HANC Open House

Enjoy some of the fun customs of the Chinese New Year while getting to learn about this year’s animal from the Chinese zodiac. Crafts, activities and informational displays look at the natural and cultural history of the animal and its connection to Minnesota, if that's possible.

Open House for 2018 is February 18, 12:30-4:30 pm. This is the Year of the Dog. Please note the date - we've moved it up a week from the originally posted date, so visitors can enjoy touring the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, which shares our parking lot. They're having their annual open house that day.

Wild dogs won't pull you away from all the great dog-related activities you will find! Compare wolves, coyotes and foxes with the dogs we keep as pets, and discover their relatives around the world.

Meet real-life dogs with jobs just like in Paw Patrol, make a dog family paw print card, and try out our hot dog treats. All while enjoying some of the fun customs of Chinese New Year.
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