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Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation Commission Minutes

July 1, 2008


PRESENT:               Brodt Lenz, Hiber, Johnson, Kendall, Pederson, Stark, Willmus

ABSENT:                 Kamrath, Kruzel, Ristow (contacted staff prior to meeting)

STAFF:                   Brokke, Anfang



Community members, Brent and Campbell Huberty (archers) and business owner John Larsen (Bwana Archery) addressed the commission in regards to adding an archery park in Roseville.  There is a void of public archery ranges in the metro area. 


Because this meeting was dedicated to the current Comp Plan, Huberty and Larsen were asked to postpone the bulk of their presentation to a future commission meeting.  Huberty and Larsen agreed to return at a future date with a power point presentation and information.


Special Commission meeting to review and discuss Comprehensive Plan.  Jamie Radel, Community Development Department and Gary Grefenberg, Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee member in attendance.



Radel provided an overview of the Comp Plan chapter addressing Parks, Open Space and Recreation – this meeting is intended for the Parks and Recreation Commission to provide input, not a complete redraft of the document.

·        The Comp Plan update process started in October 2007.  Background research was conducted in fall 2007 with attention to the Imagine Roseville 2025 outcomes.

·        The initial Comp Plan open House took place in March 2008, 70-80 residents were in attendance and the session focused on future land use.

·        The Steering committee has been focused on goals and policies; they have worked to boil down raw data into future projections.

·        The parks, open space and recreation chapter has been prepared with the intent that there will be future master planning process utilizing the department system plan and Imagine Roseville 2025 outcomes.  95% of the parks, open space and recreation chapter remain consistent/similar to the previous comp plan.  The department systems plan is to be referenced in the Comp Plan.

·              Grefenberg commented that the steering committee does not have time to address the parks and recreation plan, the committee is overwhelmed and looks to the Parks and Recreation Commission to move the master planning forward.

·              The assumption of the steering committee and others is that Parks and Recreation Master Planning should be done.

·              Discussion included the need to craft a policy that addressed the need for a higher level of park maintenance and funding.

Discussion of chapter sections followed with suggested adjustments taken by Radel to incorporate.

Commission Recommendation: 

Commissioners requested a second look of the parks, open spaces and recreation chapter to review changes.


3.      OTHER

Commissioner Johnson recommended the Commission send a letter of recognition and appreciation to Frank Rog and the Central Park Foundation following the Council action to rename the amphitheatre the Frank Rog Amphitheatre.



Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm


Respectfully Submitted,

Jill Anfang, Assistant Director