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Parks and Recreation Commission

Meeting Minutes

December 4, 2012


PRESENT:   Azer, Boehm, Diedrick, Doneen, Etten, D. Holt, M. Holt, Ristow, Simbeck

ABSENT:     Wall notified staff ahead of time that he was unable to attend due to work conflict

STAFF:        Anfang, Brokke, Evenson






Commission Recommendation: 

Minutes for the November 1, 2012 meeting were approved unanimously.



Jeff Evenson reviewed the Public Tree Master Plan Draft with Commission. Evenson provided background information on the original Public Tree Master Plan that was completed in 1995. While the earlier information was interesting the original plan was not available in an electronic format making it difficult to use with the updated inventory tools and current mapping systems.


The updated Public Tree Master Plan includes three main areas; the inventory of all public trees, analysis of data collected through the inventory and a plan for future forestry work and upgrades. The current information is fully electronic and will provide for a more streamlined update in the future and allows for the use of existing maintenance tracking software for reports that are easily integrated.  The updated plan also includes references to the updated forestry ordinance and information on the economic value of our forest resources.


Commission Discussion:

·         D. Holt commented on the significant number of trees recognized as being in fair or poor condition and inquired into how the City plans to address the maintenance needs for trees in this condition.

o    Evenson explained that condition status is quite critical and a fair status sounds worse that what is experienced by the “non-arborist” public. Maintenance staff is working to be more proactive with trimming and pruning trees.

o    Commissioners recognized that what is being done now is unfortunately reactionary due to budgetary constraints.

·         Doneen recognized the need to plant in tree spaces now rather than wait until trees are diseased or gone – work on changing the tide from reactive to proactive.

·         Doneen commented that he did not see in the report reference to climate changes and attention to species that are robust enough to withstand warmer seasons.

·         The commission would also like to see mapping of the invasive species in a similar manner so that we can better manage our natural resources.

·         Etten commented on how the County Roads were highlighted on the maps and inquired into how the County plays into the updated plan. Etten also suggested the County be approached with Roseville’s plan so there might be an opportunity to share in the plan for future plantings on County Road right-of-ways.

·         Etten spoke to the benefits of our Urban Forest highlighted in the Public Tree Master Plan;

o    Shade allows for an energy savings

o    Trees store CO2

o    Trees have an impact on storm water management

o    In the long run, public trees save the City of Roseville money

·         Brokke commented on the beauty of the Public Tree Master Plan as well as the Renewal Program is the opportunities for community education and neighborhood dialogues

·         Commissioners reminded all the need to plan for planting options in the place of buckthorn

·         Doneen spoke to the fact that any invasive species removal is a level of resource restoration and needs ongoing monitoring and maintenance. The City of Roseville needs to utilize grass roots efforts and tap into the volunteer workforce to help support base financial commitments

·         Brokke thanked and recognized the efforts of community member Kirk Brown as well as staff members Anita Twaroski and Jeff Evenson for their work on the plan and the Department of Agriculture for the Preparedness Grant

The Commission will see the Plan again before it is forwarded on the Council. The Plan will also be reviewed by the Public Works and Community Development staff prior to making a recommendation to the City Council in 2013.



Jason Etten introduced the Public Engagement Strategy draft for the Renewal Program. The goal at all levels is to involve as many community members as possible.

·         Commissioners recognized the detail to communications in the Engagement Strategy and made some suggestions in areas not as thoroughly identified in the Strategies;

o    Commissioners liked the idea of project signage to being provided by contractors

o    Commissioners suggested use of signage in the parks with QR codes to help inform people as they are using the parks

o    Suggested using signs with eye-catching captions like “Coming Soon” or Your Tax Dollars at Work”

o    Highly recommended the use of social media – facebook, twitter and others to reach deeper into the community

o    Utilize – people are using this tool more and more

o    Commissioners reminded everyone to be more alert to providing notices and invitations in multiple languages to help reach all parts of the community

o    Suggested checking into the availability of public displays/community boards at the Library, shopping centers, places where people tend to gather

·         Commissioners felt very strongly that there is a need to make meeting notifications very clear as to what attendees can expect – people want to know directly what will be happening and what their participation level will be.


Brokke informed the Commission that faculty from Arizona State University will be providing a Best Value presentation on January 28 to the Roseville City Council, City Commissions and other interested entities from the community. Please mark your calendars and plan to attend this hour-long presentation.



·         Commission agreed to reschedule the January 1st meeting to Thursday, January 10.

·         Commission will discuss alternative dates for the June and August meetings at the January meeting.



Brokke updated the Commission on the following;

·         Council approved the recommended commercial park dedication rate increase to 7%.

·         Council will be looking for information on Park Boards early in the coming year – are there Commission members that would like to work on this task with staff?  Greg Simbeck volunteered and commissioners recommended Nolan Wall based on thoughtful comments made by Wall at an earlier meeting.

·         The Villa Park Neighborhood has been involved in meetings with project staff recently and it seems that a good relationship has been developed for future watershed work and renewal program projects.

·         The Skating Center is operating at full-strength; the facility has been extremely busy in the opening weeks. Reminder to all that the Skating Center will once again host a family friendly New Year’s Eve event and we are very fortunate to have Goodmanson Construction as title sponsor helping make this a great community event.

·         Thank you Jason Etten for your support and time. On behalf of the Parks and Recreation staff we thank you for your leadership and wish you well as a new Councilmember.

o    Etten commented that his experience with the Parks and Recreation Commission has been a fantastic opportunity for him. He is proud to say he has become a “park geek”. He wants to remind everyone that parks benefit the community tremendously and that parks do truly impact our community.



Commission Recommendation:

Jason Etten nominated Dave Holt for Chair of the Parks and Recreation Commission. Greg Simbeck seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.


Harold Ristow nominated Randall Doneen for Vice Chair of the Parks and Recreation Commission. Doneen respectfully declined due to his involvement with the Natural Resources and Trails subcommittee.


Harold Ristow nominated Lee Diedrick for Vice Chair of the Parks and Recreation Commission. Doneen seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.


8.    OTHER



Meeting adjourned at 8:15pm


Respectfully Submitted,

Jill Anfang, Assistant Director