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Parks and Recreation Commission

Meeting Minutes

February 5, 2013


PRESENT:   Azer, Diedrick, Doneen, D. Holt, M. Holt, Simbeck, Wall

ABSENT:     Boehm and Ristow notified staff ahead of time about being unable to attend

STAFF:       Anfang, Brokke






Commission Recommendation: 

Minutes for the January 10, 2013 meeting were approved unanimously, Wall abstained due to missing the January meeting.


3.    COMMISSION GOALS 2013-2015

Diedrick and Simbeck updated Commissioners on the background and process for the proposed 2013-2015 Parks & Recreation Commission goals

·         Seven goals were identified from earlier commission discussions with staff assistance and taking into consideration the city council work plan

·         Following a commission discussion on the overall goal process, each individual goal was reviewed with updates being made where appropriate. Revised Parks & Recreation Commission Goals 2013-2015 will be presented at the March meeting

·         Commissioners discussed how they might support deferred maintenance needs once the renewal program is completed. Commissioners talked about the need for long-term budget considerations. This is an important topic, it is easily lost in the greater budget and we do not want to go backwards with deferred maintenance on the renewal program investments



·         Commissioners agreed to consider a July meeting as needed to address renewal program updates

·         Commissioners set Saturday, September 7 as the alternate date for that month’s meeting

·         Commissioners set Thursday, November 7 as the alternate date for that month’s meeting



·         Doneen updated the Commission on activities involving the Natural Resources and Trails Subcommittee

o    To date, the subcommittee has focused mainly on trails. Natural Resources has not been totally put aside as staff have kept the group informed on current projects in Reservoir Woods and at Langton Lake. There is a need for a Natural Resource project plan

o    The subcommittee has been working to meld the parks and recreation master plan and the pathways and trails master plan

§  The B2 pathway has been identified as the #1 priority. It is important to the community as a whole because of its service to schools and its connections to parks

§  Committee is working on funding priorities. They are considering needs as well as connections to the park system

o    Other Possible pathways and trails projects being considered are:

§  Connectors along Victoria and Hamline Avenue – there is a community need but little park connection

§  Looking for the opportunity to develop an entire constellation where there are smaller area links missing

·         Constellation B with connectors at Langton Lake and Oasis Park

·         Constellation L for Bruce Russell, Lexington and Mayflower Parks

·         Constellation E in the North East Corner

·         Brokke updated the commission on other recent Renewal Program activity:

o    Natural Resources and Playground Vendor pre-proposal meetings were held with 40 vendors present. Proposals are due Feb 6.

o    Dr. Dean Kashiwagi from ASU presented a Best Value Procurement overview to the City Council that was well received

o    Roseville has received a $359,000 Clean Water Grant for Evergreen Park to address underground water storage. Thank you to the public works staff for their efforts

o    The first renewal program community meeting was held on Feb 2 at HANC. Community members provided input and worked through exercises to provide staff and design contractors with ideas and suggestions for the next step. March 2 is the follow up meeting where schematic drawings will be shared that incorporate ideas and information. This will be the final check-in with the community on this area

o    Staff will be updating the City Council on Renewal Program progress on Feb 11

o    The first meeting for Lexington Park projects will be Feb 12

o    B2 pathway trail meeting is scheduled for Feb 28 – area surveying has been completed

o    Buckthorn removal has begun at Langton Lake and is making a significant difference



·         Ethics training is scheduled for April 10

·         City Attorney will be meeting with the Parks and Recreation Commission on May 7

·         Parks and Recreation is working in cooperation with Community Education on a “Communities for a Lifetime” grant. This grant will help Roseville assess needs to create a Community for a Lifetime

o    Four community dialogues will be held to assess what it will take to make Roseville a Community for a Lifetime

·         The OVAL recently was host to the Junior World Speedskating Cup and the US National Juniors Speedskating Championships

·         The RFP for developing a rain garden at the Arboretum went out today. This is a $30,000 project that will address drainage issues and is being funded by the Roseville Rotary

·         The Verizon tower in Reservoir Woods was on the most recent Council agenda. The City Council did not take action, however, generally they were supportive of the project but were looking for more information on aesthetics, noise issues and where future revenues will be directed


7.    OTHER

·         None


Meeting adjourned at 8:30pm


Respectfully Submitted,

Jill Anfang, Assistant Director