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Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation Commission Meeting Minutes

April 3, 2007


Present: Brodt Lenz, Johnson, Kamrath, Pederson, Ristow, Selz, Stark, Willmus


Absent: Kruzel (notified staff of absence)


Staff: Brokke, Anfang,


  1. Introductions/Roll Call/Public Comment
    • Bill Malinen, Roseville City Manager, stopped by to introduce himself to the Commission. Mr. Malinen has been in Roseville for 3 months. He has been busy learning about our community and gathering information.
  2. Approval of Minutes – March 6, 2007 Meeting
    • Commission Recommendation: Minutes of the March 6, 2007 meeting were unanimously approved.
  3. Administer Oath of Office
    • Vice Chair Willmus administered the Oath of Office to returning Commissioners Ristow, Johnson, Brodt Lenz and new Commissioner Kathleen Selz. Vice Chair Willmus administered the Oath in place of Chairman Johnson as Jeff was being reinstated to the Commission.
    • Following the administration of the Oath of Office, Kathleen Selz spoke briefly on her background and past experiences. Ms. Selz is relatively new to Roseville, having lived in the community 1½ years. She came to Roseville following a professional career on the east coast working in positions involving policy and advocacy. Kathleen has worked with the National Conservation Corps and was involved with a number of different fund raising initiatives. Commissioners and staff introduced themselves to Kathleen Selz.
  4. Department Review
    • Jill Anfang briefed the Commission on upcoming and recently hosted events. The Roseville Parks and Recreation department, as well as many affiliated organizations, are gearing up for an activity filled spring and summer.
  5. Comprehensive Plan Discussion
    • Brokke briefly discussed the extensive City of Roseville Comprehensive Plan and the ways in which the plan can be updated. He also briefed the Commission on the State of Minnesota requirements that all local Comprehensive Plans are to be updated by December 2008. Parks and Recreation is incorporated into many areas of the Plan and directly relates to a number of sections in the overall Comprehensive Plan. In addition to the numerous Parks and Recreation connections throughout the plan, the Parks and Recreation Systems Plan is also included in the City Comprehensive Plan. Commission discussion followed;

§         Johnson commented on how the Comp Plan reports and includes input from the Citizens through the Imagine 2025 process, input from parks and recreation through the Systems Plan and from the County. Johnson also shared information from the Imagine 2025 review that identified the significance of parks and recreation in our community and the need to maintain our parks and recreation resources.

§         Willmus raised the question … is this the time to pursue updating our Park Master Plans with the Comp Plan update?

§         A Commission discussion followed on the value of master planning parks as well as the planning process. The concern for all is master planning parks without dedicated funding to do the work needed to fulfill the plans. Commissioners voiced their support for preservation and connectivity as well as establishing signature features in each of the parks.

  1. Preliminary 2008 Budget Discussion
    • Brokke presented Commission with the upcoming Budget process timeline;

§         April – staff begin to work on budget proposals

§         May – preliminary budgets are submitted

§         August – Council budget discussions

§         September – do not exceed levy is submitted to Council

§         December – budget adopted

    • Commission Recommendation: Commission discussed the need to make parks and recreation maintenance an emphasis in the upcoming budget.
  1. Election of Chair and Vice Chair
    • Commission Recommendation: Motion by Willmus nominating Jeff Johnson to serve as Chair of the Parks and Recreation Commission. Second by Gale Pederson. Motion passed unanimously.
    • Commission Recommendation: Motion by Ristow nominating Bob Willmus as Vice Chair of the Parks and Recreation Commission. Second by Jeff Johnson. Motion passed unanimously.
  2. Director’s Report
    • Brokke informed Commissioners on the following items;

§         Skating Center Project – Preconstruction has begun. DNR Construction has been named the project contractor with Kevin Busch serving as project architect.

§         Langton Lake winter kill – Langton Lake is a kids fishing lake stocked by the DNR. Lake conditions are such that it can potentially experience a full freeze resulting in winter kill. This is what happened this year. The DNR will restock in the spring. The unseasonable and early, warm spring weather resulted in numerous reports of significant smells from the dead fish. The DNR recommended just waiting out the process as the fish will soon sink and the smells will end.

§         Roseville Gymnastics Club hosted the state meet in late March with 412 gymnasts in attendance.

§         Gus Macker 3-on-3 Basketball tourney is coming to the OVAL this summer. The event is being coordinated by the Roseville Visitors Association. Many volunteers are going to be needed for the event.

§         HANC Planning Committee is being formed. The first meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 26 at the Nature Center from 6:30-8:30pm.

§         Geothermal RFPs are due April 16th. Staff plan on discussion the process with the Council on April 16th and hope to receive council direction on April 23rd.

§         Minnesota Recreation and Park Association is looking for input in your interests in attending a Commissioners Workshop.

  1. Other
    • Johnson requested direction from the Commission on whether to pursue a joint meeting with City Council members. Commissioners were in unanimous agreement that this was something they were interested in.
    • Welcome to Kathleen from Commissioners around the table.
  2. Meeting adjourned at 9:15 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,


Jill Anfang

Parks and Recreation Assistant Director