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  1. For more information about the Natural Resources Renewal projects contact:

     Jim Taylor

    Parks Superintendent
    Phone: 651-792-7107

Roseville Parks and Recreation is in the midst of an aggressive eco-restoration project to remove invasive/nonnative plant species and plant native species from natural areas in City parks.

Beginning in 2014, Roseville contracted with ecologists Stantec Environmental and Natural Resources Consultants to undertake an aggressive eco-restoration project to remove invasive, non-native plant species from natural areas in city parks.   The project spans 376 acres and includes savanna, woodland, wetland and shoreline restoration and management.  The initial restoration effort has utilized a combination of contract work (Stantec), staff and volunteers. The initial phase is currently more than 75% complete. Click here to view a type/size/location summary of the projects that have been completed and work that is ongoing.

Currently, Stantec is transitioning the project back to the City for ongoing maintenance of the restored areas and continued restoration. In order to effectively manage the wide array of natural areas throughout Roseville, the City has implemented a Stewardship Network that allows volunteers, staff and contractors to contribute in an organized, planned manner. This structure allows residents and other park users to get involved in the preservation of their natural spaces, while also ensuring that the work that has been completed as part of the Natural Resources Restoration program is maintained in the long-term.

Volunteers Needed

Volunteering is FUN and FULFILLING! Come on out and meet other park stewards and contribute to the vibrancy of Roseville!  Volunteers of all skill level are welcome. All volunteers will be trained and receive ongoing guidance through this program. 

Volunteers are needed in the following roles: 

Sector Leader: lead projects throughout the city, including coordinating constellation specific projects, training Constellation Captains and coordinating with City staff.

Constellation Captains: Identify and lead projects in their neighborhood. Work with event day staff to implement projects in their neighborhood.  

Event Day Volunteers: Volunteer at Natural Resource events (inside and outside their neighborhood).  A list of currently planned events is located to the right. 

Park Adopters: Take a lead in monitoring and maintaining their neighborhood park including trash pickup.  Click here to view a list of currently adopted parks.

To find out more about the program and projects contact Jim Taylor, Parks Superintendent or 651-792-7107.

To volunteer for an event or role, contact Rachel Boggs, Volunteer Coordinator or 651-792- 7028.

Garlic Mustard Sessions

Did you know invasive plant species threaten the habitat in Roseville parks?

Join us at Reservoir Woods and/or Villa Park  to help pull invasive garlic mustard. This activity helps support native plants and animals.

Sessions are available most Tuesday & Saturdays at Reservoir Woods or Friday & Sundays at Villa Park-- you can attend any or all sessions!

More information

Natural Resources Events

Monthly Natural Resource Renewal events take place from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. on the third Saturday of the month (except for January, which occurs on MLK Day, and the May Blooming Boulevard Planting, which runs from 9 a.m. to noon).

Please visit our Volunteer Opportunities page for information about specific events and locations.