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Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation Commission Minutes

April 7, 2009


  PRESENT:              Brodt Lenz, Etten, Hiber, D. Holt, M. Holt, Kendall. Pederson, Ristow, Stark, Willmus

   ABSENT:              None

   STAFF:                Brokke



There was no public comment.

Commissioners introduce themselves and communicated a bit of their background.   


2.      APPROVAL OF MINUTES ? March 3, 2009 MEETING

Minutes for the March 3, 2009 meeting were approved unanimously.



Chair Willmus officially administered the oath of office to Gale Pederson, reappointed for another term and to newly appointed members: Jason Etten, David Holt and Mary Holt. The Commission welcomed and thanked all members for their willingness to serve.



Staff reviewed and explained the history of the current mission statement and indicated that it has served the department well over a number of years. The mission statement is regularly reviewed and affirmed by staff and this is an opportunity for the Commission to weigh in. This is an excellent time to revisit the mission and vision as we embark upon the Park and Recreation System Master Plan update which is expected to garner input from the community in numerous fashions.


Commission members discussed the mission statement generally feeling that it was lengthy, should be revised, be more pointed and more intentional. It was suggested that it be revisited and discussed further as the Parks and Recreation embarks upon the Master Plan update.



Staff explained that traditionally, at this time of year, the Commission discusses and establishes goals for the upcoming Commission year (April-March). The 2008/09 goal topics were reviewed and discussed. There was a good deal of discussion centering on what is a goal and what is an objective and that they should be clear and measurable. It was decided that this would be a good topic for a retreat and that the joint City Council and Commission meeting in June may help to set some priorities for which to begin.


Commissioner Stark agreed to develop a spreadsheet of the goals with a tracking method that could be discussed periodically at Commission meetings. Commission members were given a homework assignment to submit possible goal topics to Brokke to compile for further discussion at the May meeting.



Staff reported on progress of the Amphitheatre project.  The project is moving forward, all parts of the project have been contracted and are either in progress or will be as the weather improves to allow outside work. The project components include;

·         repairs to the roof and siding

·         painting and staining of the entire amphitheatre

·         sound and lighting upgrades

·         lakeside decking repairs and replacement

·         addition of public art

·         facility dedication and community celebration



·         A reminder was given that as a result of the MVHC loss, staff is implementing adjustments. Also, an explanation was given that there are two sides to the equation ? revenue generation and reductions. The ideal situation is to apply a combination of the two. If Commission or Community members have an interest in contributing or know of sources who may, please have them contact a staff member.  

·         The joint City Council/Commission meeting is scheduled for June 15th. It was suggested that preparation of an agenda be at the May meeting.

·         Cedarholm Golf Course opened today, April 7th.

·         Accreditation dates have been finalized and will be the week of May 26-29

·         Muriel Sahlin Arboretum restroom/multi purpose facility is still being pursued by the Roseville Central Park Foundation   

·        Future Commission Agenda items to consider;

o        Forestry program

o        Pathway plowing


8.      OTHER

·         Brodt Lenz questioned whether the Rog plaque needed to be in Braille?

·         It was suggested that the joint City Council/Commission meeting be an open discussion format

·         Willmus voiced his concern of using park and recreation related monies for the removal of diseased and hazardous trees on street right of ways


Meeting adjourned at 7:45 pm



Respectfully Submitted,

Lonnie Brokke