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Parks and Recreation Commission

Meeting Minutes

August 5, 2014

6:30 p.m.


PRESENT:   Azer, Diedrick, Gelbach, D. Holt, M. Holt, Newby, Stoner

ABSENT:     Doneen, Wall notified staff about being unable to attend

STAFF:        Anfang, Brokke






No Public Comment.



Commission Recommendation: 

Minutes for the June 3, 2014 meeting were approved unanimously.



Commission Chair D. Holt looked for feedback from Commissioners on the joint meeting held earlier this summer.

·         M. Holt questioned whether the Commission ever got an answer from Council Members on if they would like the Commission to continue to explore and gather information on a park board structure.

o    Commissioners responded that they felt that a number of issues/items they have been exploring recently were still unanswered and they were uncertain to what level they should continue to invest time and energy.

o    D. Holt responded that the Council did request the Parks & Recreation Commission meet with the Council quarterly to share additional information and findings.

o    D. Holt also suggested that these meetings did not need to involve the entire Commission only those working on a specific goal/task.

o    D. Holt also commented on how there is a lot going on with Parks & Recreation right now, and the most timely topic might be the community center with how it fits into recent survey findings, parks & recreation master plan and potential future implementation phase. A key piece of information for the community center discussion is the financial aspects and this might be the best place for the Commission to focus their work at this time.

o    Brokke offered to pull together information on past Community Center efforts and current survey findings to help frame the discussion.

o    T. Newby added that he felt the Council was looking for more concrete information that could help guide their discussions and decision process.

o    Brokke will work with City Manager Trudgeon & Commission Chair D. Holt to schedule a joint meeting.



Brokke updated the commission on Renewal Program Projects:

·         Work is progressing on the Park Buildings in Lexington, Sandcastle and Villa Parks.

o    The Friends of Lexington Park will be adding a climbing feature to the play area in Lexington Park. They have a good portion of the funding secured but are still looking for community partners or others to help cover the costs of this addition. It is hoped that the Climbing Rock will be installed in time to coincide with the opening of the new park building this fall.

o    D. Holt inquired into how the Best Value Process has been working.

§  Brokke responded that so far the process is working good and has brought contractors together, as it should.  It is new to all so will continue to evaluate.

·         Playgrounds at Howard Johnson, Langton Lake @ County Road C2 and Materion Parks

o    Brokke shared pictures from the community celebrations at each park recognizing the completion of the playgrounds.

·         Tennis Court Renovation

o    Work has begun on the courts at Howard Johnson and Pocahontas Parks. These court projects will be using a process that reclaims some of the court surface for the base of the renovated courts.

·         County Road B2 Sidewalk

o    Concrete has been poured from Lexington to Victoria.

·         Skating Center Exterior Painting & Improvements

o    Contractor has been secured and exterior painting is expected to take place in late August.

·         Nature Center

o    Work has begun on the exterior.

o    Boardwalk is currently being built off-site and will be installed this fall and winter.

·         Lake Bennett Lighting    

o    Work will begin toward the end of August.

·         Field Improvements at Evergreen Park and Central Park Victoria

o    Work is scheduled to begin next month on 2 fields at Evergreen and 4 fields at Central Park.

·         Disc Golf Improvements

o    First nine holes will be worked on this fall with the 2nd nine being completed in the spring.

·         Natural Resources

o    Contractor working on additional grants to help expand Renewal Program funding for Natural Resource projects.

·         Irrigation Improvements

o    Staff will being bringing this package back to the Council at an upcoming meeting due to the selected contractor not being able to work out an agreement because they were not able to secure the required 3-year bond.



Commission agreed to adjust their traditional meeting night to Wednesday, September 10 and meet earlier at 5:30pm to accommodate their annual park tour.



Anfang reported on recent communication efforts:

·         Shared a draft copy of the sign that will be posted at each park building site. Sign will include sketch of building exterior, floor plan, contact information and web location for more information.

·         Social Media Update. Recent Facebook posts have received good response and are demonstrating the potential to reach a strong number of community members.  2 posts added between July 31 & August 2 had reached over 1350 people.

·         Roseville will be launching a new website this fall. Staff are really excited about the potential the new site will have and look for improved usability.

·         Parks & Recreation will be hosting a community playground build at Langton Lake Park (adjacent to the ball fields) on September 6. Kelly O?Brien, Roseville Volunteer Coordinator, is working to secure volunteers for this event.


Brokke reported;

·         Youth Commissioner, Chloe Boehm has graduated. We will be working to fill the student representative position over the next couple of months.

·         Council Updates:

o    Staff are working to address Council?s request to outfit new buildings with electronic access capabilities, security cameras and network connectivity. Staff will be taking network connectivity information to the Council for their consideration next week.

·         Staff have continued discussions on the Mounds View school district property adjacent to Autumn Grove Park. Council will be asked to extend the original purchase agreement to continue due diligence to learn more about the ground conditions.

·         The City Manager has presented his budget, items of interest related to Parks & Recreation include;

o    Recommendation of a full-time forestry position with an emphasis on tree preservation and work in collaboration with Community Development.

o    $25,000 to address EAB issues.

o    Additional funding to support maintenance needs for the new park buildings.


8.    OTHER

·         M. Holt updated the Commission on the upcoming FORParks event, Tapped and Uncorked. 20 beverage distributors have agreed to attend as well as 7 food vendors. The evening will feature music by High & Mighty and other activities.

·         D. Holt recognized the recent community survey that shows a very favorable response to questions addressing Parks & Recreation initiatives.

o    Brokke mentioned that he will provide the Commission more information on the survey findings at an upcoming meeting.


Meeting adjourned at 9:25pm


Respectfully Submitted,

Jill Anfang, Assistant Director