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Roseville Area Job, Career & Resource Fair Registration

  1. Event Details

    The Roseville Area Job, Career & Resource Fair is an opportunity for you and your business to have access to a wide cross section of the local workforce, including students of working age from a variety of schools and regional adult education programs, community agencies, and the general public.

  2. When

    8:30 AM to 12:30 PM
    Tuesday, April 9, 2019

  3. Where

    Fairview Community Center
    1910 County Road B
    Roseville, MN 55113

  4. What You Get

    • One (1) 6 ft x 2.5 ft draped table with chair
    • Coffee and doughnuts
    • The chance to meet hundreds of potential job candidates from local high schools and adult education programs!

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  6. What Are You Offering to Fair Attendees?*

    Help us categorize exhibitors at the Fair so attendees know what they can find at each booth. Please check all that apply.

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    What kinds of positions are you currently looking to fill? Please check all that apply.

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