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Parks and Recreation Commission

Meeting Minutes

November 5, 2015



PRESENT:  Becker-Finn, Bogenholm, Diedrick, Doneen, Gelbach, Heikkila, Holt, O'Brien, Stoner

ABSENT:   Newby notified staff ahead of time of absence

STAFF:     Anfang, Brokke, McDonagh





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3.    APPROVAL OF MINUTES - October 6, 2015 MEETING

The October 6, 2015 minutes were approved unanimously with a correction to the name spelling on line 110, the corrected spelling is Ellie Machura for Roseville resident.



Brokke summarized commission packet materials, reviewed options and talked through financial information.


Commission discussion followed:

·         Stoner commented on how he liked how the deck costs & basement costs were broken out of the overall cost of the building options.

·         Stoner inquired into the functions of the basement options.

o    McDonagh spoke about the need for storage of golf carts and other small equipment & course items like benches.

·         Holt suggested the future thinking approach would be to ?build-out? the basement and set it up for potential multi-use.

·         Becker-Finn inquired into the ADA compliance.

o    Staff responded that new construction would most definitely meet all ADA requirements, a remodel that does not impact the structure of the facility would not require ADA compliance be met.

·         Holt added that maintaining what we have just does not make sense.

·         Doneen also asked how far do we need to look before there is a realization that repairs are not cost effective?

·         Stoner also weighed in with the comment that repairs to the current building just kick potential costs down the road and that these types of expenses are unpredictable.

·         O'Brien inquired into how far the Council is willing to go with funding for this proposal.

·         Holt mentioned that the Golf Course fund has a current balance of about $200,000 and that plus park dedication funds could pay for the balance of this project.

·         Gelbach reinforced the fact that the deck is an integral part of the Golf Course/Clubhouse operation.

o    Gelbach suggested adding the deck and basement costs to an option for a full package price.

·         Commissioners suggested the possibility of constructing the deck as a community build.

o    Staff will look into this.

·         Doneen suggested we look at the changes/impacts on golf course operations with the different options presented. In summary;

o    Option #1: meets current usage

o    Option #2: downsizes service level

o    Option #3: too small, drastic change on service level

·         Holt reiterated that when we start reducing the size of the clubhouse we impact operations.

·         O'Brien commented that she would hate to see Roseville shrink its vision and build something that does not meet current needs.

·         Brokke talked about the possibility of considering the Historical Society need for a permanent home. Would a shared facility with the Golf Course make sense/work?

o    Gelbach asked if the Council has identified funding for a Historical Society facility.

o    Staff responded that nothing has been identified at this time.

·         Stoner wrapped up the discussion by recommending that the Commission's plan when talking with the Council should be a recommendation for Option #1 and a comment that Option #4 is not recommended.



The joint meeting with the Council is scheduled for Monday, November 16.

·         Commissioners suggested the two agenda items be switched so that the joint meeting starts with a discussion of the Park Dedication Use of Funds Policy and end with a discussion on Cedarholm Golf Course improvements.

·         Brokke mentioned that the Finance Commission has yet to meet this month so there recommendations/suggestions are not yet finalized but we have heard that;

o    The Finance Commission feels $800,000 is appropriate, rather than the $1M the Parks & Recreation Commission is suggesting.

o    The Finance Commission feels the 2/3, 1/3 split is appropriate but that there should be no adjustments if the land acquisition fund balance dips below the stated minimum balance.

·         Commissioners decided that all in attendance would participate in the discussions with the Council and that Stoner will take the lead on the Park Dedication topic and Holt & Gelbach will take the lead on the Cedarholm discussion.



Anfang highlighted portions of the Parks & Recreation Fee report for the Commission.

·         The Cost Recovery Methodology is a nationally recognized system for categorizing fees based on individual community's values and interests.

·         The fee structure for recreation programs and facilities in many instances cover more than direct costs, they also support administrative costs and liability insurance costs.

·         Non-resident fees provide Roseville residents with expanded and enhanced opportunities.

Commissioners commented on the expanse and significance of the fees generated by all divisions within the Parks & Recreation department.



Brokke spoke of:

·         OVAL opening delayed 24 hours due to the warm fall we have had. OVAL officially opens on Saturday, November 7.

·         OVALuminations has been postponed to November 20.

·         The 2016 Commission calendar has been included in tonight?s packet.

·         The Upper Villa Stormwater Retention Project has started.

·         Met Council is planning a Sanitary Sewer Lining project for 2016 that could have impacts on Valley and Villa Parks.

·         Central Park Foundation contributed $80,000 to the recently installed playground in Central Park, adjacent to the Foundation Shelter. This additional funding helped expand the play structure and make it more accessible.

·         A Community Natural Resource Restoration Project is scheduled for Langton Lake Park on November 21.



8.    OTHER



Meeting adjourned at 8:20 pm


Respectfully Submitted,

Jill Anfang, Assistant Director