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There have been coyote sightings in the City of Roseville. While typically harmless to humans, coyotes are wild animals; employ caution in the case of a possible encounter.

Coyotes are an extremely adaptable wildlife species that can survive well in an urban environment. With Roseville’s wonderful parks and unspoiled
natural areas, we may not only encounter coyotes—we may be unintentionally inviting them.

Most coyotes avoid people and domestic animals. Healthy wild coyotes avoid people, and no attacks have ever occurred in Minnesota.
However, attacks by urban coyotes have been reported in other states. Experts believe these
attacks occur after a coyote has become accustomed to humans or after being fed by humans.

Children of all ages should be taught to stay away from any wild animal. In a coyote habitat, small children should be kept under constant supervision.

Cats should be kept indoors and small dogs should be on a short leash when outside. When walking your dog keep it leashed and in sight.

A coyote’s diet includes mice, rabbits, ducks, fish, fruit, vegetables, etc. We can support coyotes with household
habits: garbage is often accessible, we have compost bins, fruit trees and gardens, leave pet food outside and often create rodent habitats in our yards.

Contrary to popular belief, coyotes are not nocturnal and will be active anytime—day or night. Coyotes mate in late winter and whelp in April or early May. This may lead to increased activity and sightings as they hunt to feed their pups. Coyotes are not pack animals and typically hunt alone.

Things to remember:
  • Never feed a coyote
  • Never run from a coyote
  • Never leave small children or pets alone in a coyote habitat
  • Keep your yard free of fallen fruit, vegetables and pet food
  • Clean up brush piles before rodents move in
  • If you encounter a coyote make yourself larger by standing and waving your arms
  • Shout in a deep aggressive voice
  • Throw rocks or sticks at the coyote
  • If you see a coyote behaving in an abnormal manner call 9-1-1
To view a recent Coyote Clinic presented by the Roseville Police Department click here.

Additional Information: 

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