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Parks and Recreation Commission

Meeting Minutes

May 7, 2013


PRESENT:   Azer, Doneen, Gelbach, D. Holt, M. Holt, Simbeck, Stoner, Wall

ABSENT:     Boehm & Diedrick notified staff ahead of time about being unable to attend

STAFF:        Anfang, Brokke, Evenson

OTHERS:    G. Grefenberg, S. Brown, D. Dallner, C. LoBaido, M. Von de Linde, L. Zibell, M.Gaughan, M. Schroeder





Gary Grefenberg attended tonight?s meeting to provide the Commission with a brief update on the Civic Engagement Task Force. The possibility of a new Roseville Commission has been suggested for Civic Engagement; to-date, this has been tied up with the Uniform Commission Code.


Grefenberg looked to inform the Commission that a recent committee of Roseville staff and community members had looked into opportunities for civic engagement as part of considerations for an upgrade City website. Components reviewed had the potential for strong & effective 2-way community communications. To date, nothing has been acted upon.


Grefenberg also reminded the Commission and community of the upcoming Community Forum for a Safe and Connected Community on May 14.



Commission Recommendation:  Minutes for the April 2, 2013 meeting were approved unanimously.


4.    FOR Parks 2014 FUNDRAISER

Friends of Roseville Parks board members were in attendance at tonight?s meeting to update the Commission on a future community fundraising event. Sharon Brown was joined by Deborah Dallner, Corky LoBaido, Mary Kay Von de Linde and Luella Zibell.


FOR Parks is exploring event details and logistics of hosting a Craft Beer Fest at the OVAL on October 14, 2014. Preliminary ideas include inviting micro-breweries to provide product tastings and promote local vendors. FOR Parks members will continue to work with Parks & Recreation staff to explore this unique fundraising event.



Mark Gaughan, City Attorney was present to discuss Commissioner Rights and obligations in regards to the Minnesota Open Meeting Law. Key points included;

·         The Open Meeting Law insures that meetings are noticed to the public and that work is being done in a way that is accessible to the public.

·         A ?meeting? was described as anytime a quorum or forum gets together.

·         A strong consideration in today?s world is the fact that virtual communication triggers the Open Meeting Law. The recommendation from Counsel is that electronic information should be sent through City staff, rather than using the replay all response when corresponding on City business with Commissioners.



Preliminary Plan Review:

Jeff Evenson & Michael Schroeder presented preliminary plans for Central Park Victoria West, Central park Victoria Ballfields, Central Park Legion Field, Bruce Russell Park, Howard Johnson Park, Roseville Skating Center, Materion Park and provided updates on Tamarack Park, the B2 Sidewalk and the request for proposals for final design, plans and specifications.


Commissioners inquired into;

·         Agreements with Roseville Lutheran Church for the shared properties and amenities.

·         The possibility of including landscaping with playground improvements and wondered about the possibility of ?themes? when planning play areas.


Staff explained that the Tamarack Park project is on hold until future meetings with the neighbors. In recent years Roseville Rotary had made improvements at Tamarack Park to allow for soccer play in the open space. This has led to the need to look at coinciding issues from expanded park use including additional traffic and added noise. As a result of community input in the park planning process it is apparent that additional neighborhood meetings in this area are needed before renewal program plans are finalized.


B-2 Sidewalk Update: 

Engineering has completed the survey and identified areas with potential issues. Renewal Program staff will be meeting with the Engineering staff to meld engineering processes with design concepts in hopes of creating a project everyone can be pleased with. Renewal Program staff recognize the varying context of conditions along B-2 and see that a series of solutions may be necessary to reflect the character of the neighborhood.


Natural Resources Update:

Evenson talked to the Commission about the Langton lake restoration work and shoreline stabilization. We have also begun work on removing Buckthorn in the area. Thanks to a significant donation by a Roseville Resident volunteers and staff have begun to remove Buckthorn from a selected area in Reservoir Woods and have also begun a treatment process.


Villa Park Update:

Project to start as soon as May 20th. First work will include the removal of the shelter building and hockey boards.


Brokke explained next steps;

·         The preliminary plans discussed tonight will be going to the Council for their review and approval at the next Council meeting date.

·         Staff will be asking for final approval for the final Design s and Specification Consultant May 6.



Wall summarized changes to preliminary document on Park Board consideration and shared the updated version of Park Board pros and cons. Wall talked about how he and Brokke had the opportunity to visit with the Board Chair from Maple Grove to talk about how the Park Board operates in their community. A key component to come out of their discussion was how transparent expenditures and operations are within their Board structure.


Commissioners discussed how the current document is not a Commission recommendation but a document that responds to recent requests from the Council.  Commissioners felt the information provided merits consideration and further study. Commissioners discussed how a conversation on Park Board considerations might sound with the Council.

Wall, Simbeck and staff will compile Park Board materials for the upcoming joint Council/Commission meeting.



M. Holt updated the Commission on the background work she and Diedrick had done on a Volunteer Coordinator. M. Holt & Anfang met with Jody Yungers from Ramsey County Parks & Recreation to better understand the workings of a Volunteer Coordinator in Parks & Recreation. M. Holt shared Jody?s comments as well as Diedrick?s lit search on documentation supporting and detailing volunteer coordinator positions in the public setting.


M. Holt, Diedrick and Anfang will meet again before the next meeting to continue to pull materials together that can be shared at the joint Council/Commission meeting.



Commission agreed that they needed another meeting before the June 10th joint meeting to coordinate their thoughts and make best use of their time with the Council. Commission will meet at 6:30pm on June 4, their traditional monthly meeting time.



  • Brokke reported that the parks are very active these days and the golf course is open.
  • The Community recently held an EAB information session with the Department of Agriculture for an update on the statewide perspective and information sharing on insecticides.
    • Roseville does have a plan to address EAB in our community.
    • EAB has been discovered in the North East quadrant of the city, the Langton Lake area. The University of Minnesota has taken down some of the affected Langton Lake trees to use for demonstration purposes.
    • There will be the need for future discussions with the Council on funding for removal and replacement.
  • Azer complimented the Skating Center staff on the recent ice show ? it was a very impressive production.
  • D. Holt inquired into an update on the Verizon Tower in Reservoir Woods.
    • Brokke explained that Verizon is working through the situation with the City of St. Paul for a use permit rather that an easement.


Meeting adjourned at 8:40pm


Respectfully Submitted,

Jill Anfang, Assistant Director