Roseville Police Monthly Summary

A highlight of the more notable cases, statistics and community engagement

MARCH 2019


CN: 19006879 Obstructing

Date/Time: 03-02-2019 | 1:07 p.m.
Location: 2480 Fairview Avenue

Officers responded to a report of a male who had already been trespassed from one business and was now there threatening employees. Officers responded and located the male inside another business. The male refused to cooperate with officers and a physical struggle ensued while placing the suspect in custody. Store management stated the male threatened to return and kill them. Officers were familiar with the suspect from previous contacts. One adult male from Minneapolis was arrested for one GM warrant and six misdemeanor warrants. He was later charged with GM Obstructing with Force, GM Obstructing Legal Process, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

DWI Crash

CN: 19006950 DWI

Date/Time: 03-03-2019 | 2:44 p.m.
Location: Merrill St and County Road C2

Officers responded to an accident at the above location where a suspect vehicle had ran into the back end of a parked vehicle and had attempted to leave unsuccessfully. The victim stated he was parked on the side of the road and observed a vehicle traveling quickly towards him and striking his vehicle. He said the female driver attempted to back away from the accident but he stopped her. Officers administered a PBT with a result of .325 BAC, or more than 4 times the legal limit. Officers were then approached by another female who stated her vehicle was parked just up the street and had also been hit. The suspect stated she had not slept much in several days, she had been drinking vodka the night before and earlier in the day along with taking several prescription medications. One adult female from South St. Paul was arrested for GM DWI.


CN: 19007156 Recovered Stolen Vehicle

Date/Time: 03-05-2019 | 1:52 p.m.
Location: 2200 Block of Eustis Street

A resident called 9-1-1 when a suspect male parked a vehicle in the caller’s driveway and was acting strange. The suspect then tried to start the vehicle; he became agitated and then left on foot behind the house. Officers located the suspect walking through yards. The suspect ignored officer’s commands to stop and instead, attempted to evade them. Officers pursued the suspect on foot through the deep snow. Officers then learned the vehicle the suspect had left behind was stolen. The suspect then attempted to enter a home but the door and windows he tried were locked. Officers were eventually able to take the suspect into custody. They learned he had a warrant for 4th degree assault and another misdemeanor warrant. One adult male from Minneapolis was arrested for Felony Possession of Stolen Property and Burglary.

CN: 19007846 and 19007979 Overdose

Date/Time: 03-12-2019 | 7:30 p.m. and 03-14-2019 at 10:00 a.m.
Location: Motel 6; 2300 Cleveland Avenue

On 3/12/19 officers were dispatched to the Motel 6 on a male who had overdosed on heroin. Upon arrival, they found the victim’s father who said his son was locked in the bathroom and possibly had overdosed. Officers forced entry to the bathroom and administered a dose of Narcan, which revived the victim who was then transported to the hospital. The father told officers he had rented the room for his son and his girlfriend because they are homeless and he wanted to keep them off of the streets. He arrived today to drive the female to work, however she was most likely overdosing so he transported her to the hospital instead.  He then returned to the motel to find his son locked in the bathroom.

Two days later, officers were called to the motel laundry room on a report of a male who had possibly overdosed. Officers arrived and found the same male victim unresponsive and his girlfriend attempting to wake him. Officers administered a dose of Narcan to revive him and at this time, the female had then passed out. Paramedics arrived and took over. One adult male and one adult female were transported to the hospital for treatment.

CN: 19008708 Weapons

Date/Time: 03-21-2019 | 3:22 a.m.
Location: Snelling Avenue & County Road C2

Officer Christensen was on routine patrol when he observed a vehicle without plates, and a cracked windshield. He turned to follow the vehicle and lost sight as the vehicle made quick evasive movements into a nearby parking lot. Officer Christensen turned into the lot and observed the same vehicle now parked and the driver was jogging away. He put his light on the driver and ordered him to stop. He immediately recognized the driver from numerous contacts. He knows the man frequently has outstanding felony warrants, no driver’s license, has been in possession of firearms, has admitted to using narcotics, and has an active restraining order against him by a person who lives nearby. Assisting officers arrived and they took the suspect into custody. Upon searching the vehicle, officers located a gun case containing ammunition on the passenger side floor and a loaded Mac-11 pistol near the driver’s seat. During the investigation, the protected party of the restraining order arrived on scene and officers asked her to leave the area. One adult male from Minneapolis was arrested for outstanding warrants, and GM ineligible person in possession of a handgun.

CN: 19009822 Recovered Stolen Vehicle

Date/Time: 03-30-2019 | 2:10 a.m.
Location: Norwood Inn (2401 Prior Avenue)

Officer Christensen ran the plates of a vehicle in the parking lot which came back as a stolen vehicle. He called for backup. Officers arrived and ordered the two occupants out of the vehicle. The suspects repeatedly refused to follow commands but were ultimately taken into custody. The driver of the vehicle was determined to have prior convictions for auto theft. Officers learned the vehicle had been taken from Faribault, MN, less than 24 hours prior to this incident. The suspects were uncooperative and refused to answer questions. One adult male from Robbinsdale and one adult male with no permanent address were arrested for Felony Receiving Stolen Property, Fail to Obey Lawful Order, Obstructing, and Motor Vehicle Tampering.

CN: 19009986 Recovered Stolen Vehicle

Date/Time: 03-31-2019 | 3:47 p.m.
Location: Norwood Inn (2401 Fairview Avenue) and Motel 6 (2300 Cleveland Avenue)

Officer Toran received a message from Dispatch regarding a plate he had recently run. Dispatch now had information that the vehicle had just been reported stolen from St. Louis Park. Officer Toran returned to the Norwood Inn where he had last seen the vehicle. As he approached the area, he observed this same vehicle exiting the Motel 6 parking lot. He called for backup as he followed the vehicle towards Hwy 36. Backup arrived and they attempted to stop the vehicle. The driver looked at officers and instead tried to enter onto Hwy 36. Officer Toran performed a Pursuit Intervention Technique (PIT) on the vehicle causing it to stop. Officers took both suspects into custody. One adult male from Redwood Falls was arrested for Motor Vehicle Theft, Possession of Stolen Property, Failure to Yield to an Emergency Vehicle, Failure to Obey a Lawful Order, and Driving after Revocation. One adult female from Minneapolis was arrested for Tampering with Motor Vehicle.


CN: 19007894 Missing Person

On 3/13/19, Officer Gray took a phone call report of a missing person. A male party called to report his wife missing from a local hotel. Officer Olson traveled to the hotel to check the welfare of the female, while Officer Gray, and Det. Lowther and Baker continued to follow up with the caller. He stated they had traveled here from Georgia for a job training. After eating at a restaurant, his wife stated she wasn’t feeling well and he assumed she left to go back to the hotel. After returning to the hotel, he noticed she wasn’t there. He eventually fell asleep and in the morning decided to report her missing. While detectives worked on interviews and reviewed surveillance videos, Chief Mathwig assisted in traveling to Vadnais Heights to follow up on a phone call lead. Detectives then learned that the missing party may have gone to a homeless shelter. Chief Mathwig located the missing female at Dorothy Day in St Paul. She stated she just wanted to go back to Georgia. She was provided with a bus ticket and dropped off at the bus depot.


CN: 19009588 Attempted Murder

On 3/28/19 at 0643 officers responded to the Motel 6 on a report of a female covered in blood, stating someone is being killed in room #226. Multiple 9-1-1 callers stated that two females had been stabbed at the motel and a male suspect had fled the scene on foot. Officers arrived in the area almost immediately, rendering aid to the victims. Other officers located the suspect on foot within minutes. He had blood on his hands, jacket, and shirt and stated, “It’s their blood.” He was taken into custody. Both victims; the suspect’s ex-wife and her friend, told police that Axmed Hilowle had been obsessively communicating with them over a couple of days while they were staying at Motel 6 in attempt to avoid him. He sent a message threatening to kill them both if he found them. On the morning of 3/28/19, Hilowle came to the motel to retrieve his vehicle. Upon his arrival, he pinned the victim in the car and forced her up to the room, where he began to stab both females. Both sustained multiple stab wounds to the head, arms, back, neck, and spine. Detectives interviewed both victims at the hospital the following day as they were recovering. Several search warrants were also executed. On 3/29/19, Hilowle was charged in custody with two counts of 1st Degree Premeditated Attempted Murder.


CN: 19006950
On 3/3/19, Officer Toran authored a search warrant to collect a blood draw from a DWI suspect.

CN: 19008892
On 3/22/19, Det. Ganley authored a search warrant for a parcel of land where a dead body was located. BCA assisted with the processing of the scene.

CN: 19008999
On 3/23/19, VCET and several Roseville officers executed a search warrant at the Motel 6 reference a narcotics case.

CN: 19009588
On 3/28/19, Detective Sgt. Engh authored a search warrant to search a room at the Motel 6 reference an attempted homicide. Det. Ganley authored two search warrants; one to collect a known DNA sample from the suspect and one to search the suspect’s cell phone.


More statistical data is available on our website:

Adult Arrests

This chart represents the adult arrests and their reported addresses for felony, gross misdemeanor, and misdemeanor crimes this month.

*Ramsey and Hennepin County statistics do not include St. Paul and Minneapolis arrests.

Cases Assigned

This table represents the cases each member of the Detectives Unit was assigned during the month.

Service Calls

This table shows selected calls for service the Roseville Police Department responded to during the month. It is not inclusive of all calls for service.



Roseville Police Department utilizes the assistance of volunteers in our everyday course of work. The Reserve Unit are uniformed civilians who drive a marked squad and assist officers by directing traffic when needed, transporting prisoners, etc. The Roseville Police Citizen Park Patrol enlists the help of several residents to patrol our parks daily helping to deter crime and pass out information to park visitors. We also have a steady stream of student interns who are helping us out by running errands for investigations, assisting with paperwork for administration, analyzing statistical data and so much more. 2016 value of volunteer time in MN is $26.40 per hour. That is a value of $1,478 this month.

*Reserves and Park Patrol listed are actual hours. Interns hours are estimated.


The Roseville Police Department strives to have the highest trained officers and staff possible. Each month our Officers and Staff attend countless hours of training on a variety of subjects. Training attended this month:

  • 72 Hour Holds 2019
  • Basic Narcotic Investigations
  • Cellebrite Certified Operator and Analyst
  • Ethical Survival for Street Cops
  • Leadership in Police Organizations
  • Mental Health Part 1 Introduction 2019
  • Mental Health Part 2 Assessment 2019
  • Mental Health Part 4 Capstone
  • Microsoft Office 2016 Word Level I
  • Money Laundering
  • Overview of the Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview
  • Quick Books
  • Speed Spanish
  • The Leading Edge FTO


03-08-2019: Chief Rick Mathwig and City Manager Pat Trudgeon met with Sen. John Marty to discuss Lodging Establishment Licensing.
03-28-19: Community Relations Coordinator Corey Yunke presented “Protecting your kids from the dangers of the internet” to an Early Childhood Parent Focus Group at Fairview Community Center.


03-30-2019: Roseville PD joined 15 other agencies for another Minnesota Virtual Ride-Along or #MNcopsVRA on Twitter. Virtual Ride-Alongs are a way for people to virtually ride-along with Roseville PD and see/read about the calls in (mostly) real-time.

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