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Parks and Recreation Commission

Meeting Minutes

June 2, 2015

6:30 p.m.


PRESENT:     Becker-Finn, Bogenholm, Diedrick, Doneen, Gelbach, Heikkila,      Holt, Newby, O'Brien, Stoner

STAFF:         Anfang, Brokke, McDonagh

OTHERS:      Roger Hess Jr.






No initial public comment at this time.

·         Community member Roger Hess Jr. joined the commission meeting for the follow up discussion on the Cedarholm Golf Course.



May 5, 2015 minutes approved with a clarification by Nancy O'Brien for the reporting listed on line 62.

·         On May 5 2015, O'Brien inquired as to whether staff has studied the time spent by Golf Course personnel on tasks away from the course and elsewhere in the parks & recreation system as well as, the amount of time being spent on work being done by other parks & recreation staff at the golf course.



Brokke briefed the commission on the identified property. What makes this park dedication discussion unique is that it deals with a CIC (Common Interest Community).  Proposed work at this property triggers a park dedication discussion because the property owner is expanding the existing foot print resulting in a replat of the property.

·         Commission discussed what criteria trigger discussions on park dedication.


Commission Recommendation:

·         Motion by Holt, second by Gelbach, to recommend the Council accept cash in lieu of land for park dedication on the 2715 Long Lake Road redevelopment.

·         Motion passed unanimously.



Following a brief introduction by Chairman Stoner the Commission moved right into questions. Commissioners inquired into;

·         profit & loss discussions

·         how we can make the GC work from a property management perspective

·         who the golf course users are

·         ways to absorb costs into the greater City budget

Commissioners also spoke toward;

·         looking at the big picture for the golf course and addressing financial considerations beyond just capital needs

·         recognizing the golf course's true value to our community

·         recognizing the level of financial deficit over the past few years

Community member Hess Jr. commented on how the GC has 3000 unique users annually and wondered if other sports programs offered by Parks & Recreation fully cover maintenance cost like the GC is expected to do as an enterprise fund.


Brokke assured commissioners that staff have been monitoring operations over the years and has a good understanding of revenues and expenses.  Staff responded to Hess' inquiry in that adult sports cover their direct costs and in many cases generate additional revenue that is used by the Parks & Recreation budget to supplement maintenance costs.


Commission Recommendation:

Commissioners agreed that this topic needs to be reviewed and discussed by a smaller group, a task force of sorts, who can delve into understanding the operations and needs, report back to the Commission and make recommendations to the Commission for consideration.

·         Jerry Stoner, Dave Holt & Phil Gelbach agreed to serve on the Commission Task Force and set a preliminary meeting with staff for Monday, June 8.



Commissioners discussed potential agenda items for the upcoming joint meeting with the council. In recent years commissioners have shared the responsibility of presenting/speaking with the Council.  Commissioners agreed on the following;

·         Stoner to talk about Commission community outreach effort from the past year

·         Newby will address deer management efforts

·         Doneen will speak about SW Roseville development, Tamarack Park status and Natural Resource Management efforts & sustainability

·         Becker-Finn will provide an overview of park building operations

·         Holt will update the Council on Golf Course findings

 Commissioners will meet at 6pm on June 15 for final coordination before the Council meeting.



Brokke reviewed the current status of the renewal program.

·         Pleased to report that items continue to move into the completed column of the project tracking report.

·         A community build playground project took place at Oasis Park on May 30. About 30 people took part in the volunteer program and helped to assemble a good number of playground pieces.

·         The next community build playground project is scheduled for June 27 at Bruce Russell Park.

·         Work on the west fields at Evergreen Park continues to move along. Work on the east fields will begin this fall.

·         The bridges in Villa Park and the boardwalk at the Nature Center are completed and being enjoyed by many.

·         The tennis courts that were rebuilt last fall have been completed with final color coat and lines. The courts at Evergreen Park have a second set of lines to allow for Pickleball play.

·         The Natural Resource Management program has involved a great number of volunteers in recent months. In April over 300 seedlings were planted in Villa Park by volunteers, in May, volunteers worked at Willow Pond. The next natural resource volunteer Saturday is June 20.

·         Work has begun at the Disc Golf Course at Acorn Park. The course will be closed the last
2 weeks in June through July 4.



Anfang updated the Commission and Community on the following:

·         City-Wide Garage Sale this weekend (June 4-6) Over 100 community members are participating in this year's garage sale.

·         The Lego Movie is being shown at the OVAL on Friday night, June 5 at 7:30pm.

·         Discover Your Parks events begin June 24 at Acorn Park

·         Puppet Wagon stops begin the week of June 23

·         Rosefest activities take place June 25-29 & July 4. This is the 25th anniversary of Roseville's Rose Parade.

·         Summer Performances in the Park begin June 14 at the Frank Rog Amphitheatre in Central Park. The summer concert season kicks off with the annual Central Park Blues fest.


9.    Other

·         Dave Holt mentioned that the State's largest Butternut tree in Reservoir Woods made the local news recently.


Meeting adjourned at 8:20 pm.


Respectfully Submitted,

Jill Anfang, Assistant Director