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Parks and Recreation Commission

Meeting Minutes

October 1, 2013





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Commission Recommendation: 

Minutes for the September 7, 2013 meeting were approved unanimously.



o   Lexington Park Building

                                          i.    The preliminary Lexington Park building plans were included in the Commission packet. Also included were architect responses to recent Council questions addressing building systems and exterior surfaces.

                                         ii.    A contractor pre-proposal meeting was held on September 19. Twenty five building professional attended. Discussions involved an overview of the Best Value System along with project timing.

                                        iii.    The City Council has authorized the development of the Lexington Park building plans and specifications based on the 5-week project delivery. The actual project construction will be included in the larger package scheduled for spring 2014.

                                       iv.    The contractor(s) selection will take place following the 18 week delivery of the plans and specifications for the entire Renewal Program.

1.   Anticipated time frame:               

a.    Completion of RFP(s) = November/December 2013

b.    RFP(s) posted/promoted = January 2014

c.    Best Value Process for Contractor(s) selection = January/February 2014

                                        v.    Evenson reviewed the building plans, walking and talking through the preliminary site plans, images and prospective site views.

                                       vi.    The 90% plan will be ready for review on October 10.


Commissioners inquired into building aesthetics, the Council questions, maintenance considerations and the design vision.

o   Staff clarified responses to the Council questions regarding potential roofing materials, the possibility of in floor heating and other design and system related items.

o   Brokke reminded the Commission of the $500,000 budget for the project and the need to create a facility that has functional spaces and then work with add-alternates.

Following the discussion, the Commission affirmed direction.



o   Natural Resources & Trails Projects


                                          i.    Commissioner Doneen updated the Commission on discussions from the most recent NRAT meeting.

1.   Doneen reminded the Commission of community feedback that asked for better connectivity of trails ? People want to be able to walk to parks and then walk around in the parks once they arrive.

2.   B-2 Sidewalk

a.    Important for the community

b.    Will result in use of the majority of the Renewal Program trails and pathways funding

3.   NRATS has looked at other possible connections that may be added with the remainder of the Renewal Program trails funding. The group had decided to wait on making recommendations until the end of community dialogues for other Renewal Program projects is completed so as to have a better idea of what might be provided through other projects

                                         ii.    Evenson explained the thought process used in creating the priority listing for system-wide trail projects outside of the B-2 sidewalk project.

1.   Evenson spoke to Constellation consideration from the Master Plan along with the significance of supporting the Renewal Program

                                        iii.    Commissioners discussion included:

1.   D Holt suggested that future funding may better serve projects that are more park specific with personal connections to individual parks

2.   P Gelbach asked about the signage plan for identifying projects and supporting community awareness

NRATS suggested a more balanced approach was needed between connections and in park trails. More work to come.


o   Natural Resources

                                          i.        Doneen spoke to the high value our community places on Natural Resources.

                                         ii.        Staff explained that the proposed direction for Natural Resource funding is:

1.    The management of existing situations, including; working to eliminate invasive species and adding environment education components to neighborhood parks

2.    New Renewal Program Projects might include the addition of a natural area of some sort in every park

3.    It was pointed out how the 2001 Natural Resource Management Plan has benefited the City in so many different ways

                                                                              i.    Current planning efforts have used the following:

1.    A type, size and location study of possible projects      

2.    Filtered projects using current maintenance needs and processes vs. new maintenance needs

3.    Opportunities to leverage funding through partnership grants

4.    Sustainability

5.    Benefits to overall the park system

6.    Creating eco-system components in each sector with ties back to the Nature Center

4.    Staff is working closely with Stantec on an estimated priority listing to better establish a system that will direct efforts for years to come

5.    Natural Resources will be a standalone RFP within the Renewal Program. The package will be developed around outcome based performance standards. The RFP will involve a 3rd party to verify outcomes. The RFP will also suggest the use of community volunteers to the best of our ability

                                                                              i.    Commissioners inquired into how we might work to get the word out on Natural Resource volunteer projects

6.    The Natural Resources RFP will follow the same 18 week delivery timeline as the construction projects

Following the discussion, the Commission affirmed direction. More work and finalization of projects to come.


                     i.        Most Recent Renewal Program Work

                                      i.        Villa Park equipment has been removed from the park, sod and seeding will begin next week.

                                     ii.        Renewal Program Playground design work is completed. There are plans to install 4 playgrounds this fall. Upper Villa, Langton Lake and Victoria Ball Fields are scheduled to be traditional installs; the playground at Materion Park is scheduled for a community build project.

                                    iii.        The B-2 Sidewalk project goes to Council on October 14.

                                   iv.        Survey work for Renewal Program building projects is complete.

                                    v.        Survey work is being doing by city staff for playgrounds.

                                   vi.        Soil boring work for foundations and footing for Renewal Program buildings is complete.

                                  vii.        Wetland delineations are being done at;

Villa Park

CP Ballfields

Evergreen Park

                                      Oasis Park

                                 viii.        Capitol Region Watershed is looking to partner on a possible project at the upper Villa Park field.

                                   ix.        Rice Creek Watershed is looking to partner on a possible project at the Evergreen Park Athletic Fields.

                                    x.        Blue Rhino Design Studio is working on preliminary cost estimates for an interpretive display at HANC.

                                   xi.        Information is being gathered for HVAC proposals, upgrades to carpet and lighting at HANC.

                                  xii.        Staff is meeting with Boardwalk construction firms in the coming weeks.

                                 xiii.        Staff is fine tuning program, event and usage schedules in an effort to provide the best possible information for the RFPs.

                                xiv.        A structural review is taking place on the Skating Center walking track addition.

                                 xv.        This week, staff is involved with irrigation reviews, ball field site visits, rental shelter design reviews, code review of Lexington Park building and work on possible land acquisitions.



Brokke reported;

·         Upcoming meetings for Communities for a Lifetime are on October 24 at the Little Canada city hall and November 16 at Roseville Ramsey County Library.

·         Working to finalize purchase agreement on a property near Langton lake Park. This purchase is financed using park dedication funds.

·         Fire Station Open House is scheduled for October 12. Parks & Recreation plans on using the vacated Fire Station #2 for much needed storage (replacing temporary storage at the Hagen Building).

·         Lexington Park flowers look great for this time of the year ? thank you to volunteers and staff for your work on this project.


6.    OTHER

·         Diedrick recognized Parks and Recreation student commission Chloe Boehm ? Merit Scholarship semi-finalist.

·         M Holt announced the upcoming FORParks 7th Annual Holiday Gala on November 14 at the Skating Center. The evening will feature amazing entertainment, great food and beverage all mixed into a fun community social.



Meeting adjourned at 8:25pm


Respectfully Submitted,

Jill Anfang, Assistant Director