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Parks and Recreation Commission

Meeting Minutes

December 1, 2015



PRESENT:  Becker-Finn, Diedrick, Doneen, Heikkila, Holt, O'Brien, Stoner

ABSENT:    Bogenholm, Gelbach & Newby notified staff ahead of time of their absence

STAFF:       Anfang, Brokke, Twaroski





No Public Comment


3.    APPROVAL OF MINUTES ? November 5, 2015 MEETING

November 5th minutes approved unanimously.



Anita Twaroski, Roseville Forestry Coordinator, introduced herself to Commission members
and viewing public.


Brokke and Twaroski walked the Commission through the Emerald Ash presentation providing historical context and City of Roseville action & involvement. Most of Roseville is identified in the infestation zone.

·         Commissioners inquired into the potential impact of EAB, staff responded that EAB will eventually impact the entire U.S.


Goals of the Roseville EAB Program:

·         Monitor & evaluate suspect trees

·         Remove & replace positive EAB trees

·         Treat significant trees

·         Plant a more diverse & resilient forest

·         Identify & utilize available resources

o    Currently Roseville is working with a $125,000 DNR grant to address EAB needs. This grant also involves $125,000 in City funds as a matching contribution.


EAB is a difficult pest to identify. Roseville is probably about midway into its EAB infestation. Roseville has 2146 Public Ash trees (this number does not include Ash trees located in local wooded areas).

·         Commissioner Becker-Finn recommended educating the public on recognizing Ash trees and signs of EAB.


Twaroski presented the current tree distribution plan. Ten species have been identified for inclusion in the plan. The tree planting map has been developed using the constellation system. Each constellation has a specific planting map that provides a varied and diverse forest. The end goal with the city-wide tree distribution plan is to have no ash trees in the City.

·         Commissioner Doneen suggested creating an annual plan/goal for removing/replacing trees.


Commissioner comments suggested the Council is not addressing the need to plan for the full EAB crisis.

·         It would cost Roseville $1.6M to remove & replace the community forest affected by EAB.

·         Commission Chair Stoner commented that the Commission needs to work harder to keep the Council informed & it is important to keep this issue on their radar.






Commissioners shared their thoughts & reactions to the meeting.

·         Holt is concerned about the process for Park Dedication funds. Using the funds for current capital needs will lead to the fund being depleted.

o    Stoner added that Park Dedication funds cannot be anticipated and counted on.

o    Becker-Finn suggested there is a lack of real understanding of how park dedication works & operates and the related statutory constraints.

o    Holt suggested it may be smart for Commissioners to contact Council members directly and provide information from an informed group.

·         Commissioners were encouraged by the Councils reaction to the Cedarholm Golf Course Clubhouse discussion.

o    Commissioners believed the Council was asking them to;

§  Compile public comment

§  Strategize funding & design

§  Suggest a process

§  Explore potential partnerships

o     There was consensus that the direction should be to rebuild to a similar size as the current clubhouse.

o    Doneen suggested engaging the community early in the process to create a skeletal vision.

§  Commissioners agreed the initial process should pattern previous Parks and Recreation task forces and the master plan process.

o    Staff will provide a draft vision for the Golf Course Clubhouse Taskforce at the January meeting.



Anfang briefed the Commission on:

·         Adult Basketball Leagues starts play December 6. Recreation staff are still looking for scorekeepers.

·         The Holiday Craft Fair is on Saturday & Sunday, December 5 & 6 at City Hall. The annual craft fair benefits the Harriet Alexander Nature Center.

·         FORParks hosts the annual Holiday Gala on December 11 at the Skating Center. Local American Idol alumni Paris Bennett is performing.

Brokke added:

  • Staff are hosting a Natural Resources Community Meeting on Saturday, December 12.
  • The next monthly Natural Resource Park Project is on Saturday, December 19 at Oasis Park.
  • Upper Villa Park (adjacent to the B-Dale Club) has been the site of a HUGE storm water project this fall. Work at this site will improve local wetlands and Lake McCarrons and minimize erosion.
  • Staff are finalizing many Renewal Program projects, while none are officially closed out, many are very close.


7.    OTHER

Commissioner Holt announced that the St. Paul Chamber recently recognized Roseville Parks & Recreation with a Leadership Award for their long standing involvement in the Nation Commission on Accreditation for Parks & Recreation Agencies. Roseville was chosen for excellence when meeting the rigorous accreditation standards and maintaining high standards throughout the parks & recreation system.


Meeting adjourned at 8:20 pm


Respectfully Submitted,

     Jill Anfang, Assistant Director