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Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation Commission Minutes

December 4, 2007



PRESENT:               Brodt Lenz, Johnson, Kamrath, Kendall, Pederson, Ristow, Stark, Willmus

ABSENT:                 Hiber and Kruzel notified staff ahead of time that they were unable to attend

STAFF:                   Brokke, Anfang, Hofmeister (Intern)



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Commission Recommendation:  Minutes for the November 7, 2007 meeting were approved unanimously.



Jill Anfang briefed the Commission on recent department operations and upcoming and recently hosted events. 



Willmus briefed Commission members on recent Comprehensive Plan Committee meetings.  One of the first actions the committee has taken on is to review how the Imagine Roseville 2025 initiative pertains to the Comp Plan.  60% of the IR 2025 matrix strategies and goals are not being considered for inclusion in the Comprehensive Plan as it currently is formatted.  It has been recommended by the Committee that a Community Vision chapter be added to the Comp Plan so as to include these strategies and goals and not lose this valuable community input.


The main objective of the committee appears to be to drastically reduce the physical size of the Comp Plan.  Initially, all visioning items that are not related to land use have been removed from the Comp Plan.  Willmus has requested that many of the parks and recreation items referenced in the IR 2025 goals and strategies that have been removed from the Comp Plan be added back in.  This request is being considered by the committee.



  • Reminder of the Ethics Training session scheduled for Monday Evening, December 10, 6-10pm.
  • Legislative Session Update.

o        Tom Hanson, the State Finance Director toured the Skating Center Complex on November 9

o        House Capital Investment Committee toured the Skating Center on November 13

o        Senate Capital Investment Committee will be touring the Skating Center on December 13.

o        Questions have been raised as to whether some of the requested items are bondable.  Staff has responded to the inquiries that the items submitted are those that were not funded in 2006.  Staff is looking into whether the Arena Geothermal project can be considered as a possible bonding item.

  • Geothermal Update

o        Council on Monday evening continued to show interest in pursuing the project.

o        Financial issues are beginning to be addressed.

o        Staff is talking with firms about design information as well as information regarding the broader retrofit of the entire City Hall Campus.

o        In addition to the Geothermal discussions, the City as a whole is taking a hard look at ways to better conserve energy and what is currently being done to conserve energy.

  • Staff is excited to bring the newest concept in play structures to an upcoming Commission meeting – EVOS, the newest evolution in play structures.
  • Brokke shared information from his recent participation in the Annual Athletic Business Conference.


o        WiFi is becoming a more attractive and attainable service in communities … is this something that should be considered in Roseville Parks?

o        Artificial Turf … the product is becoming better and better and the costs are coming down … is this something that should be considered for Roseville play fields with the intention of reducing maintenance costs?

  • The Council approved the Commission recommendation to increase the residential park dedication fees.
  • Recent weather has been very good for rink building.  Neighborhood rinks are being flooded and will hopefully be available for use in the next week or so.
  • Special Thank You to the Roseville Visitors Association for sponsoring “Roseville Glows” the holiday light display on the Civic Center Campus.


6.    OTHER



Meeting adjourned at 7:45 pm



Respectfully Submitted,



Jill Anfang, Assistant Director