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Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation Commission Minutes

August 3, 2010 – 8:00 p.m.


PRESENT:              Azer, Doneen, Etten, Jacobson, Ristow, Stark, Willmus

ABSENT:                D.Holt, M. Holt, Pederson (all notified staff prior to meeting)

STAFF:                   Brokke, Anfang



Public Comment deferred until after the approval of minutes and comments by Commission Chair and Parks and Recreation Director



Commission Recommendation:  Minutes amended with the following; R. Doneen commented that his comments at the May 4th meeting did not reference an “agreement” but rather an update to the Commission that the school district had met with the neighbors and baseball association representatives and informed them that 3 fields were to be built at Fairview, 2 fields to accommodate the Fast pitch Softball Program and one field to be used by Baseball.


Amended Minutes for the May 4, 2010 meeting were approved unanimously.



Brokke briefed commissioners on the tragic death of a 12 year old boy in Bruce Russell Park on Sunday, August 1st.  Commissioners and Parks and Recreation staff extended their sincere condolences to the family.


Gary Grefenberg addressed the Commission on two community items;

  • As a member of the Roseville Human Rights Commission, Grefenberg informed the Parks and Recreation Commission that the Human Rights Commission has been charged with looking at involvement of Roseville citizens in the local government process.  The Human Rights Commission is looking for a volunteer from the Parks and Recreation Commission to take part in a task force that will study the topic over the next eight months. Commission Chair Stark directed Commissioners to consider the task and mentioned that a representative would be named following the next Parks and Recreation Commission Meeting.


  • Grefenberg shared a draft of the upcoming edition of the SouthWest Area Roseville Monitor (SWARM).  This newsletter recognizes the extensive community involvement that has taken place over the past eleven months for the Parks and Recreation Master Plan Update.  Grefenberg commented that some Southwest residents do not trust government and his experiences with the parks and recreation planning process has resulted in a willingness on this part to assist in sharing information from the Citizen Advisory Team with the Southwest Roseville neighbors. 


Grefenberg voiced his concern with the recent bond proposal and feels the completed Master Plan needs to be better reflected in the referendum budget.  He is also concerned that the August 20th deadline seems to undercut the role of the CAT in the Master Planning process and the vision and planning process are worthless unless reflected in the implementation budget.  Lastly, Grefenberg commented that citizen involvement has been wasted unless the budget is reflected in the Master Plan and resulting implementation.  It would be disappointing if on this most critical step of the planning process the City opts to go it alone with a rushed referendum.



Commission Chair Stark provided Commissioners with summary notes from the June 7, 2010 joint meeting between the Roseville City Council and the Roseville Parks and Recreation Commission.  The notes highlighted discussions and direction from the following topics; Master Plan Implementation, Budget and Funding Options, Natural Resource Health and Other Related Topics.

  • Doneen commented that it seemed clear that the Council is looking to the Commission to make strong recommendations in regards to the Master Plan Update.

o   Ristow commented on his disappointment that during his time as a Commissioner there has been a lot of talk and not much action due to budget reductions.  Ristow also mentioned the need to sell a local sales tax to support parks and recreation growth.

o   Azer mentioned the Council recommendation to look to neighboring communities for shared resources and cooperative opportunities.

o   Willmus questioned how there can be talk of implementation at this time when the planning process is still going on.  We need to see the planning process through to the end before we start talking implementation.

o   Doneen commented on the forestry and the local tree inventory.  He inquired into whether Roseville forestry staff might be available to talk at an upcoming meeting and if the Commission would like for him to arrange for an Urban Forester to update the Commission.

o   Commissioners were asked to forward additional comments onto Chairman Stark so that he can incorporate those comments into the joint meeting notes.



Brokke briefed the Commission that the annual retreat is scheduled for Saturday, September 18, 9am-2pm.  The agenda was discussed and it was agreed that, as time allows, the topics will be as follows:

o   Presentation on Parks and Recreation Master Plan by Michael Schroeder

o   Review and comment on Master Plan

o   Clarify purpose, role and responsibilities of the Commission

o   Tour of park sites developed as concept plans for the Master Planning process


Brokke briefed the Commission on the process for finalizing the Parks and Recreation Master Plan Update.

  • The latest information includes an implementation consideration for the November 2010 election:

o    Brokke reviewed his letter to the City Manager on some thoughts on process as well as a list of potential projects that had been discussed during the planning process.

o    A smaller and scaled back listing was also included fitting into a dollar amount suggested by the City Manager.

o    Staff are looking for Commission comments and advice in regards to a potential fall 2010 ballot question, discussion included the following:

§  Etten talked about how this is not the time frame that has been discussed and considered throughout the planning process.  He is concerned that the Citizens of Roseville do not know what they will be voting for and that a referendum question(s) at this time short circuits the process.  He believes that we should be looking at what citizens really want and involve them in the process further and that it is not appropriate to put a referendum question forward at this time.

§  Ristow and Azer agreed with Etten’s comments.

§  Willmus reminded Commissioners that successful past bonding efforts have had a unified front and spent months getting information from residents and incorporating their thoughts into the process.  He recognized that the Citizen Advisory Team intentionally set the implementation process aside to focus on creating a very good Master Plan that is reflective of the community. Because of this, there is not time to educate and inform the community by November of this year what that plan entails.

§  Stark believes if the $8 million referendum is supported by the vote it would be difficult to come back in the near future for additional funding for the rest of the Master Plan recommendations. In addition, if the referendum is not supported it would be detrimental to the future of the Parks and Recreation Master Plan.

§  Willmus suggested that prioritization and vetting of items needs to take place.

§  Etten mentioned that the Citizens of Roseville need to be engaged in the process of identifying the projects of support.

§  Willmus sees the $8 million referendum as a maintenance fix and not a parks and recreation system development plan.

§  Azer has seen a lot of interest and enthusiasm for the implementation of the Master Plan and suggests a year of planning and informing could make a difference between good and great projects.

§  Ristow suggested holding off on the referendum at this time.


Commission Recommendation: Motion by Ristow, amended by Willmus, seconded by Doneen that  

The Parks and Recreation Commission recommend to the Roseville City Council to hold off on putting a parks and recreation funding question on the November 2010 ballot.  Further, the Commission supports the Citizen Advisory Team (CAT) in their effort to see the planning process through to the end and supports a future implementation process that incorporates the final Master Plan recommendations. Motion passed unanimously.



  • Brokke pointed out the local sales tax letter received by Commissioner Ristow from Representative Greiling. It has also been distributed to the City Manager and City Council. City Manager Malinen is part of a League of Minnesota Cities Committee on local sales tax.
  • 2011 Budget Update

o    September 13 is deadline for the maximum levy to be set

o    It is thought that the City Manager will be presenting his recommended budget on August 16.

o    Etten commented on his interpretation and observations of the current budgeting process.  The current system is not a ranking system as presented but rather more of a categorization where as a “5” represents only the need for public safety, a “4” represents the City’s financial responsibilities and “3, 2, 1” are used to identify services and mission.  Because of the breakdown of categories, Parks and Recreation will not be well represented because the organization provides services but is not recognized for its contributions toward community safety.  According to the ranking scale, parks and recreation cannot really receive more than a “3” ranking. Etten asked Commissioners to speak with the Council and push for better representation and systematic ranking in the budgeting process.

  • The Skating Center has been approached to host the Kellogg High School All School Reunion.  The event is considered to be scheduled for July 2011.  The organizing committee is looking to book the entire facility and hopes to have live entertainment outdoors and serve alcohol throughout the facility.  Brokke asked the commission for their thoughts.  Commissioners supported pursuing the event and also suggested a policy be considered for the use of alcohol beyond current guidelines.
  • Recent wind storms have resulted in over $15,000 in tree damage and clean-up expenses in Roseville parks.  Jason Etten recognized Jeff Evenson and his staff for their quick and complete response to damages throughout the community.
  • Ramsey County is looking to repurpose some of its ice arenas, including Biff Adams, a facility used by RAYHA and RAHS hockey teams.  Ice time availability for Roseville groups has also changed at the Coliseum. This is an example of how quickly facility needs can change and the importance for a Master Plan that is fluid.
  • The tree inventory is progressing.  The inventory of all boulevard trees is nearly completed, after the boulevard trees are completed staff and volunteers will move on to park trees.  The updated ordinance will address whose responsibility it is to maintain boulevard trees in the future.
  • Staff are researching EAB treatments and are leaning toward a combined approach that uses an injection process on some and removal of the worst trees.  An injector and a tested product called tree-age can be purchased in order to have the ability to perform the application in-house.


8.    OTHER

  • Anfang reminded everyone of the Mosquito Bluegrass Jam and Youth Fishing Contest scheduled for Sunday, August 8 at the Frank Rog Amphitheatre.


Meeting adjourned at 9:45 pm


Respectfully Submitted,

Jill Anfang, Assistant Director