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Parks and Recreation Commission

Meeting Minutes

March 5, 2013


PRESENT:    Boehm, Diedrick, Doneen, D. Holt, M. Holt, Ristow, Simbeck

ABSENT:      Azer and Wall notified staff ahead of time about being unable to attend

STAFF:          Anfang, Brokke

OTHERS:     Mr. Dave Fischer






Commission Recommendation: Minutes for the February 5, 2013 meeting were approved unanimously.


 Original meeting agenda was altered to accommodate the late arrival of Verizon Wireless Representative.



Commissioners agreed that a July meeting most likely will be needed to stay current with Renewal Program projects. The specific meeting date will be arranged after new Commissioners are named.



Commissioners recognized the work Diedrick and Simbeck have put into coordinating and finalizing Commission Goals for 2013 and beyond.

·         Diedrick suggested pushing out the report back on volunteer coordinators to the May meeting in an effort to collect as much information as possible

·         Simbeck updated the commission on progress on Goal #6 and exploration of a Park Board. Wall and Simbeck recently met with Brokke to become more familiarized with the concept. A meeting has been set up with the Maple Grove Board Chair for mid-March. Simbeck anticipates having more information at the April meeting

·         D. Holt asked retiring commissioner Ristow to be a part of those exploring the local option sales tax. Ristow agreed to continue his efforts to recommend this process


Commission Recommendation:

Motion by Doneen, second by M. Holt to accept the 2013 goals as presented and recognize Diedrick and Simbeck for their work.


Motion passed unanimously.



Mr. Dave Fischer from Verizon Wireless was present to discuss with Commissioners their latest proposal to add them as a provider to the Reservoir Woods Park communications tower:

·         Verizon had set a timeline for an April 1 completion. Involved parties had hoped to finalize agreements in March. Delays have been caused by the need to obtain authorization from the St. Paul Water Board for legal access to the tower from the asphalt trail on the North side of the old reservoir. Mr. Fischer explained to the commission that he was looking to expedite recommendations to City Council to accommodate the April 9th St. Paul Water Board meeting. Specifically, he requested that the Commission support using the footpath that is South of the old reservoir as an alternate access route if the North access route was not approved.

o    D. Holt voiced his concern over the south access option if things fall through with the Water Board. Providing access from the south is “kind of a big deal”, it impacts the canopy; it will change a foot path into an access road

·         Verizon talked about how the original structure designs have been upgraded to provide a more aesthetically pleasing structure

o    Commissioners inquired into how Verizon will deal with graffiti and the need for details on the standard for removing the graffiti (within a set period of time)

o    Commissioners are interested in knowing how the building will be made to look more natural to better fit with the natural décor

o    Commissioners spoke of concerns about putting the building on the current path and how Verizon plans to maintain a pleasing environment for walking

·         Fischer indicated that they will be going to the Planning Commission in the next week to request a variance for a larger building than the standard 200 sq. ft. that is allowed. This building will be 11’6 x 30’ to accommodate an indoor generator and equipment

o    Commissioner Doneen asked for a clarification of the decibel information provided and a general description of how loud the generator will be. Mr. Fischer responded that it would be similar to a home air-conditioner sound.

·         Fischer explained that Techs tend to be onsite 1-2 times each month, generators are tested weekly. He noted that times can be set for the testing and included in the agreement. He also suggested that landscaping requirements/considerations will also be added to the agreement

·         Commissioners voiced a concern for the large butternut tree that will be removed from the site to accommodate construction and would like to see consideration for a “like tree” replacement elsewhere in the park

·         Commissioner Simbeck suggested a need to specifically identifying path materials if an alternative access route were to be considered to the site. Plans identify a crushed rock pathway while Simbeck felt a paved pathway will be needed to accommodate vehicles

·         Simbeck also inquired into the relocation of underground lines and utilities for construction and whether these will be replaced underground. Fischer assured commissioners that anything relocated by construction would be done in the same manner as it was found.

·         Commissioners suggested that if the South access route is considered that it come back to the Commission for further discussion and input.


Council Member McGehee joined the table for discussion with Commission and Mr. Fischer:

·         McGehee recognized the thoroughness and the high level of preparation by the Commission

·         McGehee questioned the fencing around the Verizon building and asked about options other than a chain link fence

·         McGehee asked the Commission to consider future park buildings that are different than other buildings in the City as well as the importance of considering buildings that are unique to the park site.

·         McGehee also suggested revisiting the current zoning code for park buildings and see what can be done to address the specific and restrictive requirements. McGehee suggested more flexibility to make buildings unique to their setting was important.


Commissioners commented that they see Verizon as being responsible for the current push to have recommendations and agreements with the City of Roseville fast-tracked. Commissioners voiced their support of not recommending approval of the alternate south route because more time was needed to discuss and that this may give the St. Paul Water Board the option to decline Verizon’s upcoming request for access.


Commission Recommendation:

Motion by D. Holt to recommend general approval to the City Council of the proposed structure and landscape plan as described with an agreement to address and include identified issues such as planting of vines on the fence/building, future landscape maintenance responsibilities, graffiti management details, fencing specifics and the replacement of the mature Butternut tree that is scheduled to come down with the project with a final review of the plans and agreement by Parks and Recreation staff. The commission also deferred a recommendation on the request for a South access route until the St. Paul Water Board has taken action on Verizon’s request to use the current north access trail; second by Ristow.


Motion passed unanimously.



Brokke updated the commission on recent Renewal Program activity;

·         Natural Resources Consultant has been identified, The Clarification kick-off meeting was held recently and we are working toward a contract for services

·         Seven Playground vendors will have been interviewed on March 1 & 8, looking to identifying a final vendor in the next 3-weeks

·         Staff is getting better acquainted with the Best Value process. Vendors have revealed that they are challenged by the process but appreciate the opportunity

·         The shelters and buildings RFPs will be finalized in the coming weeks

·         The second HANC meeting was held recently

o    The first community meeting identifies issues and ideas in a workshop setting      

o    Second community meeting brings together info from the 1st meeting along with master plan involvement for preliminary plans

·         Staff has begun meeting with community user groups

·         Recreation and maintenance staff will be meeting in the coming weeks to review park building sizes and brainstorm suitable community uses that could make each of these buildings special

       Commissioner Doneen provided a Natural Resources and Trails Subcommittee update

·         Subcommittee is coming to the realization that additional trail options, connector trails, will more than likely be out of the current funding allocations

·         Constellation related options will most likely to be the affordable option for trail work beyond the B2 project

·         Subcommittee is looking for direction on project suggestions beyond the B2 project. Areas currently under consideration include;

o    Selecting a single constellation to complete as a model to guide future work

o    Look at enhancing an in-park trail system (perhaps Villa Park or Reservoir Woods)

o    Consider additional sidewalk equipment to service expanded trail system and future trail developments



·         Ethics training is scheduled for April 10

·         City Attorney will be meeting with the Parks and Recreation Commission on May 7. City Attorney to review data practices, open meeting law, electronic communications.

·         OVAL closed for the season this past weekend.

·         Volunteer Appreciation dinner is March 7th at the Skating Center.

·         Annual Arts@theOVAL event is March 23 & 24 at the Skating Center.

·         Recognition of the end of Harold Ristow’s term as a parks & recreation commissioner. Thank you Harold from the Parks and Recreation staff and community for your eight years of service.


8.    OTHER

·         None


Meeting adjourned at 8:30pm


Respectfully Submitted,

Jill Anfang, Assistant Director