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Parks and Recreation Commission

Meeting Minutes

September 7, 2013


PRESENT:              Azer, Diedrick, Doneen, Gelbach, D. Holt, M. Holt, Simbeck, Stoner, Wall

ABSENT:                Boehm notified staff ahead of time about being unable to attend

STAFF:                   Anfang, Brokke, Evenson

OTHERS:                Michael Schroeder from LHB, Tim McILwain and Dan Lawrence from HCM Architects



Commission Recommendation: 

Minutes for the August 6, 2013 meeting were approved unanimously.



The commission reviewed the Cottonwood Holdings proposal and discussed the specific Park Dedication requirement.

Commission recommendation: Commissioner Diedrick recommended the Council accept cash in lieu of land dedication for the 5 units at $3500 per unit for a total of $17,500 for the Cottonwood Holdings, second by Commissioner Wall. Motion passed unanimously.



Michael Schroeder from LHB and Tim McILwain and Dan Lawrence from HCM Architects were in attendance to discuss park building designs for Lexington Park, as well as, Autumn Grove, Villa, Oasis and Sandcastle Parks.

·         Schroeder briefed Commissioners on site work currently taking place in the parks;

·         Sunde Land Surveying is currently working in the parks

·         American Engineering Testing will begin soil borings in the parks next week. These soil borings will help staff understand conditions to support park buildings. These borings and tests are simple investigative work.

·         HCM Architects will be designing the enclosed buildings as well as working on the restoration work at the Skating Center and the Nature Center. Architects working for LHB will be working on the open shelters in Central Park.

Commission Chair Holt inquired into project signage. Schroeder acknowledged working with staff to make signage happen and help keep the community informed.

·         McILwain introduced HCM Architects, a local firm that has designed 94 park buildings in the past 12 years. McILwain commented that smaller commercial park buildings are difficult to cost out; smaller buildings tend to result in higher costs. After refining costs, design professionals are suggesting the Roseville park buildings will cost approximately $260-$275/square foot.

·         The goal in design for these buildings is to make them as multi-use as possible.

·         McILwain talked through the process for designing multiple buildings using a system building component that best serve the individual parks.

·         McILwain and Lawrence talked through the evolution of design for the building in Lexington Park. Design staff have thoroughly familiarized themselves with the Master Plan and are using this document for guidance.

·         Commissioners inquired into maintenance considerations for building designs as well as the inclusion of special features (ie. Fireplace).

§  McILwain explained the next step is to fully cost out the Lexington building

§  Schroeder spoke to using add-alternates for these special features

·         Commissioner D. Holt mentioned interest in the Lexington building as a flagship facility to demonstrate to the community the types of renewal projects they can expect in designated parks.

·         McILwain and Lawrence briefly discussed the plans for Autumn Grove, Oasis, Villa and Sandcastle Parks.

·         Design staff are working off the idea that these buildings are gathering spaces that should be beacons that glow with activity and feature spaces that are visual from main access points. Spaces should be dynamic, using lighting that encourages people to wonder what?s happening in the park.

·         McILwain challenged Commissioners to share their vision for the park buildings using 5 words to describe how these facilities should represent the community.

·         Commissioner Simbeck suggested the following;

§  Welcoming & Warm

§  Inclusive

§  Safe

§  Aesthetically Pleasing & Appropriate

§  Fun (inspiring the feeling of "I can't wait to go to the park")

·         Other Commissioners also suggested;

§  Open & Airy

§  Inviting

§  Good Investment

·         The design staff also asked the Commission to weigh in on their impressions of specific architectural styles for the buildings.

·         A classic look representing civic importance

·         Cottage architecture tends to have features that tie into the landscape      

·         Contemporary architecture is warm and welcoming

·         HCM staff spoke of all of the buildings having similar details and feel, a like type of presence in the park. The buildings need to have a bigger presence; they need a strength of form.

·         Commissioner Gelbach inquired into plans to curtail vandalism.

§  McILwain explained that the Master Plan has sited the buildings for visibility with good potential for supervision.

§  McILwain also talked about lighting considerations and attention to the selection of materials to address vandalism concerns.

§  McILwain commented that by showing care, attention and making the investment lends to people taking care of the facility.

·         These investments demonstrate what the park means to the community.

§  The parks identified for building improvements are surrounded by neighborhoods also contributing to a layer of protection.

·         Commissioner Doneen added the need for consideration to a balance in design between durability and attractiveness, using architectural design/features that do not look like a bunker/shed, creating character without compromising durability.

·         McILwain also added the need to be smart on how we expend funds so that we create volume in the structures

·         Additional Commissioner comments on park building designs include;

·         Stoner identified the need to focus on access technology to maximize availability for the community.

·         Doneen added that Roseville neighborhoods have strong 50's and 60's style/ there a way of incorporating these iconic figures?

·         D. Holt mentioned that the civic style does not normally exude a comfortable feeling. Is there a way of using a timelier articulated architecture that is contemporary in a classic way that fits into the Minnesota setting J

·         McILwain's final comment was that the HCM staff will work toward an order and rhythm through design that has a public quality.

·         Brokke updated the Commission that staff are working through the Lexington Park building using a 5-week time frame. Because of this, the Commission will not see more design drafts before the park proposals go to the Council on September 16. Proposals will be going out based on the upcoming Council meeting.

·         A Best Value Pre-Proposal meeting for Lexington Park is scheduled for September 19.

·         The goal is still to begin work this fall. 2014 will be a BIG year. Staff are working methodically, we do not want to error in any way. Lexington Park will be a real signature piece in our park system.

·         Brokke also added that the remaining park plans are on schedule for an 18 week delivery of plans and specs with the Best Value Pre-Proposal meeting scheduled for November.



·         D. Holt updated the Commission on his follow up discussions with Council Members on key topics from the joint meeting.

·         The next step in regards to the Park Board consideration is for the Commission to further explore and discuss the options followed up by a strong recommendation with documented direction for the Council to consider. The Commission will identify time at a future meeting to further discuss PIP/CIP funding along with a soul searching discussion on the Commission's interest in establishing a Park Board.

§  Commissioners further discussed Park Board considerations to help all better understand the background of this item.

·         The Park Board consideration was originally approached due to the volatility of park maintenance and operation funding.

·         Commissioners inquired into the funding history for both PIP and CIP

o    Response included the need to move funding of CIP and PIP forward to support assets? a Park Board operation might be the best solution for supporting the work done through the renewal program.

·         Consideration for a Volunteer Coordinator was discussed with Council Members earlier.

§  Brokke reminded the Commission that the 2014 budget included 3 additional parks and recreation staff positions - 2 of these positions are meant to replace positions that were eliminated in previous years during budget reductions plus a volunteer coordinator to address community response in the Imagine Roseville 2025 document and the Parks and Recreation Master Plan.

·         The City Manager recommended budget does include one parks and recreation position, parkkeeper.

§  Commissioners pointed out how a volunteer coordinator could support the Natural Resources efforts. Council members discussed with Holt the possibility of reallocating bonding funds to fund a natural resources volunteer coordinator.

§  Staff will continue to explore ways to accommodate a volunteer management position within the Parks and Recreation budget.

·         Lastly, Holt spoke to Council representatives about a Council liaison to the Parks and Recreation Commission. Mayor Roe suggested that the Commission may want to consider scheduling quarterly presentations/meetings within scheduled Council meetings for updates and the sharing of information and ideas.


Traditional Meeting adjourned at 11:00am

Annual Park Tour followed meeting.


Commissioners visited the Press Gym site to help better understand options for the possible acquisition of the property adjacent to Rosebrook Park.


Commissioners also visited Howard Johnson, Oasis and Langton Lake Parks focusing on Natural Resource Management projects. The tour of Langton Lake Park gave the Commission an opportunity to see the impact of June's storm that took down hundreds of park trees and the results of the invasive plant clean-up (Buckthorn) and lake shore restoration projects supported by state funded grants.


Tour adjourned at 1:00pm


Respectfully Submitted,

Jill Anfang, Assistant Director