Volunteer Spotlight: Rachel Boggs

Our favorite type of people – volunteers!

Volunteers enhance outreach to the community. In this spotlight, we’re talking with Volunteer Coordinator Rachel Boggs about how volunteering has changed since COVID-19.

What types of volunteer opportunities are available for the City of Roseville?

We still have a number of ways that residents can get involved with volunteering. Many of our volunteer opportunities take place outdoors. Adopt-a-Park, Park Patrol, Arboretum and Orchard volunteer opportunities will continue through the fall.
Rachel Boggs_Spotlight
Additionally, our once-a-month natural resource renewal program is still going strong and will get pretty busy in the fall. In fact, we have a big tree planting on September 12 at multiple locations. We’ll need a lot of volunteers.

What changed since COVID-19?

Typically, summers are very busy with Rosefest volunteers. Even though the Rosefest events were cancelled this year, I am very impressed by the volunteers who continue to be engaged in other ways. Nature Center front desk volunteers are helping with outside maintenance of the gardens, helping the naturalist with projects, and helping with summer concerts and social distance monitoring. Roseville residents are passionate about their city and want to stay involved. Staff has done a great job of accommodating volunteers during the pandemic. An example of this is the Lexington Ave. boulevard flower planting. More than 50 volunteers helped over two days using a detailed safety plan. Quite a success!

Where else can a person volunteer?

Everyone who knows me knows that my passion is volunteering. One of my points of pride was when a volunteer “caught” me volunteering at a non-profit on a weekend. I walk the walk! I have done volunteer coordinating for around 15 years and there are so many great places to volunteer. I am happy to connect people to a volunteer opportunity, even if it isn’t with the city. In particular, organizations that serve individuals with food insecurity, seniors or homelessness could use help right now.

To learn about ways to get involved contact Rachel at rachel.boggs@cityofroseville.com or 651-792-7028 or visit www.cityofroseville.com/volunteer.