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Parks and Recreation Commission

Meeting Minutes

May 6, 2014

6:30 p.m.


PRESENT:  Diedrick, Doneen, Gelbach, D. Holt, M. Holt, Newby, Wall

ABSENT:    Azer, Boehm, and Stoner all notified staff about being unable to attend

STAFF:       Anfang, Brokke






No Public Comment. Agenda adjusted to accommodate Commissioner Wall who needed to leave the meeting early.



Commission Recommendation: 

Minutes for the April 1, 2014 meeting were approved unanimously with Wall abstaining due to his not attending the meeting.



D. Holt initiated the discussion with brief background information. This Commission has spent a good amount of time researching and discussing Park Board considerations. D. Holt asked the Commission to make a recommendation at tonight's meeting so that there can be further discussion with the Council during the joint meeting in June.

·         Most recently, Wall, Gelbach, Holt & Stoner met with Brokke. This meeting resulted in Gelbach creating a SWOT analysis outlining the Park Board consideration.

·         Wall having taken the lead on this project from the beginning, spoke to how this SWOT analysis fit into the bigger picture and reviewed a compilation of Park Board information.

·         M. Holt asked about lines 38 & 39, wondering what was meant by "other options".

o    Brokke explained that this was referring to possible political sub-divisions and what the sub-divisions might be.

·         Diedrick asked "how difficult would it be to join with another entity to form a Park Board"?

o    This would be an extensive process and requires willing parties.

·         Doneen reflected on the work done by Wall and others to outline the benefits & options of a Park Board. Doneen admitted he is challenged by these discussions because the current system is working well. On the other hand, there are 3 main areas of concern; natural resource management, staffing and parks and recreation facility maintenance.

·         Newby inquired into the benefits.

o    Doneen responded, potential expanded transparency and possible increased efficiencies.

o    D. Holt spoke to how the Master Plan brought attention to the parks & recreation system and how in the recent past the park system was neglected due to timely local situations. The Master Plan addressed not only current needs but also looked to the future and how a foundation can be built to sustain future needs. Councils do their best, but they can't always give the attention needed toward making informed decisions due to the vast needs of the community. Recent Parks & Recreation Commissions have done a good job of filling the information gaps and keeping the parks and recreation needs as a forethought. Parks and Recreation is an essential service for our community, a Park Board would be able to pay the necessary attention and have the required focus to continue maintaining and providing for the parks and recreation system. A Park Board seems to make sense as we think ahead, 5, 10 or more years from now.

·         Newby asked for more information on how a board and commission differ.

o    Brokke responded that a Commission is advisory while a board is established by ordinance and has specific responsibilities such as budget development, staffing responsibilities and property management.

·         D. Holt also spoke to needed capitalization to maintain our parks and recreation resources. A Park Board has the potential for better management and attention toward deferred maintenance.

·         Doneen mentioned that he sees a Parks Board as potentially relieving the Council of some responsibility.

·         Newby wondered if a Park Board might increase distance from the Council and lead to an out-of-sight/out-of-mind situation.

o    Wall mentioned that the HRA has a Council member on its board. Brokke added that this might be true for a Park Board also.

o    Wall also brought up how the once a year joint meeting between the Council and Commission is not enough for providing information and taking direction.

Commission Recommendation:

Motion by Nolan Wall that current Parks and Recreation Commission members support a recommendation to the City Council to change the status of the Parks & Recreation Commission to a Park Board and undertake the necessary steps to encourage the City Council and local legislators to author, sponsor and enact a special law to create a fully-empowered Roseville Park Board. Second by Gelbach.

Motion passed unanimously by the seven commission members in attendance.


Chairman Holt added he would talk with Commissioners Azer and Stoner about their thoughts.


Commissioner Wall excused himself following the Park Board item to attend another commitment.



Brokke identified property as just west of Ladyslipper Park.


Doneen brought forward how the area includes a wetland feature and involves local natural resources. He can see how there might be a benefit to there being an addition to public wetland ownership over private wetland ownership.


Brokke informed the group that this is a subdivision proposal and would result in either the cash amount of 6 units @$3500 each totaling $21,000 or the land acquisition of 10% of 3.28 acres totaling .32 acres. Brokke also recognized that anytime there are park dedication options adjacent to current park land there should be a healthy discussions of the options and the pros and cons for both.


Commission Recommendation: 

Diedrick moved that Parks and Recreation Commission recommend to the City Council the acceptance of cash at $3500 per unit for a total of 6 units and $21,000 in lieu of land. Second by M. Holt. Passed unanimously.



Brokke briefed the Commission on the individual proposal packages. All proposal packages will be presented to the Council on May 12, 2014 for their consideration.

·         Package A involves park buildings, shelters and related site work.

o    Structures will be demolished and rebuilt at Lexington, Villa, Sandcastle, Oasis, Autumn Grove and Rosebrook Parks.

o    Central Park Shelters (FORParks, Victoria Ballfields and Foundation) will be remodeled rather than rebuilt.

o    We will not be replacing the Central Park @ Lexington restrooms and redesigning the park entrance at this time.

o    We will not be installing a splash pad at this time.

o    Sandcastle Park parking lot will not be relocated at this time.

·         Package B - Skating Center Repairs

o    Turns out, this was an odd package that combined painting work, rebuild of the signature arch and addressing the banquet facility north entrance. No proposals were received. Staff are working to collect separate quotes for the work. Details should be worked out in the coming weeks. This package is not going to the Council on May 12th.

·         Package C - Harriett Alexander Nature Center

o    Project includes upgrades to mechanical and electrical systems as well as repairs and improvements to building exterior and interior spaces. (Boardwalk is also being replaced, this is part of package D). Staff and contractors are working on the timing of projects so as not to impact programs and events. Outside work will be done in the spring with interior work taking place fall and early winter. Staff will also be working with Blue Rhino?s creative team to include the FORParks/FORHANC display additions during the interior work timeframe.

·         Package D - Bridges  & Boardwalk

o    Includes 3 bridges in Villa Park and the Nature Center Boardwalk.

·         Package E - Lighting

o    Includes Rink, court and Lake Bennett Pedestrian Lighting.

·         Package F - Court Resurfacing & Reconstruction

o    Designated Tennis and Basketball Courts will be worked on. The recommended proposal includes a value added component that leaves the milled surface in place for the overlay. This process has proven to help minimize court cracking.

·         Package G - Field Improvements

o    Includes work at the Legion Field, Evergreen Fields and Victoria Ballfields

·         Package H - Irrigation

o    Projects will involve upgrading to a 2-wire system that will allow for staff to remotely operate the system. Additional irrigation will be added to Autumn Grove Park to support heavy field use by youth recreation programs.

·         Package I - Natural Resources

o    The Natural Resource package includes both core projects and other projects. It is the intent of the accepted proposal to be able to address all using the Renewal Program budget and outside grants. Simply put the natural Resource package removes invasives and restores these areas. The package includes a specific maintenance agreement that will allow staff to develop a solid future program for maintenance. The program also includes educational signage and the managed use of volunteers to complete projects. The Natural Resource program will touch nearly all areas of the City (22 of 30 parks).

·         Package J - Disc Golf Improvements

o    Work includes assessing design and performing improvements throughout the course.

·         Package K1 - County Rd B2 and Victoria Pathway.

o    Sidewalks will be added to County Road B2 from Lexington Avenue to Rice Street and from County Road B to County Road C along Victoria.

·         Package K3 - Additional Sidewalks and pathways in Parks

o    Selected parks will have pathway work done to correct safety issues.

o    A roadway extension will be added to County Road B from Cleveland Avenue to Eustis.

·         Other Renewal Program Updates

o    Land Acquisitions

§  Council approved a purchase agreement for the Mounds View property. We have moved into a 90 day due-diligence period to explore property conditions, if all goes well we could close on the property in 90 days.

§  Staff are still in discussions with owners of a SW Roseville property for acquisition.

o    Playground Replacements

§  3 playgrounds will be replaced this spring, 2 are community build projects

·         June 7 is the Howard Johnson Community Build, 40-50 volunteers are needed to complete this project

·         June 14 is the Materion Park Community Build, 15-20 volunteers are needed at this park.

o   Doneen asked about the letter in the packet from  Prairie Restorations Inc. related to the  Natural Resource Package and the complaints on the proposal process:

§  Based on his personal experiences participating in the Best Value review process for the current Renewal Program, D. Holt spoke to how the Best Value process thoroughly takes the subjectivity out of the process. Evaluations and scoring are completely blind, you do not know who is coming in to interview until they walk through the door. Dave truly believes this process leads you to the best value contractor.

§  Doneen commented that he didn't feel the design of the process was biased.

§  Brokke reiterated that the review team followed the methodology and process throughout the packages.



Brokke reported;

·         June 9th has been scheduled as the joint meeting for the City Council and the Parks & Recreation Commission.

o    D. Holt talked about how recent Commissions have handled the annual joint meeting.

§  Last year's agenda was reviewed.

·         Diedrick reviewed the Commission goals. The goals tend to give the discussion direction and demonstrate the work the Commission accomplished over the past year.

§  Joint meetings during the past few years have involved a variety of Commissioners speaking on the topic/item they have led or been involved with.

§  Commissioners were encouraged to review the materials they received tonight and pass along to Brokke any suggestions for the upcoming meeting.

§  Agenda will be finalized at the June commission meeting.

§  Brokke will work to include Commission materials for the joint meeting in the Council pre packet.

·         We had a record tree sale this year. 211 trees were purchased by the community.

·         The 46th annual Ice show took place recently. Thank you to the many volunteers who made this wonderful show possible.

·         Wildlife Management/Control in Roseville:

o    Over the years Roseville has taken a number of calls on deer and other wildlife issues. Ten or more years ago, Parks & Recreation volunteered to take the calls and work with Ramsey County. During the past 10 years Ramsey County has done winter flyovers to track the number of deer in our City. Staff regularly get questions on what the policy is for feeding deer in Roseville. Roseville does not have a policy specifically addressing this, we suggest that they do not feed the deer.

§  Doneen added that an overly large deer population may be hazardous to parklands and natural resources.

§  Others commented that there are also problems with coyote, geese and fox in Roseville.

§  Brokke will include an update in a future meeting with tracking numbers.

§  Newby commented that it is important to track but also important to not let isolated complaints or comments drive actions.

·         Gelbach asked about the upcoming burn at Langton Lake.

o    Brokke explained this is follow-up work for the Buckthorn removal that was done on the west side of the lake last year.

·         D. Holt asked about the EAB status after the winter.

o    Brokke reported that unfortunately more trees have been identified with EAB and the cold winter did not impact the bugs as much as we had hoped.

·         Anfang added:

o    The department 20 year reaccreditation visit will take place on May 20-22. Staff look forward to meeting with professionals from across the country and showing off Roseville Parks & Recreation.

o    The City Communications staff are working on a park amenities map that will be included in the July City newsletter.

o    Rosefest buttons are now on sale.

o    Pottery in the Garden is this Saturday, May 10 from 11am-3pm at the Arboretum

o    Annual City-wide Garage Sale is June 7th

·         D. Holt inquired into the election of chair and vice chair positions. This typically takes place in March/April and has not yet happened for the upcoming year.

o    Brokke will add to the June meeting agenda.


Meeting adjourned at 8:40pm


Respectfully Submitted,

Jill Anfang, Assistant Director