City Council.  



Chair Etten reviewed the recent litigation developments. Specifically that on Wednesday, May 23, 2012 the Responsible Governance for Roseville’s Petition for Review was filed. This means that the City cannot enter into any commitments to spend the bond proceeds until the Supreme Court considers whether or not to hear the case.  It is anticipated that on June 19th or June 27th we will know whether the case will be heard or not.  At this point we are waiting, with no future meetings or projects scheduled.


Staff informed the Commission that work with ASU to prepare the lead consultant Request for Proposal (RFP) is continuing in order to be ready to issue when appropriate. Caution is being taken on how much to engage ASU now because of the limited amount of work to do at this time and the need to have them available for the duration of the Park and Recreation Renewal Program (PRRP). ASU is fully aware of our situation and are understanding and agreeable to our approach.



  •  Brokke updated the Commission and Community on the following items:

o    The annual spring dance recital will take place at the Roseville Area High School this weekend, June 8, 9 and 10 with over 300 participating.

o    Summer staff training will occur the week of June 11, 2012 with 48 coaches and leaders, 41 Leaders in Training and 9 maintenance staff.

o    The Summer Spectacular Playground and Youth Sports Program will begin Monday June 18th. Each youth participant will receive a packet with promotional materials for Roseville Special Events and information.

o    There is a new Roseville Parks and Recreation blog at: to show weekly updates each Friday beginning with a June 15th posting that will feature the summer recreation staff. Julia Jacobson, former Youth Commissioner and Master Plan Citizen Advisory Team Member is the feature writer.

o    Discover Your Parks will begin June 20th with the first site being Bruce Russell Park. A signup sheet was sent around for Commissioners to sign up when they are available. The Human Rights Commission Civic Engagement Committee will have a table at each one to provide information.

o    The Friends of Harriet Alexander Nature Center Pig Roast Fundraising Event is scheduled for Thursday, June 7th at the Roseville Skating Center.

o    Due to popular request, Cedarholm Golf Course has leased 6 golf carts, on a trial basis, that are available for rent.     


6.    Other

  • Ristow commented that pursuing a local option sales tax could allow us to begin talking about a Community Center.
  • Diedrick thanked D. Holt for his opinion article in the Roseville Review indicating that is was very well written. She also commented that there are residents who support the efforts of Parks and Recreation who don’t always speak up.
  • Etten reminded Commissioners of the June 18th joint meeting with the City Council, to be there by 6 p.m. and to wear their Commission shirts. He also put out a reminder that there will be no July meeting; next meeting will be August 7th.




Meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,

Lonnie Brokke, Director