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Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation Commission Meeting Minutes

February 6, 2007


Present: Brodt Lenz, Jacobson, Johnson, Kamrath, Kruzel, Pederson, Ristow, Stark, Willmus


Absent: None


Staff: Brokke


  1. Introductions/Roll Call/Public Comment
    • No Public Comment
  2. Approval of Minutes – December 5, 2006 Meeting
    • Commission Recommendation: Minutes of the December 5, 2006 meeting were unanimously approved.
  3. Department Review
    • Staff shared a variety of upcoming programs and encouraged the community to get involved. Picnic shelter reservations and spring summer program registrations are now being taken. Roseville Parks and Recreation is providing a wide range of services to a broad scope of the community. Staff highlighted the Leader in Training program, tree and shrub sale, Rosefest Parade, Arts at the OVAL, skating school daytime program, non-school day trips, home and garden show and summer job opportunities.
  4. January 6th, 2007 Retreat Discussion
    • The general notes of the commission annual retreat were highlighted by Chair Johnson and staff. Discussion followed and it was decided that individual topics would be added to future commission agendas as appropriate.
    • Commission Recommendation: To add individual topics to future meetings as appropriate.
  5. HANC Planning Committee
    • Staff explained the process and makeup of the HANC planning committee and that the City Council, at their January 29th, 2007 meeting authorization staff to work with the Parks and Recreation Commission to form a committee with Commissioner Jacobson as the lead. The City Council also appointed Council Member Ihlan as a representative to the committee. It was further explained that the committee makeup includes two Parks and Recreation Commissioners and Commissioner Jacobson asked for volunteers. After discussion Commissioner Willmus and Brodt-Lenz volunteered. Commissioner Stark suggested that the Grass Lake Watershed District be represented. Commissioners asked if Stark was a member of the Grass Lake Watershed District, and if he would be willing to fill that need, he indicated that he would be interested and would discuss it with the Grass Lake Watershed District at their next meeting.
    • Commission Recommendation: Appointed Commissioner Willmus, Brodt Lenz and Stark as representatives on the HANC planning committee.
  6. 2007 Park Improvement Projects (PIP)
    • Staff reviewed the detailed list of the 2007 park improvement projects that were included in the packet. Staff clarified that the total proposed projects included $210,000, $35,000 more than what is in the 2007 budget. Two project estimates that total $35,000 each are the bleacher/satellite pads and the Skating Center basement addition. Staff sought input from the commission on which project should be a higher priority. After discussion it was suggested that the basement addition should not be overlooked because this is the only time that it can be reasonably done. If the funding needs to come from PIP it was suggested that the bleacher/satellite project is delayed before the skating center basement.
    • Commissioner Ristow questioned the need to fence the fields at the Central Park Dale Street Athletic fields. It was explained that this is a project that was proposed by the Roseville Area Youth Football Association several years ago and has been in the planning and fundraising stages. The process to get to the point of fencing the field involved the neighbors, affiliated groups, and approval of the concept plan by the City Council. Staff explained that the purpose and intent of fencing the fields is to have the ability to take them out of service when needed, i.e., such as wet gounds, additional maintence at certain times for such tasks as seeding/fertilizing/aeriating in order to allow time for recovery. Much discusion took place on this item and it was suggested that when the fields are fenced, they should be open the majority of the time for people to use and that a positive public education process be in place when the fields are taken out of service.
    • Commission Recommendation: Motion by Pederson, second by Kamrath to approve the Park Improvement Plans (PIP) as presented. Motion passed unanimously.
  7. Director’s Report
    • A Porsche Club Car Show is being planned for Rosefest on Sunday June 24, 2007 in Central Park at the Dale Street Field site. The cars would be on the grass fields, weather permitting.
    • City Manager Bill Malinen began his duties on January 8th and has been getting around to the Commissions to introduce himself. He has a conflict tonight meeting with the City Council discussion norms. Bill was at the volunteer appreciation dinner and was introduced to the volunteers and spoke briefly to them.
    • Staff is moving forward with developing an RFP to conduct a feasibility study on geothermal technology as it relates to the Roseville Skating Center.
    • Staff is in the process of planning Rosefest 2007, any suggestions from Commissioners and the general public are welcome.
    • Bids are due March 1st, 2007 for the Skating Center project (front entry and restroom addition). It is anticipated that the results will be brought to the City Council on March 12th, 2007.
  8. Other
    • Willmus:

§         Indicated that he will be out of town and will not make the March 6, 2007 meeting

§         Thanked Commissioner Jacobson for all the efforts he has given to the Commission and specifically the Roseville Skating Center in a time of extreme need.

    • Pederson:

§         Commented on the large turnout at the volunteer appreciation night on such a cold night. She thanked the Olive Garden and their staff for their generosity to prepare, serve and donate the food for the event. She also thanked the Parks and Recreation staff for coordinating the event and being there to serve.

    • Brodt-Lenz:

§         Encouraged all to attend the Arts at the OVAL event on March 24 & 25 and sign up to be greeters at the door for one hour. She will have a sign up sheet at the March meeting.

  1. Meeting adjourned at 8:25 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,


Lonnie Brokke

Parks and Recreation Director