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Parks and Recreation Commission Minutes

January 5, 2010  6:30 pm


PRESENT:              Etten, M. Holt, Jacobson, Brodt Lenz, Pederson, Ristow, Stark, Willmus

ABSENT:                D.Holt, Hiber

STAFF:                   Brokke, Anfang



No Public Comment



Commission Recommendation:  Minutes for the December 1, 2009 meeting were approved unanimously.



Terre Heiser (City of Roseville IT Department), Tony Vavoulis (Clearwire) present.

§  4 Roseville locations have been identified for wireless communication, including Acorn Park.

o    Original proposal for Wireless Communication in Acorn was an extension of one of the Hockey Rink Light Poles

o    Current location has been identified in the park, an area south of the east parking lot (this location was selected because of the natural screening provided)

§  Clearwire's desire is to have a 12-125 foot tower, City policy recommends a multi-provider pole.

o    Commissioners inquired into the types and amount of equipment installed on tower.  Willmus reminded commission that we need to consider the potential maximum use of the tower.

§  Discussion on the ground space needed by tower users.  Heiser explained that the type of provider dictates how much land is needed, some will only need 49 sq. feet while others need much more space.

o    Vavoulis mentioned that Clearwire proposes using a cabinet with no additional fencing to minimize the visual impact.

o    Willmus inquired into whether there will be site restoration following construction

§  Willmus talked to the significance of a decision like this during the Parks and Recreation Master Plan Update.  A decision at this point could result in limitations on park use.  Are we tying our hands before the Master Plan is completed?

o    Etten suggested that this proposal needs to be considered in the context of the concept of parks and open spaces and ask the question' 'What is best for the Park?"  This decision will set precedence for our parks system.

§  Brokke mentioned that the current City designation for Parks and Open Space does not address aesthetics.

§  Vavoulis injected that parks are meant to be used for public purposes and offered that internet service is as much a public purpose as tennis court use.

§  Vavoulis mentioned that cities virtually always guide a developer toward park land for the installation of communications towers.  He also informed commissioners that communication poles are about 1.5 miles apart and that going deeper into Acorn Park has limitations, the disc golf course and cost to bring in power at an extended distance.

o    Etten asked if North Heights Church had been approached - No

§  Stark inquired into the time horizon for the project

o    Clearwire is new to the Twin Cities, they are putting up 400 towers across the Twin Cities, goal is to have locations identified and leased in the next couple of months

Commission Recommendation: 

Motion by Willmus to deny Clearwire request for a multi-use tower in Acorn Park based on its impact on the current Parks and Recreation Master Plan Update. Second by Ristow. 

Passed 6-1, Brodt Lenz opposed, Pederson abstained.



§  February meeting moved to Feb 9th due to Caucus

§  June 7th is the preferred date for the joint Council Commission Meeting

§  August 3rd meeting moved to 8 p.m. to accommodate National Night Out activities

§  Annual Park tour September 18th, to coincide with the Wild Rice Festival

§  Date for a rescheduled November meeting to be decided at a later date



§  Retreat recommended for after the appointment of new commissioners, possibly May



Brokke updated the Commission on the progress of the Master Plan Update

§  Reviewed January and February Schedule for Community Meeting and Listening Sessions

§  Reported on recent Parks and Recreation staff listening sessions and feel it is logical to hold Listening Sessions for the Council and Commissions

§  Reviewed the make-up of the Technical Advisory Committee - first meeting scheduled for Jan. 14th    



§  St. Paul Water Regional Water Services are planning to demolish and replace the reservoir in the Waterworks (Reservoir Woods).  This might be an opportunity to enhance the park

§  February 24th is the deadline for Parks and Recreation Commission applications

§  2010 Budget has been finalized

§  Roseville has submitted a grant to address the Emerald Ash Borer issue, if awarded the grant would provide funding for a tree inventory and some removal and replacement

o    A multi-city Emerald Ash Borer information session will be held on April 1 

§  December was a busy month at the Skating Center - Schwans Cup Hockey Tournament, 2 speed skating competitions, New Years Eve, plus many very busy open skating sessions

o    2 OVAL skaters have made the US Olympic Speed Skating Team

§  Work continues on the Skating Center Bonding Projects

§  Arboretum restroom is substantially completed


8.    OTHER

§  Willmus thanked commissioners who spoke at the recent Council Budget discussions 

§  Related to the final approved 2010 budget, Willmus thanked City Manager Malinen and City Council members for responding to the community's interest in Parks and Recreation


Meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm


Respectfully Submitted,

Jill Anfang, Assistant Director