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Wheeler Street Traffic Management Project


The City of Roseville has developed a Traffic Management Program to assist the city in addressing citizen concerns regarding traffic in their neighborhoods. This program will provide a way for citizens to request that the city study and find ways to address documented existing traffic issues. Possible Traffic Management Strategies:
  • Traffic Control Devices: the use of common traffic control devices, such as signing and pavement markings, to solve neighborhood traffic problems.
  • Roadway Adjustments: there are multiple strategies for traffic management that change the appearance of the roadway including street narrowing, chokers, and sidewalks.
  • Vertical Elements: introducing vertical elements to the roadway, either as obstacles for vehicles to drive over or around. These include speed tables, traffic circles, street closures, and diverters.
  • Enforcement: there are 2 options for using enforcement as a traffic management strategy: increase police enforcement and the use of Variable Speed Display Boards.

Traffic Management Program Request

To initiate a Traffic Management Program request, citizens must identify candidate streets for traffic management improvement and submit a written request to the city Engineer. Any requests for project proposals require a written application with 51% of the Project Neighborhood signing the application. The request should either use the sample application or contain the language in the sample application.


The Project Neighborhood is considered all of the property owners that live on the Local Street requesting traffic management improvements. Any request for project proposals require a written application with 51% of the Project Neighborhood signing the application. For purposes of application, this includes all property owners abutting the street being requested for study between major intersections. (i.e.: An application for study of Woodhill Drive, between Lexington and Hamline; This segment of road has 18 different property owners. To be considered, the application must be signed by 10 property owners.)

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