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Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation Commission Retreat and Park tour Minutes

Sept 18, 2010 - 9 a.m.


PRESENT:              Azer, Doneen, Etten, D.Holt, M. Holt, Jacobson, Pederson, Ristow, Stark, Willmus


STAFF:                   Brokke, Anfang, Evenson





Brokke introduced Master Plan Draft presentation.


Michael Schroeder from LHB was present to brief commission on the latest version of the Master Plan Update.  Schroeder was looking for feedback from the commission on the organization of the document, clarifications, omissions and input on what works and what does not.


Commission Discussion: 

  • Stark inquired into how citizens can comment on the plan and future implementation.
  • Etten questioned section organization, his suggestion is to move ?essential service? discussions earlier in section 1 and group the constellation and sectors discussions with the neighborhood and community orientation, these moves recognize the significance of the essential services discussion and grouped like topics, it was also suggested that the following sections follow a similar organization.
  • M. Holt recognized the respectfulness that was shown through out the document to the work done by earlier generation of citizens.
  • Doneen suggested creating a one page highlight of the key directions that can be used to promote and educate.
  • D. Holt suggested titling the first section Core Values and Key Directions to better describe content.
  • Doneen asked for a key or more clarity for the Constellation diagram.
  • Doneen and Etten suggested including ?bringing neighborhoods together: as part of the first section essential service dialogue (similar to writings on page B3).
  • Doneen inquired into the selection of parks used for the concept plans

o    Stark commented that the group seemed to represent a spectrum of park types.

o    Schroeder added the parks were chosen based on geographic diversity, need for shelter upgrades and served as a design demonstration more than a concept development.

  • Etten suggested moving the listing of Parks and Recreation benefits to earlier in the document as these frame the need for master plan updates.
  • M. Holt suggested sighting or identifying sources used when writing the benefits section. A bibliography or source list may be useful in the appendices.
  •  Etten suggested making the second section more concise

o    D. Holt added that a picture flow chart may help visualize the information.

  • Doneen commented that writers did a good job of capturing the community input for the Southwest Corner but felt that the dialogue may lead readers to believe that needs are being met with parks and facilities in Falcon Heights and Lauderdale.

o    Commission wide discussion followed with many around the table suggesting that the document presents the Southwest Corner situation exactly as it is and makes good recommendations for rectifying the lack of parks in this area.

  • Commission agreed to submit all suggestions and comments to Jeff Evenson for consideration in the final document.




Brokke introduced the Master Plan implementation process.  Citizen involvement will be as important in this stage as it was in the master plan update stage.  Jill Anfang will be taking on a leadership role in the implementation process.


Anfang outlined some early thoughts on the implementation process.  She talked about how the implementation process needs to be a grass roots initiative with participation by a wide range of community members.  It has been suggested that a core team of community leaders work with a larger group of community representatives to educate and communicate the Master Plan findings, promote the implementation process and support a referendum for maintenance and development. Traits for the core implementation team include (but are not limited to) heart and passion, business and financial skills, communications and promotions skills, and community and political connections. Azer suggested adding a volunteer coordinator to the core team to organize and coordinate the larger work group. 


There is a place for everyone interested in being involved in the master plan implementation process; work groups will have broad representation and can include constellation representatives, association and affiliation representatives, special interest groups, commissioners and master plan citizen advisory team members.  Commissioner Doneen suggested adding community members with a connection or interest in the Master Plan key recommendations (i.e. trailways and connectivity, implementation of the constellation concept, community center).


The Master Plan Update involved extensive community input. A necessary implementation component is a statistically valid survey to support earlier findings and give direction for the implementation process.


A preliminary, generalized timeline was shared;

o   September 2010                     Community Survey inquiries

o   October 2010                         Community Feedback on Master Plan Update

o   October-November 2010          Establish Core Implementation Team

o   November 2010                      Master Plan Adopted by Council and Commission

o   November-December 2010       Orientate, Educate, Strategize with Implementation Team

o   December 2010                      Establish Work Groups

o   January-February 2011            Community Survey

o   March-April 2011                     Analyze findings, strategize communications

o   April-August/November 2011     Communicate and Educate


Commissioners requested details of preliminary implementation information be emailed to them before next meeting.



Brokke gave a brief overview of the purpose, role and responsibilities of a Roseville Parks and Recreation Commissioner. A copy of the power point presentation was sent to all commissioners following the retreat.



The original parks and facilities tour was shortened due to discussions on the Master Plan taking longer than planned.  Commissioners visited Pocahontas, Rosebrook, Oasis and Autumn Grove Parks to view areas first hand and review concept plans for these areas.


Meeting adjourned at 2:30 pm


Respectfully Submitted,

Jill Anfang, Assistant Director