2020-2021 Deer Management

*March 31, 2021 - the 2020-21 Deer Management Program has concluded for the season.  

The 2021 Deer Management program is planned to run from December 2020 through March 2021.  The City has received permits to reduce the population by up to 85 deer. This number was recommended based upon the estimated current population (102 deer) and Roseville's available habitat for a healthy herd (habitat for 17 deer).

The 2020-21 program will focus on 

  • the city stormwater pond off Western Avenue and Hillsview East
  • Harriet Alexander Nature Center in Central Park
  • Owasso Hills Park
  • Reservoir Woods Park
  • Villa Park
  • Roseville Leaf Compost and Recycling Site 

Check back for updates. 

Deer Survey (May)