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Parks and Recreation Commission

Meeting Minutes

April 1, 2014

6:30 p.m.


PRESENT:  Boehm, Diedrick, Doneen, Gelbach, D. Holt, M. Holt, Stoner, Newby

ABSENT:    Azer, Wall notified staff about being unable to attend

STAFF:       Brokke, Schultz

OTHERS:   Two University of Minnesota graduate students








Commission Recommendation:

Minutes for the March 4 meeting were unanimously approved with the revision of line 85 it should read:  Brokke spoke about a pathway along County Road B between Cleveland and Highway 280 in that it is moving forward.



Chair Holt officially did the swear-in procedure for new commissioner Terrance Newby and welcomed him. Terrance and the other commissioners gave a brief background on themselves and how they got involved with the Commission



Chair Holt provided a brief overview and opened up for discussion. Commission members discussed recommending land versus cash for the Dale Street Fire Station redevelopment project. Since the land size would be very small (.3 acres) commissioners thought that it would be best for the city to accept the cash on this project.

Commission Recommendation:

Doneen moved to recommend cash of $85,000 (25 units x $3,500) be accepted in lieu of land dedication. Motion passed unanimously.


Commissioners also said they value having sidewalks in these types of projects and it was beneficial to see that some were included with the redevelopment plans.



Members had a lengthy discussion on the establishment of a Park Board for Roseville. Chair Holt stated this meeting was for discussion, with a possible recommendation by the commission at their May meeting. Members received information in their packet on how the Housing and Redevelopment Authority was formed and a guidance letter from City Attorney Mark Gaughan.  Commissioner Doneen asked "What are we trying to fix by becoming a Board?"


Commissioners commented on sometimes in the past the budget has been cut by the City Council which resulted in deferring park maintenance system wide. Even with a Board, the City Council would still have levy authority.  Some members thought having a dedicated group, like a Board, would be important to ensure the Council knows the importance of having a good parks and recreation system.  Chair Holt said he thought the communication with the current Council has been good.


Brokke stated he knows Parks and Recreation are highly valued by the community. Legislative action would be needed to become a Park Board. Stoner said he thought having a Park Board would be an advantage for, after Brokke retires, filling the Parks and Recreation Director position.


Gelbach suggested that having a position paper on the Park Board would be helpful. Other commissioners agreed that would help them in looking more closely at the advantages and any disadvantages of forming a Board. Gelbach will meet with some of the commissioners and Brokke to write the position paper. This will be presented at the May meeting.



Brokke gave a short update on the park renewal program. There are eleven packages with the program: Tennis courts, Lighting, Irrigation, Disc Golf, Field improvements, Shelters-Buildings and Site improvements, Bridges and Boardwalks, Sidewalks, Natural Resources, Nature Center and Skating Center.  We are using the Best Value method with the renewal program. Brokke noted that some costs are coming in over budget so some of the projects will need to be adjusted.


The new park buildings are a cornerstone of the renewal so maintaining the size and quality of those buildings will be a high priority to meet community expectations. Brokke said discussions are occurring with the apparent Best Value building contractor, discussing details of their proposals.


Staff reviewed the overall Renewal Program and described a preferred approach to make adjustments in the program due to budget amounts. For example, remodeling work on the Central Park picnic shelters will be scaled back but upgrades will still be done.  The new building at Sandcastle Park can be built on its present site, to reduce utility costs. The Central Park Lexington plans can be adjusted or done later. Rink improvements may be delayed. The wading pool at Rosebrook Park will be available but the Splash Pad may be deferred. Following staff review and description of the potential adjustments, commission members concurred with approach.


Chair Holt said it was unfortunate that the lawsuit that delayed the renewal program has resulted in a lot higher construction and other costs that have affected the program.


Brokke said he is planning on bringing the first six packages to the City Council in April for their approval.  Hopefully, construction can still begin in May.



Brokke reported:

·         Spring-Summer brochures have been delivered to homes

·         Roseville Community Band and Central Park Foundation are celebrating 50 years

·         Earth Day at HANC April 19

·         Arts@theOVAL and Tapping Time at HANC were very popular over the weekend

·         SNAG Golf and Junior Golf registrations now open

·         Park Renewal Kickoff event planned for May 3 assuming all can be worked out

·         New park building open houses will be planned


Meeting adjourned at 7:55pm


Respectfully Submitted,

Rick Schultz, Recreation Supervisor