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Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation Commission Minutes

October 7, 2008


PRESENT:               Brodt Lenz, Hiber, Kendall, Pederson, Ristow, Stark, Willmus

ABSENT:                 Johnson, Kamrath, Kruzel (contacted staff prior to meeting)

STAFF:                   Brokke, Anfang






Commission Recommendation:  Minutes for the September 2, 2008 meeting were approved unanimously.



Willmus excused himself from the presentation and discussion.


Brokke briefed the Commission on a proposed additional development adjacent to the previously discussed Applewood Pointe development at Langton Lake.  The second development will include 93 Assisted Living units.  In the past United Properties has questioned the park dedication policy as it relates to Assisted Living developments.  United Properties believes assisted living residents will not be using park facilities and will have minimal impact on the park.


Commission Discussion followed. 

·        Commissioners around the table voiced an opinion on the assumption that because residents are residing in an assisted living facility they will not use the park – Commissioners believe this to be an incorrect assumption.  Assisted Living Residents and their guests do use the park facilities and value proximity to parks. 

·        Commissioners voiced their opinion that there is no past precedence for special consideration in regards to park dedication for multi unit housing structures.  Commissioners are also concerned that any deviation from the current park dedication policy would set a dangerous precedence.  Commissioners felt there is no reason to deviate from the policy recommended park dedication for this development.

·        Commissioner Stark asked if there is any benefit to considering land dedication for this project.

                                            i.      Brokke mentioned that a trail around the wet land is a possibility.


Commission Recommendation: 

Motion by Ristow recommending accepting cash in lieu of land for the Assisted Living development at

Applewood Pointe near Langton Lake Park.  Second by Hiber.  Discussion followed focusing on whether there should be consideration made toward the dedication of land in order to provide a connecting trail.  Ristow withdrew his original motion.


Motion made by Pederson to table the recommendation of park dedication, as long as it does not delay the process, so that staff can provide the Commission more information on the land option.  Second by Brodt Lenz.  Motion passed unanimously.



Brokke presented the updated RFP which incorporated most of the Commissioner comments.


Commissioners recognized that the Master Plan discussion is the result of the Imagine Roseville 2025 findings and the current significant interest by the community in maintaining the park and recreation system.  The Commission talked of the need to “remaster plan” the system – it is important to bring in today’s community members to add to the discussion.  Commissioners also voiced their feelings on while the actual planning process is important, the ability to implement the plan is essential.  Implementation resources will be needed.


Commissioner Stark mentioned that it would not be wise to halt the planning process at this point.  It is important to keep the process moving forward and give people something to look at and make informed decisions.


Commissioner Willmus commented that there is a concern that the Master Planning process and project implementation be a stand-alone initiative and that it not be combined with other City projects.  Momentum with parks and recreation has been established and to add other projects on would be a concern.


Commission Recommendation: 

Motion by Pederson to recommend that the master plan request for proposals (RFP) as presented be moved forward to the City Council as presented.  Second by Brodt Lenz.  Motion passed unanimously.



Commissioners recommended moving the November meeting (if a meeting is needed) to November 3, 2008 due to the regular meeting date falling on Election Day.


Commission Recommendation: 

Motion made to move the November Parks & Recreation Commission meeting to Monday, November 3, if needed.  Motion passed unanimously.



In 2007 the Commission conducted an extensive discussion of the Park Dedication Rates at that time.  The rates were changed to bring them in line with rates in other like communities.


Commission Recommendation: 

Motion made by Willmus to leave the park dedication rates as they are currently and revisits the park dedication rates in October 2009.  Second by Pederson.   Motion passed unanimously.



  • Brokke briefed the Commission on the Arena Project.

·        The Ice was in and the arena was open for skating on October 1.

·        Contractors continue to work on the roof-top units.

·        The City of Roseville Website offers geothermal project time lapse video.  Brokke showed the Commission 2 videos, one of the concrete pour and one of the concrete pier removal – the 160 piers were removed by Skating Center staff at a savings of $800/pier.

·        The Best Value Procurement Method served the City and Parks and Recreation well.  The method led to the project being discussed and planned up-front by all involved.

·        Few issues remain to-date

                                                                          i.      North Parking Lot Lighting is being replaced at an additional cost

                                                                         ii.      Floor required additional excavating and sand fill

                                                                       iii.      Players boxes were originally pulled from the project as a cost savings.  Skating Center staff completed the project at a $45,000 savings.

·        Commissioner Stark mentioned that the positive status of this project is a tribute to the Parks and Recreation Staff.

  • Archery Range Tour has been challenging to schedule, unfortunately Commissioner calendars have not coordinated for a group tour.
  • The tennis courts at Rosebrook and Autumn Grove Parks are being worked on this fall.  Rosebrook is experiencing a total redo while Autumn Grove is being refurbished with crack seal and color coat.
  • Local Foundations and Friends groups are working hard to raise funds in support of Parks and Recreation

·        Roseville Central Park Foundation hosted their annual Octoberfest last Friday.  The event was one of the most well attended Octoberfest events.

·        FORParks will be hosting their annual Holiday Rose Home Tour on November 14 & 15.

·        FORHANC is hosting a Craft Fair on December 6.




  • Ristow – good job with the Arena project
  • Anfang – staff will be hosting neighborhood meetings for the replacement of playgrounds at Valley Park and Central Park at Dale Street – October 8 and 21 respectively.
  • Willmus – Election forum is scheduled for tomorrow evening
  • Pederson – reminded everyone of the importance of wearing bike helmets in light of the high number of deadly bike accidents this year.
  • Stark – encouraged everyone to vote on November 4.



Respectfully Submitted,

Jill Anfang, Assistant Director