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Parks and Recreation Commission

Meeting Minutes

January 10, 2013


PRESENT: Azer, Boehm, Diedrick, D. Holt, M. Holt, Ristow

ABSENT:   Wall, Doneen, and Simbeck notified staff ahead of time about being unable to attend

STAFF:       Anfang, Brokke, Evenson






Commission Recommendation: 

Minutes for the December 4, 2012 meeting were approved unanimously.



Brokke and Evenson provided Commission with updates on the most recent Renewal Program events.

·         Staff reviewed the draft Public Engagement Strategy, the draft implementation schedule and the proposed meeting schedule.

·         Brokke pointed out the Renewal Program logo that was designed with help from the Communications staff. This logo is expected to become an identifiable icon that will be used on project signage, communications tools and program reports.

·         Brokke clarified the intent for meeting notifications is one mailing to the community surrounding the project area and additional communication and postings on electronic sites like the City Website,, email groups, City signage, Roseville Patch. Notifications will be mailed about 2 weeks prior to the meetings.

·         Jeff walked the Commission through the implementation schedule draft including project description, community meeting schedule, project costs and start and completion dates.

·         Commissioners inquired how things will work when there are multiple meetings on a single night – staffed talked about how meetings might be scheduled back-to-back or multiple staff facilitating different meetings at the same time.

·         Brokke brought the Commission up-to-date on the Playgrounds and Natural Resources RFP process. The Best Value process will be used to hire contractors. The pre-proposal meeting for these areas is scheduled for January 28.

o    Commissioners inquired into the scope of work for the projects and how that might be handled.  Evenson replied that one or multiple vendors could be used on projects.

o    Commissioners asked for more information on the playground projects.  Staff explained that $1.6M has been identified for playground replacements over the next 3 years.  The play areas have been grouped into three levels, smaller neighborhood parks will receive playground upgrades costing approximately $75,000, sectors can expect a slightly larger playground costing about $125K and 2 community play areas are scheduled for Central Park costing about $225K each. Roseville has identified a number of criteria for selection including diversity and uniqueness as well as a “WOW factor”. In the end the project outcomes will be evaluated by happy users, on-time delivery and on-budget projects.

o    Commissioner D. Holt responded by recognizing that the Best Value approach and using Best Practices contribute to a good project package.

·         Commissioner Ristow shared his experiences about being approached by individuals from other communities that have learned about Roseville’s renewal program asking for information and giving recognition for doing the right thing.

·         The Natural Resources and Trails committee has been meeting and working with staff on volunteer projects and future project recommendations.

o    Staff reminded Commissioners that the Master Plan calls for a natural area to be included in every park that is part of the renewal program and also included the addition of an education component tied to the Nature Center whenever possible.

o    The Renewal Program Natural Resource projects will involve a design build contract.

o    Natural Resource RFP will identify a process for future restoration and recognize city-wide issues related to restoration.

o    Evenson updated the Commission on the January 2nd Natural Resources and Trails committee meeting.

§  Work is progressing on the Reservoir woods Buckthorn project.

§  Public Works staff are pulling together more information on pathways and trails for the committee to review/discuss.

§  Volunteers and staff are looking at the possibility of completing pathway connections for a constellation or two to demonstrate the concept and hopefully provide motivation for future attention.

§  Mary Holt recognized that there are areas in the system that only need small connections to make the pathway system in that specific area complete.


Commission Discussion:

·         Commission Chair Holt introduced the January 28 Best Value Presentation at the Council meeting. The session will be led by the ASU staff.  Commissioners, school district representatives, Ramsey County staff will be invited to join the Council for the information session.

·         Mary Holt asked about the Volunteer coordinator position. How should the Commission pursue a Council recommendation? Recently, community members have shown that people are anxious to be involved and want to help support various projects.



·         June 10th was suggested as the Parks and Recreation/Council Joint meeting date.

·         The August meeting date was suggested to begin at 8pm to allow Commissioners time to participate in local Neighborhood Night Out activities.

·         A Saturday September date will be discussed later. This time is traditionally used to tour park locations and parks and recreation facilities.

·         The rescheduled November meeting date will be set at a later time.

·         Commissioners recommended that additional meeting time be added to the June 10th meeting to review renewal program activities and other Commissioner related items.

·         Commissioners also suggested considering a July meeting in an effort to stay connected through the heat of the renewal program.



·         Thank you again to Goodmanson Construction for sponsoring the 2012 New Years Eve Celebration on Ice at the Skating Center.

·         Winter Brochure has now been delivered to area homes.


6.    OTHER

·         Commissioner Azer commented on her daughters taking skating lessons at the arena and how much the family has been enjoying skating on neighborhood rinks.

·         Commissioners Simbeck and Wall have volunteered to research and analyze information on a possible Park Board in Roseville


Meeting adjourned at 8pm


Respectfully Submitted,

Jill Anfang, Assistant Director