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Parks & Recreation

Parks & Recreation Commission Meeting Minutes

August 7, 2012


PRESENT:   Azer, Diedrick, Doneen, Etten, D. Holt, M. Holt, Ristow, Wall

ABSENT:     Boehm & Simbeck contacted staff with excused absence

STAFF:        Anfang, Brokke, Evenson






Commission Recommendation: 

Minutes for the June 6, 2012 meeting were approved unanimously.



·         Doneen commented on the Council’s interest in gaining more information on Park Boards and the request for the Parks & Recreation Commission to gather the information and share their findings at an upcoming meeting.

·         Brokke added that the City Attorney is aware of the discussions on Park Boards and has provided a preliminary opinion. Brokke offered staff to work with the Commission to compile information for the Commissions review. Doneen requested that pros and cons be included with the information.


Discussion of the joint meeting spun off to Commission goals for 2012 & 2013.

·         D. Holt suggested using a Commission retreat to work on Commission Goals as well as discuss Park Board information. Goal discussions should include identifying, prioritizing and addressing steps to accomplish Commission Goals.

·         Doneen added that the Civic Engagement Task Force is considering a recommendation to add a FTE to support civic engagement and volunteering.

o    Holt inquired into the process of recommending the addition of a volunteer coordinator

o    Brokke spoke briefly on the process

·         D. Holt mentioned the Mayor was looking for clarification of PIP and CIP vs. general maintenance costs.

o    Discussion followed on identifying classifications for PIP, CIP and general maintenance along with the need for budget considerations that address community park maintenance needs

o    The Commission agreed that an action goal addressing PIP, CIP and maintenance costs needs to a higher priority in the annual work plan



Brokke reviewed process and content for the Renewal Program Lead Consultant RFP.


D. Holt inquired into what the possibilities were for projects yet this year. Brokke explained that land acquisitions are possible along with work on the County Road B2 pathway and natural resources projects, he also spoke of the significance of trying to package projects to maximize results from a financial and project management perspective.

·         Potential Natural Resource projects for 2012 include;

o    Buckthorn removal and shoreline restoration along Langton Lake

§  Doneen added that projects like this are an excellent opportunity to train volunteers through hands-on experiences and a good plan to help manage future and ongoing natural resource projects

§  Doneen also briefed the Commission on the future of the Natural Resources and Trails Workgroup involvement;

·         Workgroup members are interested in getting out in the community and working on a project

·         There is also an interest in an additional workgroup that would comprise of Parks & Recreation Commission Members and Public Works Commission members to refine and prioritize trail projects, support staff and the lead consultant

o    Buckthorn Removal in Reservoir Woods

§  A resident has offered funding to clear the Buckthorn in a designated area in Reservoir Woods

o    Nature Center Improvements

§  FORHANC & FORParks have committed $60,000 toward the addition of an interactive interpretive display at HANC. The organizations have identified a preferred vendor for this portion of the project. FORHANC & FORParks understand the improvements need to coordinate with other HANC projects



Anfang shared summer program and event numbers with Commissioners.

·         1,031 kids have attended art, dance, nature, theatre, coaches, skateboard, sports and builders camps this summer

·         244 kids have participated in Friday trips and Adventures

·         98 kids were involved with the Passport to Play Program

·         211 youngsters joined the preschool programs

·         133 kids took part in 12 weeks of Summer Spectacular fun

·         570 young sports fans were involved in golf, track, tennis, gymnastics, skating and safety awareness programs

·         417 kids were involved with the Kick & Slugger Sports series

·         103 golfers and tennis players participated in summer sports leagues

·         54 teens joined the LIT program and the youth improve group

·         Over 1000 residents enjoyed 14 Discover Your Parks event during the past 9 weeks

·         The puppet wagon presented a new show each week and entertained over 1000 big and little kids throughout the summer

·         This summer, Roseville hosted;

o    156 Adult Softball Teams (2340 players)

o    22 Older Adult Softball Teams (311 players)

o    48 Sand Volleyball Teams (50 players)

o    9 Co-Rec Soccer Teams (130 players)

o    5 Adult Golf Leagues (1750 golfers)

o    71 adult trip participants


Brokke updated the Commission on upcoming events and recent happenings.

·         Rosetown Playhouse recently presented Fiddler on the Roof and Twist of Fate

o    Twist of Fate was a youth production that combined the local Karen community with other Roseville youth to present an original work under the big top in Villa Park

o    Work will begin soon on a rain garden at the Arboretum thanks to contributions from the Roseville Rotary

o    The Central park Foundation is hosting a new event on August 9 – Flying Colors Community Festival

o    Message to the Community: Be aware of who you are hiring to do work at your homes and remove trees from your yards. The City has a list of licensed tree work contractors for residents to choose from


6.    OTHER

§  Ristow commented on the costs of the recent citizen lawsuit that has delayed the Renewal Program and Fire Station. This law suit has cost the City hundreds of thousands of dollars and resulted in a lost season of work. Mr. Ristow feels that spending money on your parks system is well spent helping to keep our streets safe and our people healthy.

§  Commissioners agreed to hold their September meeting on 9/15 as a half-day retreat that included a park tour as well as Commission goal planning.


Meeting adjourned at 9:30pm


Respectfully Submitted,

Jill Anfang, Assistant Director