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Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation Commission Minutes

MAY 1, 2007


PRESENT:               Brodt Lenz, Johnson, Kamrath, Kruzel, Pederson, Ristow, Stark, Willmus

ABSENT:                 Selz (notified staff of absence)

STAFF:                   Brokke, Anfang,






Commission Recommendation:  Minutes of the April 3, 2007 meeting were unanimously approved.



RAYBA Board Members and Officers, Roger Ettel, President, and Steve Pitzel, Vice president provided the Commission with an over view of Baseball Association operations.

·        The goal of the Roseville Youth Baseball Association is to administer quality baseball experiences for Roseville Area youth.

·        Rookie League:  150 kids ages 6-8 years.  Play at Langton Lake fields

·        AAA:  200 kids, 16 teams, ages 8-10 years playing in-house Little League at the Evergreen Complex

·                    This age group also supports 2 traveling teams that play 2 games a week and practice an additional day.

·        American League:  100 boys participating, 9 teams, ages 11-12.  Run under the rules of the Little League Organization.  Teams play 2 games each week and have one additional practice, all at Acorn Park.

·        National League (former Major A):  72 boys, 6 teams, ages 11-12.  Run under the rules of the Little League Organization.  A more competitive experience with the kids playing 2-3 games each week and practicing another 2-3 times during the week.  League plays at Owasso Complex.

·        Senior League:  Ages 13-16 traveling teams.  Over 100 kids played on two 13-U teams, two 14-U teams, one 15-U, one VFW team.  Teams play at the Legion Field, High School Field, Northwestern College, Bethel University, Concordia High School, and Parkview.

·        Senior In-house:  Ages 13-19, thirteen teams, and 170 players.

·        602 kids played in 2005, 685 kids registered in 2007.

·        975 baseball events take place on Roseville fields each year.

·        The Baseball Association is concerned by the potential sale of school district properties and the possible loss of the Fairview and Owasso Baseball Fields. Pitzel and Ettel indicated that they had a petition showing a number of signatures supporting the ball field preservation.   

Following the presentation Commissioners and Baseball Board Members discussed the importance of keeping the message of how important it is to retain the fields we have and how all the baseball fields in Roseville are needed to maintain the quality program before the City Council, the Roseville School Board and the Baseball Membership. The Commission encouraged the Roseville Area Youth Baseball Association to forward the petition that they spoke of on to the Roseville City Council and the Roseville Area School Board 623.



Jill Anfang briefed the Commission on upcoming and recently hosted events. 




Brokke presented the Commission with the latest visioning worksheet and spoke briefly of the timeline and process.  Staff will begin to frame up ways to address the strategies outlined for Council review and discussion.




Brokke informed Commissioners on the following items;

·        Skating Center Construction Update

·        HANC Planning Committee Update

·        Arena Geothermal Update


7.      OTHER

·        Brodt Lenz announced the upcoming May 19th Pottery in the Garden at the Arboretum

·        Willmus recommended the Commission consider moving up the meeting start time – request to be added to upcoming agenda for discussion

·        Pederson suggested the Commission take a summer meeting out into the parks and possibly a fall meeting to the Skating Center.

·        Pederson reminded park users to keep their dogs on leash and clean-up after them when they are out in the parks


Meeting adjourned at 8:45 pm