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Parks and Recreation Commission

Meeting Minutes

March 4, 2014

6:30 p.m.


PRESENT:                  Azer, Boehm, Diedrick, Doneen, Gelbach, D. Holt, M. Holt, Stoner

ABSENT:                    Simbeck, Wall notified staff about being unable to attend

STAFF:                       Anfang, Brokke, Evenson

OTHERS:                    Tom Turba






Tom Turba spoke to the Commission on behalf of the Friends of Lexington Park.


The Friends of Lexington Park (FLP) are interested in raising money to add a climbing feature (rock/boulder) for older children and teens in Lexington Park. To date, FLP has raised $14,000 and looks to raise the additional funds needed to purchase a play feature of this type. A donor has come forward and committed to matching funds in an effort to help the Friends of Lexington Park meet their goal.


The Friends of Lexington Park hope this project can be completed with the Renewal Program projects taking place in the park this summer.


Tom Turba is managing the fund raising efforts and suggested that community members interested in contributing to this project contact him directly at


Lonnie Brokke thanked Tom and the Friends of Lexington Park for their longtime support of Lexington Park.



Commission Recommendation: 

Minutes for the February 6, 2014 meeting were approved unanimously.



Brokke updated the Commission on the latest legal information on the Park Board. Because Roseville is a Plan B City, a City Manager form of Government; it is not eligible for Park Board status without Legislative action.  Currently the City Council cannot relinquish authority of parks and recreation to another group.


Commissioners inquired into how the HRA came to be; the HRA was approved through the legislature.

·         Commissioners voiced their interest in knowing more about the process the HRA went through to achieve board status - when did this take place, how extensive was the effort What would the process look like?

·         Commissioners questioned whether they, as a group, are interested in moving forward in support of a park board.

o    D. Holt commented on how the current Commission acts more like a Board than a Commission.

o    Stoner recognized that we are about a year out on the legislative timeline for an action like this.

o    All agreed that the Park Board discussion should be included on the April agenda and the Commission should prepare to have the topic at the joint Council/Commission meeting in June.



Brokke explained that staff had recently been approached by the "Minnesota Project" organization about the potential of establishing a fruit orchard at the Muriel Sahlin Arboretum as part of a "Fruits of the City" program.


Brokke commented that this project would complement the Arboretum as an education component, involve local volunteers, fence installation to assist with protection of the existing tree nursery, and is consistent with the edible gardens that currently exist.  

·         The budget on a project like this would ultimately be approximately $100,000. The Minnesota Project would work to apply for grants to support necessary funding and be involved with supplying of volunteers to establish and maintain the site into the future.


Commissioners voiced the following inquiries;

·         Doneen wondered how the community would be involved in the project.

o    Brokke spoke to the volunteer aspects as well as education opportunities for area youth and adults.

·         Azer commented on the potential for involvement by community members who are recent immigrants to the area.


Commission Recommendation: 

Azer moved that Parks and Recreation continue to pursue the Fruits of the City program.

Second by Gelbach.  Motion passed unanimously.



Brokke informed the Commission that eleven renewal program proposal packages are available for the local contracting community; all proposals are due within the coming month.

·         Staff will bring more information on the proposals to the April meeting.

·         Staff are planning to take the projects to the Council April 7 and April 14.


Doneen inquired into plans for Southwest Roseville.

·         Brokke spoke about possible pathway linkages along County Road B between Cleveland and Highway 280.

·         Staff are continuing discussions with property owners for a possible land purchase in the area.

·         Brokke also shared the possibility of the Historical Society moving into the Evergreen Park building as a permanent display and operations site.

o    The Historical Society addition combines nicely with the Southwest Neighbors interests in bringing more passive activity options to Evergreen Park.

o    Evergreen Park compliments the Historical Society in that it provides them visibility to a wide spectrum of the community.

o    In addition, students at Brimhall School will benefit from access to a Historical component.



Brokke reported;

·         Annual Tree Sale continues through Mid-April.

·         Weather Update:

o    OVAL was originally scheduled to close March 2 due to weather conditions, staff has extended the season by one week without using the condensers to refrigerate the ice.

o    Neighborhood rinks are open; we have continued to clear the snow whenever possible. Staff schedules ended mid-February.

·          Currently, there is one Parks and Recreation Commission open. Applications are due by March 5.


Meeting adjourned at 7:45pm


Respectfully Submitted,

Jill Anfang, Assistant Director