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Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation Commission Minutes

April 6, 2010


PRESENT:     Azer, Doneen, Etten, D. Holt, M. Holt, Jacobson, Pederson, Ristow, Stark, Willmus


STAFF:           Brokke, Anfang



No Public Comment



Commission Recommendation:  Minutes for the March 2, 2010 meeting were approved unanimously.



Erin Azer and Randall Doneen took the Oath of Office from Commission Chair Willmus.  Following the swearing-in ceremony, Doneen and Azer shared background information with the Commission.



A request to change the meeting agenda and move this item up in the evenings schedule resulted in a change to the original agenda.


Willmus announced he would not seek reappointment to the Commission Chair position.


Willmus nominated Jim Stark to the Commission Chair position.  Nomination seconded by Etten, Pederson and Ristow.  Jim Stark was unanimously elected Parks and Recreation Commission Chair.


Pederson nominated Jason Etten to the Commission Vice-Chair position.  Nomination seconded by D. Holt.  Jason Etten was unanimously elected Parks and Recreation Commission Vice-Chair.



Brokke briefed the commission on the current and upcoming budget process.  Historically, the budget process evolved around line item budgets, in 2010 the Council and staff began using a form of Budgeting for Outcomes.  A lot was learned from last year's budget process and the Council has decided to pursue a priorities based budgeting process in 2011. Parks and Recreation staff have identified Recreation Administration and Operations, Recreation Programs, Skating Center, Maintenance and Golf Course as the major budget program areas.  This grouping has changed some from past budgets with the transition of HANC and the Activity Center into the Recreation Program budget.

§  The Priorities Based Budget process will have the Council looking at levels of service and then buying into those levels of service

§  The first step in the 2011 budgeting process will be a time spent profile done for all regular employee positions


Commissioner questions and comments;

§  Willmus inquired into where one would find personnel changes/increases in staffing levels

§  Etten commented on the need for improved detail to better understand budget components and help guide budget decisions

§  D. Holt asked about how consequences will be identified if services are eliminated or reduced

o    D. Holt also wondered about how the Council will know the ramifications if parks and recreation facilities and operations are not properly funded

§  Willmus worries about the Council focusing on key items and not knowing the details until if and when questions are asked

§  Stark recognized that at some point the Council will need to make value judgments and allocate funds

§  Pederson inquired into documenting how special events are funded


Brokke addressed questions regarding the levels of service and how costs for specific service levels will be identified.  In general, the process for identifying levels of service is currently a work-in-progress.  Brokke also spoke about volunteer experiences in Roseville and the cost of maximizing volunteer services.


Willmus and Etten requested staff to bring back future versions of the budget process.


Ristow added the need to find ways to raise new monies and possibly look into the possibilities of a local sales tax.


§  Vision boards are on display at all Parks and Recreation facilities

§  The trails and parks constellation map is included in your packet.  This map is a way of organizing the Parks and Recreation System.  The Pathway Master Plan is being overlaid with the constellation concept

§  Imagine Roseville 2025 is acting as an overlay and guide for the overall Master Plan

§  Current amenities and components are identified within the constellations as well as identifying future planning

§  The thought is that each constellation does not necessarily need to have identical components

§  The entire parks and recreation system will encompass all the constellations and community sectors

§  The constellation concept is a way to organize the system and was devised through the planning process? community input initiatives

§  Constellations "J" and "K" have been recognized as sections of the community that lack green space, open space and public space

o    Remnant spaces could be a way to add park spaces in this area

o    We also need to work with adjacent communities on possible partnerships


Community Meeting # 3 will focus on Programs, Priorities and Policies

Wednesday, April 21 ~ 7:00-9:30pm at the Roseville Skating Center


Jacobson and Brokke spoke about an upcoming event at RAHS.  During the 3rd week in May students in RAHS "advisory period" will complete Master Plan surveys -this is a great opportunity to gather information from current parks and recreation facility users and program participants as well as insight from the next generation of potential Roseville homeowners and citizens.  Jacobson will work with staff to facilitate the inclusion of a master planning survey at RAHS.



§  The request to install a communication tower in Acorn Park has been denied and will not be constructed in the park.  This action provides the City with time to develop a policy on commercial enterprise on public property.


§  As a result of the pool of applicants (which included 9 very qualified candidates for 2 positions) for the recent open parks and recreation commission seats the Council has inquired into possibly expanding the size of the Parks and Recreation Commission.

o    Willmus mentioned that the meeting site will make it difficult to accommodate a larger commission and make it hard to have a good discussion with the larger group.  Adding 2 or 3 members to a commission that already has 10 members will make it harder on everyone

o    Many commissioners commented to the fact that this was an unusual year for Parks and Recreation commission applicants

o    Etten is concerned that expanding the size of the commission could result in a weakened pool

o    Pederson reminded everyone that term limits will lead to commissioner turnover and provide opportunities for those wanting to be involved in the future

o    Jacobson suggested providing commission applicants with other opportunities outside of the commission

§  Standing sub-committees were suggested. D. Holt reminded everyone that the commission is more a"think-tank" than a task specific group


§  Brokke recognized the exceptional master planning article written by youth commissioner and master plan Citizen Advisory Team member Julia Jacobson for the RAHS school newspaper.


§  Emerald Ash Borer Update;

o    The Minnesota Department of Agriculture Grant will provide for a city-wide tree inventory, identify the most susceptible trees in the City, funding for the removal and replacement of up to 30 trees and lead to an updated City Tree Ordinance

o    The strategy for utilizing grant funding is to figure out what exactly we are dealing with, identify those trees that are experiencing a significant decline and identify where potentially the EAB might attack


§  Legislative Air Quality Bill Update;

o    The original bill required all Ice Arenas to have an air monitoring system no matter if the arena had equipment powered by combustible engines or battery powered ice resurfacers and edgers.  In recent years, Roseville has replaced equipment with battery powered models to be proactive in air quality perspective.  Staff is working with Representative Greiling to tweak the bill to exempt facilities like Roseville who are using battery powered equipment


§  Community is encouraged to take a look at the Spring and Summer brochure for a wide range of recreation programs and community events.


§  The annual Ice Show will take place on April 23, 24 and 25 at the Roseville Skating Center.


§  June 8th is the Ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Arboretum facility.


§  Pre-construction meeting for the reservoir in Reservoir Woods will be scheduled in the near future.


8.    OTHER

§  Etten inquired into the policy directing park hours. Staff explained that all parks except Reservoir Woods are open until 10pm (Reservoir Woods hours are dawn to dusk) no mater how early or how late the sun goes down.


§  Etten announced a neighborhood park clean up for the South East corner of Roseville to include Villa Park, McCarrons Lake and Reservoir Woods on Sunday, April 18 at 9:15am, meet at the corner of Cohansey Blvd. and Crescent Lane.


Meeting adjourned at 8:35 pm


Respectfully Submitted,

Jill Anfang, Assistant Director