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Parks and Recreation


Parks and Recreation Commission Minutes

May 5, 2009


PRESENT:               Brodt Lenz, Etten, Hiber, D. Holt, M. Holt, Pederson, Ristow, Stark, Willmus

ABSENT:                 Kendall

STAFF:                   Brokke, Anfang



No Public Comment



Commission Recommendation:  Minutes for the April 7, 2009 meeting were approved unanimously.



Joint Commission/City Council Meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 15.

Commissioners recommended the following topics;

·         Staffing Levels - in 2004 parks and recreation had staffing levels of 27.5 FTE, 2009 staffing levels are at 23.5 FTE.  Willmus voiced his concern for how this decrease in staffing effects day-to-day maintenance and management of parks.  Everyone understands the adage "doing more with less" but at what point do things start to show wear and tear because of a thinly spread staff?

·         Concern over 2009 PIP funding being used for boulevard tree removal due to the elimination of funding for the diseased and hazardous tree program.  In the end $50,000 or more will be used to remove trees and not used to address parks and recreation maintenance needs.

o        Ristow asked about looking into funding that will replace trees as well as remove trees.

o        Pederson questioned using park and recreation maintenance funds to remove boulevard trees while citizens are charged for tree removal.

o        Brodt Lenz recommended that there be clarity and transparency on the description of boulevard trees.

o        Brokke briefed the Commission on the history of the Diseased and Hazardous Tree Program.

·         Overall Department Funding

o        Commissioners commented on past discussions on parks endowment options.

o        Commissioners commented on the frequent references to essential city services (Police, Fire and Public Works) and the need to reprioritize and value parks and recreation on the same level as the big three.

·         Dave Holt inquired into volunteer involvement and suggested using SCORE to support community volunteer programs.

·         Sarah Brodt Lenz voiced her concerns for the ongoing viability of the Nature Center and commented that the City needs to commit to maintaining the capital asset or not and believes we need to do more than we are currently.



Brokke filled the Commission in on the background of the Master Plan process.  The goal and ultimate outcome is to develop a plan that is implemented - this means an eventual referendum. 


The City Manager has included $100,000 for master planning in the 2009 budget, there is an additional $44,000 in funding available as part of the Imagine Roseville 2025 project.  During the 2009 budget process, the City Council requested preliminary proposals to get a better feel for the costs of the planning process.


The Master Planning process would include heavy citizen involvement to analyze and assess the parks and recreation system.  The Master Plan Committee will be made up of 10-15 community members, each bringing a respected connection or expertise to the planning process.  Sub-committees will be utilized to bring additional expertise and expand community involvement.



Time Frame

·         July 2009 - Identify the Master Plan Update Team, select professionals to assist with the planning process.

·         July 2009 -July 1020 - Year long community dialogue, anticipate an implementation plan.

·         July-November 2010 - Communicate plan to community with implementation funding request in November 2010.

o        This type of referendum is inclusive of everyone in the community unlike a school referendum.

o        D. Holt commented on the importance of professional marketing tools in the success of a referendum.



Discussion postponed until next meeting



Anfang updated the commission on the status of the work being done on the Amphitheatre.  All trades are working steadily on the facility in preparation for the June 7th dedication celebration.



·        Council has proclaimed June 7th as Frank Rog Day in Roseville.

·        May 18th is the Rosefest Button sale kick-off at the City Council meeting.  At this time the parade committee and the Council will recognize Nick Gawreluk, RAHS student and button designer.

·        Central Park Foundation continues to work on the Arboretum Restroom project.  Staff and board members are working to create an agreement where the Central park foundation would build the facility and then gift it back to the City.  This agreement will be taken to the Council in June.

·        Work has begun on 2 new playgrounds - Valley Park and CP Dale Street.

·        Work on the tennis courts at Rosebrook and Autumn Grove is nearing completion.

·        The visitation team for our 15 year Agency Accreditation will be in town May 26-29.

·        Staff are working on the logistics for the State Bonding Projects at the OVAL.

·        Work needs to be done on the Rosebrook Wading Pool drain to bring it into compliance with the Abigail Taylor Act.

·        City-wide cost allocation study has been commissioned with Springsted in an effort to put a cost on all operations.

·        City Manager is coordinating outreach programs.  This will be a good vehicle to discuss Master Planning and get people involved.


8.      OTHER

·         Pottery in the Garden is May 16th at the Arboretum.

·         The June 2nd Commission meeting has been rescheduled to June 9th.

·         Former Parks and Recreation Commissioner Al Sands passed away recently.  A memorial service will be held on May 9th.

·         Jason Etten recognized the great community (48 people) turn-out for the Sunday, April 19th park clean up on the south east side of the City, including Villa Park, Reservoir Woods and McCarrons Beach.


Meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm



Respectfully Submitted,

Jill Anfang, Assistant Director