Volunteer Spotlight: Barbara Prokosch

When she started volunteering?
Barb has been helping plant flowers at Flower Power along Lexington Ave. for about 20 years. She started with a friend. When her friend could no longer volunteer, her husband joined her for about 15 years. When he passed away, Barb’s niece, Susan Hoch, joined her in carrying on the family tradition.

Why she volunteers for Roseville?
Barb says she loves digging in the dirt, and seeing the results is very rewarding. Volunteering makes Barb feel good. She is also motivated by a couple of city employees, Volunteer Coordinator Rachel Boggs and Parks Maintenance Worker Patti Sullivan make volunteering for the city fun.

Because she volunteers:
Thanks to volunteers like Barb, each year more than 7,000 flowers are planted along the Lexington Ave. boulevard in one day in May. Visitors and residents alike enjoy the blooming flowers in Central Park from May to October.
Barbara Prokosch_Susan Hoch