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Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation Commission Minutes

December 1, 2009


PRESENT:              Etten, D. Holt, M. Holt, Hiber, Jacobson, Pederson, Ristow, Stark, Willmus

ABSENT:                Brodt-Lenz

STAFF:                   Brokke, Anfang



No Public Comment



Commission Recommendation:  Minutes for the November 2, 2009 meeting were approved unanimously.



Brokke briefed the Commission of the status of the Clearwire Proposal.

§  Planning Commission discussed the Clearwire proposal following this Commission’s November discussion and recommendation.

§  City Code suggests considering a multi-location tower when considering the addition of a communications tower to minimize the number of tower locations in the City.

§  The original Clearwire proposal was for a mono pole.  Although there are no specific additional proposals there has been discussions relating to a multi-provider pole/structural tower.  The mono-pole is a 120’ structure with ground space of approximately 7’ x 7’, the multi-provider pole is 150’ tall and requires about 40’ x 60’ of ground space.

§  Brokke has met with the City IT department and the City Manager to discuss locating a communications pole in Acorn Park.  The City has sent out inquiries to gauge the interest by other providers.

Commissioners questioned;

§  Whether it is appropriate to have a multi-provider tower in Acorn Park.

§  What is the potential for ice forming on the tower and dropping to the ground, especially since this is an activity area?

§  Can the Commission recommend a single provider tower for Acorn Park?

§  The unanimous concern is that a 40’ x 60’ ground area will impact the park.

§  Commissioners commented that it is difficult to comment without a specific proposal.



Brokke updated the Commission on the progress of the Master Plan Update.

§  The planning process is moving along.  First Community Meeting was held on November 5, 2009.  The workshop-like meeting involved over 70 community members.

§  Listening Sessions are being scheduled for January and February.  These sessions will involve community organizations as well as site specific sessions for each sector of Roseville.

§  Commissioners recommended;

o    Providing the Community Meeting findings online.

o    Revising the parks and recreation questionnaire into a shortened, more condensed version.


5.    2010 BUDGET UPDATE

Brokke reviewed the current status of the 2010 budget. 

§  Outdoor rinks were originally identified as a service to be cut from the 2010 budget.  At recent Council meetings, there appears to be support to keep funding for the neighborhood rinks.

§  A Diseased and Hazardous Trees line item has been established and identified as a “new 2010 item.” 

o    $100,000 was originally submitted because of the concern for Emerald Ash Borer.  The recommended budget is $50,000.

o    The PIP budget has been recommended at $165,000, rather than the $215,000 submitted by Parks and Recreation staff.  This reduction has essentially gone to manage Diseased and Hazardous Trees.



§  Commissioners recommend adding background information for the goals to better understand the history and significance of the goal/initiative.

§  Commissioners recommend focusing on goals as a special meeting when there is time to process. 

§  Commissioners requested that there be measurable tasks and action steps for each Goal and that goals be assigned to specific commissioners.

§  Commissioners suggested starting with a clean slate of goals so that they can focus on current needs.

§  Commissioners suggested using the February retreat as a time to discuss and set goals.  Commissioners also recommend spending time to discuss what the Commission charge is and what are the Parks and Recreation Commission filters.

o    Commissioners requested that the January Commission meeting be used to review the Commission charge and mission.

o    February retreat to be used to set goals, discuss mission of commission, review ‘10 budget.

Commissioners discussed what the purpose of the Parks and Recreation Commission is and asked for community input into what the Parks and Recreation Commission should be focusing on.



§  The skating center has been busy lately, lots of people taking advantage of the outdoor ice at the OVAL.

o    Skating Center will once again be hosting a New Years Eve Celebration.  Thank you to Goodmanson Construction for sponsoring this event again this year.

§  The golf course closed the last week in November.  Unbelievable fall weather made for a great November at Cedarholm.

§  Emerald Ash Borer is getting closer to Roseville.  There has recently been a confirmed case the University of Minnesota, St. Paul Campus.

o    Staff have submitted a grant request that supports preparedness in managing the disease.

§  The Nature Center is hosting a holiday craft fair in City Hall December 5th and 6th.

§  We are moving ahead with the Ramsey County Active Living 1,000 Bench program.  Staff have created a nine bench loop around Langton Lake.  Concrete slabs have been poured, benches and inspirational pavers will be installed in the spring.

§  New play equipment has been installed at Villa Park.

§  Walkways surround the Arena have been replaced.

§  Skating Center Bonding projects are underway.

o    Scoreboard is in and operating

o    OVAL tarmac has been replaced

o    Banquet Room carpeting is being replaced in late December

§  Arboretum Restroom is nearing completion

§  2/3 of Nature Center boardwalk has been removed by Ramsey County Sentence to Serve program.

§  FORPARKS home tour was a big success.

§  Friends of the OVAL Foundation winter gala – CHILL, was well attended


8.    OTHER

Willmus announced that there are 3 terms opening up this next year, one is a partial term and 2 are full term positions.  Commissioners are encouraged to think about reappointments if interested.


Meeting adjourned at 8:05 pm


Respectfully Submitted,

Jill Anfang, Assistant Director