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Parks and Recreation Commission

Meeting Minutes

August 6, 2013


PRESENT:   Azer, Diedrick, Gelbach, D. Holt, M. Holt, Stoner, Wall

ABSENT:     Boehm & Doneen & Simbeck notified staff ahead of time about being unable to attend

STAFF:        Anfang, Brokke, Evenson

OTHERS:    Mr. Art Mueller, Michael Schroeder






No public comment



Commission Recommendation: 

Minutes for the June 4, 2013 meeting were approved unanimously. Wall abstained from vote due to not being in attendance at the June meeting.



Mr. Mueller was in attendance at tonight?s meeting and made himself available to answer commission questions.


The 2006 Parks & Recreation Commission recommended accepting cash in lieu of land for the Art Mueller subdivision project. The motion passed unanimously. Due to the length of time that has elapsed since the original recommendation this Park Dedication returns to the Commission for further review and recommendation.


Commissioner Stoner initiated the discussion by inquiring into why we would not recommend land rather than the cash payment based on the property location and the interest in adding park land to Southwest Roseville. Brokke explained that the parcel would be very small and that Mr. Mueller indicated that if land were the option, he could not pursue the development.


Commission recommendation: Commissioner Azer recommended the acceptance of cash in lieu of property for the Art Mueller subdivision. Motion seconded by Commissioner Diedrick. Motion passed unanimously.



Jeff Evenson and Michael Schroeder from LHB discussed Renewal Program preliminary plans for Acorn Park, Co. Rd B-2 Sidewalk, Central Park Foundation and FORParks Shelters, Central park Lexington, Langton Lake Park, Mapleview Park, and Pocahontas Park.


For each location Jeff reviewed the scope of work covered in the current Renewal Program and informed the Commissioner that these plans are meant to be park master plans resulting in elements being represented in the plan that fall outside of the current work plan. These elements are for future consideration when funding becomes available.

·         Acorn Park

o    Commissioner Wall inquired into more information on the work planned for the Disc Golf area. Evenson explained that there was the need for further discussions with the Disc Golf community, but the thought is for possible redesign to address conflicts between pathways and golf areas as well as addressing maintenance needs due to heavy use over the years.

·         B-2 Sidewalk - staff held a 2nd community meeting to share preliminary layout of the sidewalk improvements. Comments have begun to shift toward more positive reactions as designs have worked to address the needs and concerns of those living close by.

o    Engineering is working on fine tuning the plan

o    Staff looks to bring the plan to Council in the fall.

·         Central Park Shelters: Foundation and FORParks - Michael Schroeder spoke on the potential signature features from the existing shelters that could potentially be salvaged to use on future shelter rebuilds  the arched trusses. This design concept could perpetuate the iconic status of the current shelters and demonstrate resourcefulness and sustainability through the reuse of materials. Shelter locations will remain very similar to the current locations. Michael talked through possible ideas for enhanced lighting with commissioners inquiring into sky lights and other natural light options.

·         Central Park Lexington - the existing park Master Plan was used to direct current preliminary designs. Jeff and Michael took into consideration park use ? special events, concerts, shelter rentals, league play as well as casual recreation experiences while planning renewal projects at CP Lexington. Parking has been addressed with some additional parking but more importantly better flow through the parking lot and a parking entrance the better aligns with the Memorial. Also an extension of the Lexington Avenue flower beds continues through the parking lot toward the park entrance. The preliminary plan also shows potential sites for event lawns and a promenade that will accommodate vendors along the lake walk. Like many of the other parks, this plan contains additional elements that are not covered in the current renewal program funding.

o    Mary Holt inquired into a listing of projects that may be funded by community groups or local businesses.

·         Langton Lake Park - Park improvements focus mainly on playground replacements near the ball fields and at County Rd C-2.

·         Mapleview Park - The improvements at this park are focused on the playground. The main add-on at this park for future consideration is a pathway that provides better access to the playground.

·         Pocahontas Park - Park improvements at this park focus on turf improvement and relocation of pathways to address safety concerns. There is also the thought that this park may become the location for retro play equipment giving this location a special identity in the Park System.

Dave Holt inquired into the theme approach to park updates identified in the master plan and how the ideas help establish connections between the constellations and throughout the park system plus the potential for parks to become destination locations because of their themes. Michael and Jeff addressed how this continues to be considered and incorporated into the renewal program especially through the playground replacement program.


Natural Resource Approach Discussion - Evenson talked about the spread sheets included in the Commission packet. This information was compiled by Paul the Stantec lead for the natural resource management team. These spread sheets provide not only a listing of the natural resource needs in Roseville but also suggestions for alternative funding sources to maximize the renewal program funding. This information provides a different look at how we implement the Natural Resource component of the master plan. Staff also mentioned reiterated Doneen?s interest in prioritizing the City natural resource projects.


Brokke mentioned that three plans remain; Rosebrook , Southwest Roseville and Tamarack Park, these areas will require further community input and will be brought to the Commission and Council at a later date.


Brokke also updated the Commission on;

·         Michael Schroeder and LHB being authorized by the Council to begin final plans and designs for renewal program projects.

·         Staff from ASU was in town earlier this week to meet with key staff from the Natural Resources consulting team, the playground design and vendor team and the final design team.

·         We are still targeting projects starting this fall.



·         Dave Holt pointed out that the Volunteer Coordinator discussions at the joint meeting and the City Council's response kept referring back to budget considerations tied to this initiative. It has been demonstrated by many organizations and the background information provided by Commissioners show that Volunteer Coordinators pay for themselves.

o    Brokke responded that he felt the City Council was supportive of the notion of a Parks and Recreation Volunteer Coordinator, current levy limits could make it difficult in the 2014 budget.

o    Commissioners voiced their understanding of the levy limits but questioned how the City Council and community expect to maintain consistent levels of service while holding staffing levels at reduced quantities.

§  Brokke responded that he is hopeful that the City Council will provide some staffing help to the department, not necessarily all 3 positions the department requested in their proposed 2014 budget. The requested staff additions included reinstating the Park Supervisor position and the custodial position that were eliminated with budget reductions six years ago in addition to the Volunteer Coordinator. Brokke recognized that getting some help somewhere within the department structure would be so helpful.

§  Brokke also spoke to all the other needs throughout the City that need to be considered and worked with when developing the budget with consideration toward current levy limits.

·         Commissioners inquired into the level of support by the City Council to address the Emerald Ash Borer problem.

·         Commissioners around the table also voiced their hope that the City Council understands the significance of continued appropriate funding of park maintenance so that needs do not take off again and get out-of-hand.

o    The joint City Council/Commission meeting provided the opportunity to communicate Parks and Recreation needs for funding staffing needs, natural resource and maintenance concerns.

§  Commissioner Gelbach inquired into creating a plan to keep Parks and Recreation needs in front of the City Council. Commissioner Gelbach also spoke to considering a strategic plan to work with the City Council to move projects along.

·         A variety of commissioners commented on feeling frustrated and as if they are just spinning their wheels on many of these larger projects/initiatives.

o    The commission moved onto discussions on how they might be more persistent with their messages and how they might better demonstrate the benefits being returned to the community and develop a way to convert commission goals into objectives to help move initiative forward, add a decision point. It was also brought up that perhaps the commission needs to ask better questions of the City Council to help formulate specific objectives.

·         Commissioner Wall inquired into the timing of the joint City Council/Parks and Recreation Commission meeting. The meeting being held in June makes it difficult for the City Council to think through or make a decision on initiative requiring budget considerations. Wall also brought up the fact that in many communities there is a City Council member who acts as a liaison to the various commissions.

o    Other commissioners recommended possibly inviting a City Council member in for more targeted conversations and a point person on the City Council that is to a degree accountable.


7.    OTHER

·         Brokke updated Commissioners on current department-wide activities;

o    There appears to be quite a bit of interest in the Community Build option for playground redevelopment. This community build option allows for potential savings that can be used for additional equipment.

o    Work has begun on the communication tower in Reservoir Woods.

o    The Villa Park project is moving forward and seems to be on schedule for completion this fall.

o    The City is pursuing a parcel of property near Langton Lake Park (west side). Discussions are taking place with the City Council. This parcel would help create preservation and a buffer along the lake.

o    Work is taking place at the Arboretum on the Rotary Rain Garden. Rotary volunteers will be planting the area in the coming weeks.

o    The September Commission meeting will be moved to Saturday, September 7 from 9am to Noon to accommodate the annual parks tour. Let staff know if there are specific sites you would like to visit.

o    June 21 storm clean up continues in the parks. 100s of trees were down in parks throughout the City. Roseville set the top priority following the storm as opening streets and addressing resident debris. Park cleanup is expected to continue through August.


Meeting adjourned at 10:25pm


Respectfully Submitted,

Jill Anfang, Assistant Director